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Suggestion: Kan-Ji Polarity Icon Design On Mod Card


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Currently Polarity icon on Mod Card (Top right corner)

 is a bit hard to recognize and Not meaningful.


What about if use a few of Kan-ji character ( like 忍,  攻, 守, 技...)

 instead of Non meaning-full mark ?

Example of Kan-ji character used as Card Icon on old NES-game "Dragon Ball Z".






Or ...how about using Greek Letters (α, β, γ ... ) as Polarity Icon ?

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Why do you have a dash in there?

Also, not that hard to recognize. Once you've learned them they're pretty easy to attach meaning to.

Even if you haven't learned them they're pretty easy to distinguish from one another. And for the purposes they are used for, that's enough.

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I have to say no, for a few reasons:

-Once you've played the game for a while the symbols become meaningful and recognizable. Your change would lead to the *exact* issue you are complaining about, just with different symbols.

The symbol 忍 means absolutely nothing to me. So to me its far less meaningful, and much harder to recognize, than a V polarity would be.

-The current system is very easy to communicate. I just have to say "What's a good dash mod for X weapon" and get results. I dont have to try to say "Whats a good 忍 mod for X weapon" (I only got the 忍 by copying from your post, no idea what alt-code it is (and quite a few players wouldn't know how to even use alt-codes). And I have NO idea how to even go about pronouncing it or anything). Your change would serve to make it much harder to communicate.

Especially if you dont have the right font installed an just see empty boxes (quite common with kanji characters)

-What would you do for users who dont have the right font installed and just see blank boxes instead of characters in text chats? They would have no idea what anyone else is talking about, let alone try to figure out what the symbols mean.

-忍 is a lot harder to remember than "dash" or "V" or "D" or "Slash".

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