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Grand Garden Rooms ... But Now What To Do With Them


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Granted I am in an RP clan so we RP the F out of those rooms (even tough we are still waiting for a fix for them to allowe us to plant decorations in most of them!)


*coughs* Uhm anyhow ... we still have no interaction with them ... and personaly I would find it cool if we could do like melee combo practice in them.

I am sure it has been suggested before so I am also looking to being able to take a bloody prayer postion in them to meditate.


Oh and while were at it, am I the only one who wants to enter the barracks and take a nap in a cyropod? Huh huh? C'mon you know you want to do it! =3


But seriously our dojo's are nice but need more interactive experiences for us to ... enjoy them more ... for our own clan members to have more reasons to come there .... other than funding research and rooms ... my clan rp's in it but still more would be nice =3

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