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Another Warframe Game


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This idea came up after i read this post:



The ideas in this post are phenomenal and I had an idea that DE could make another Warframe game where players can login under a new account and test out these new ideas brought up in the fourms, so it does not interfere with their main account.  I think that this could be beneficial as a whole to Warframe, because with the recent updates the grind is just getting worse and worse and more problems arise with the game mechanics. This "new game" would let players test out the new ideas that are posted in the forums and are approved by somebody at DE. I think that this would make the updates in Warframe less of a shot in the dark at what to improve and fix. They could collect data on what works and what does not and implement them in future updates so that the game can grow properly. This may seem like a  radical idea and probably needs more refining, but i want to see the game shift back to the main mechanics that made it fun rather than the grind for mods.


Thanks for reading!


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Completely unworkable. Many of the ideas in the forums that aren't just x weapon or frame represents hundreds, possibly thousands of hours of work on the part of DE. The one you linked to would require a total rebuild of so many systems it would take them a year or so of working only on that, just for a glorified test server?

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Warframe IS the test server. that EULA / ToS contract you signed (and i'd bet one of my legs that you didn't read) when you made an account clearly explained how this was going to work.


adding a test server for the test server so we can test while we test... and spend thousands of man hours creating content that might get thrown out?


this is the biggest waste of Resources Digital Extremes could do.



in order for this idea to work, such a testtest server would need a bottomless pit of people and money to work on it. oh... right. we don't have those.

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the link in the OP is also full of all sorts of assumptions and logic gaps


"people play to get drops, which is an unsustainable gameplay model* so, instead lets get rid of drops and make a cool new customization system. After that we can then focus on making the game fun, which is the core issue. However, I have no idea how to do that."




Why not just make the game fun, and let ppl who like drops enjoy that element as well.



*uh, no its not.

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