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Who's To Blame?


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I've been seeing a rise in threads talking about how useless various things are. 

so far we have banshee and ash under the microscope. 


so, I thnk its time we put the blame for all these useless things where it belongs


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I don't think that any frames are useless. However, there are a large number of weapons that are vastly overshadowed by everything else. Among these are the Mk1 Braton against anything past Mercury when you're a newbie. (Come on... Primary slash damage when Infested aren't even in that area of the star chart?). List probably goes on, but I'd have to pick everything up again and give them all an honest try before saying one way or another.

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DE isnt in Canada guys, thats just a cover..


they are aliens from planet Lon Don, in the Onta Rio sector, some far distant galaxy and they're here to take over the world. 


come on now..



How did we not see this.



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