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[Ic] Of Ash And Fire V2.0 - Roleplaying Thread


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Silence, the lifting of an air vent, ever so slightly moving it to rest within the duct without the slightest sound, scanning the grate before an exact replica flickered to life where the real one had been taken from. The Loki continued his wait crouched in the vents keeping an eye on his excess energy pool, which he made the mental habit of enlarging on his HUD for this kind of situation. A modified Kunai dagger enlarged to be used as a melee weapon rested in his palm, his fingers stroking over the handle as he waited. He closed his eyes for a moment exhaling slowly.

“Your mission is to silence the corpus dignitary known as Cherus Ka’lreen, he is a very high flight risk target and will be put into lock down until they are absolutely sure that he can be moved to a safe location if you trip any of the alarms Tenno.” He didn’t say anything the Lotus knew he understood, “I’ll leave you to your mission then Kazu.”

The memory was ended as the click of a cabin door sealed below followed by the grumbling voice of the occupant who milled about a bit before moving to sit at his desk, “Damned Tenno putting their grubby hands in all my operations, this is setting me back worse than the Gradivus incident.” His eyebrows furrowed, “more men, more robots… order thirty battalions of each, and that puts me down another…” he let out a sigh at the sight of the amount of zeroes attached to the number. Simply tossing the tablet that he worked with across the table with a clatter.

Kazu’s feet hit the floor softly, the noise they did make covered by the loud clattering of the tablet on the table, he loomed over Cherus’s shoulder, the corpus sighed once again resting his head in his hands elbows on the table, “At this point it’d be easier to just be offed by the damn betrayers than keep dealing with this sh-” Cherus’s last word was cut off as the kunai dagger cut deeply into his tender neck muscles hands rushing up to try in vain to stop his life blood from leaking out as it sprayed from the wound with no sign of ever stopping. Cherus turned to see his assassin as he clutched his throat, life blood spilling forth he reached with one hand towards Kazu as if he would be able to do something against him, but he was greeted instead with Kazu’s index and middle finger placed upon his forehead. “Fortassis tuus Anima otium Ut Ingredior inane”  With that Cherus’s eyes flutter shut as a sudden sense of peace washed over him he no longer had anything left to worry about as his body slipped from the chair onto the floor.


In an instant Kazu was back in the vent replacing the grate and dissipating the hologram and on his way out of the facility it would be many hours later that the crewmen would find their captain dead in his own room. By then Kazu was long gone beyond the sight of any of their sensors his mission complete without a hitch. “Is it done?” the Lotus asked through the ships communication, Kazu nodded silently “You have assisted your brothers and sisters well Kazu, come home rest before your next assignment.” Kazu tugged gently on the controls plotting his course before leaning back in his chair, it was his duty, what he was trained for but it never got easier.


Rough translation of the italicized Latin, "May your soul rest in order to enter the void" also let me know if anyone has issues that they believe might be cannon breaking please.


Edit: Fixed a spelling mistake, might be more so double checking.

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Sorry for the sudden change in plans. My muse demands of me. Blame Hollywood Undead, Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin.


Change of Plan (Creative name, I know)

“What's going on?” asked Aiden, walking into the comm room, Lily and Tristan in tow. He was summoned immediately to meet with the Lotus. He had dismissed the meeting with the other Tenno, making a promise to contact them soon. The video screen displayed the enigmatic face of the Lotus. She began to speak almost immediately.


“Tenno, your assistance is required.”


Aiden nodded. “What for?”


“Eris. One of our own has lost control in a Grineer stronghold. She is currently inside the base, alone and outnumbered heavily. He team was forced to evacuate due to strong resistance, but she refused to leave.”


Aiden glared at her. “And they didn't try to take her with them?”


“They did. Unfortunately, the Tenno in question is too deranged to subdue peacefully. Any attempts to do so would have severely incapacitated her squad mates, and compromise their safety.”


He shook his head. “I'll need a ship. A fast one. She's in trouble.”


Lily piped up from his left. “I'm coming.”


Aiden turned around, his glare doing nothing to dissipate Lily's equally venomous gaze. “I'm doing this alone.”


“Yeah right! I'm not letting you go deal with some psychotic b!tch on your own! You hear me!” she shouted at the top of her voice.


Aiden didn't bother to respond. “Tristan,” he said, turning to the mute Loki. “Stay here and keep an eye on her. Don't want her to follow me there.”


The Loki nodded, but he visibly tensed underneath the fire that was beginning the crackle on Lily's armoured form. “I'm coming...” she said, looking down at the floor.


Aiden sighed. “I don't want you to risk it. The Tenno I'm going for is a risky target in a hostile rich environment. I need you to stay safe.”


Lily looked up into his steely gaze. She could see the anger and concern in his eyes. I'm not going to win this fight, she thought.


“Fine. But if you die, I'm going to f*cking find a way to bring you back to life and kill you again!” she said, punching him in the arm. He simply laughed and ruffled her red hair.


“I'll be safe,” he said, walking out of the room, breaking into a dead sprint towards the shuttle bay. His helmet and weapons would be waiting for him there, the voice of the Lotus told him. As well as a fast ship. A Lisette.


Aiden liked the sound of the words on his tongue. I wonder who it is...why did they lose control?



A Grineer Lancer shouted as a black form darted in front of him. A gurgling howl escaped his throat as crimson claws shredded his chest. The Valkyr was moving towards her next target as the body fell, the blood dripping off her equally crimson claws.




It feels so wet...


It feels so wrong...


It feels so RIGHT


She shrieked as her claws streaked down towards the helpless Ballista, her body rent in two as the powerful swing filled the air with a crimson haze.


Why don't they scream more?


Why won't they help me push it away?


Bullets slammed into her armoured form, rocking her into reality once again. She looked up, seeing a squad of Grineer hunkered down at the end of the hallway, their rifles spitting lead at her. The bullets pinged against the heavy weave of her amour, doing nothing but fill the air with a clatter of metal.


They are helping me...


I shouldn't kill them...


I've killed too many...


Not enough...


Crimson claws slashed a pipe to her right, filling the air in front of her with hissing steam. She readied herself, her claws thirsting for blood. Her guns had long run out of ammunition, her sword broken in half. She had left it pinning a Grineer soldier to a wall.


Far away...


Its not going away...


I need to kill more...


Its too close...


She screamed, a terrifying sound. The voice of insanity left the Grineer quavering as the black and crimson wraith charged. She leaped into the air, bringing down a clawed hand with the brunt of her weight behind it. The helpless Grineer Trooper watched as the demon flew towards him. He was met with darkness.


Painless, soothing darkness.


She swung around, deftly blocking the butt of another soldier's rifle, using her acquired momentum to snap her legs around and impact against his helmet. A resounding crack sounded across the room as the soldier's neck snapped from the impact. She felt her energy reserves failing. Her immense armour still held, but she was using her raw strength to win her fights now.


I've been fighting for so long...


Why won't this pain go away?


Why won't they calm me?


Why won't they scream?


She screamed, paralyzing the remaining three Grineer with fear. What unholy abomination kills with such brutality? They fell, each one suffering a painless death from the Valkyr. As the last body fell, she crouched down, staring at the pool of blood forming beneath the corpses of the soldiers.


I can't see my reflection...




Do I have an identity?


Am I real?


She lifted the body of a Lancer, holding up up to her eyes. She looked intently at the still and lifeless corpse. She began to violently shake the corpse, her thoughts screaming inside her head.










She was thrown off of her feet as a rocket impacted against her back, the explosion deafening in the narrow corridor. The Valkyr rose, her back burning in agony. She felt something warm trickling down her back. She snarled at the Napalm crouched at the other end of the hallway, where she had just come from. She could feel the fire billowing around her. She welcomed the distraction. It helped her fight the guilt.




So much pain...


I want them to help me...


Why won't they stop the pain?


She ran, the jolts of pain jarring her vision. Crimson. She sought crimson. The Napalm lined up another shot and fired, the slow moving projectile rocketed towards her. She slid underneath the rocket, her eyes steeled towards the crimson Grineer who hurt her. She leaped into the air, unleashing a crimson ripline, the tendril of energy slamming against the Napalm with a snap. He exclaimed as the small Tenno pulled herself to him rapidly, using the line to propel herself even faster. His last thought was of the fact that he never knew who his father was, who created the genetic material from which he was made.


The Valkyr hissed with glee as her claws slammed deep into the Grineer's helmet, blood spurting into the air as the body of the large Grineer slammed into the ground, her on top of it. She repeated slammed her claws into the dead Grineer's skull.


He will help me fight it...


He is helping me fight it...


But why won't it go away?


Why won't my guilt go away?


“WHY?!!!” she screamed into the air, the panicked voice echoing throughout the corridor. She turned around with a blind uppercut as she saw a hint of gold, only to meet a shining armoured fist. Her eyes trailed along the armoured form to rest on a gold helmet, looking right at her. With a start she realized that he had grabbed her fist and caught it with a split second.


How did he...?


Can he help me?


She shreiked and followed with a vicious uppercut from her other hand, but the Rhino was quick on his feet. He twisted her locked arm, effectively spinning her in place. The Valkyr found herself on the floor, looking up at the looming form of the Rhino.


“I don't want to hurt you,” she heard him say, almost deafened by her own heart. To the Rhino's surprise the Valkyr laughed, a maniacal, pained ululation of madness.


“Hurt? WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT PAIN?” she screamed suddenly, swiping her claws at the Rhino's legs. He slid back trying to avoid her attack, but she used her momentum to send a clawed fist right across his midriff, sending a powerful shower of sparks as her claws failed to penetrate the armour.


“IT HURTS SO MUCH!!!” she screamed as she viciously assaulted the Rhino, who still did not hurt her. He deftly blocked every single swipe she made, moving extremely fast to slap her fists away harmlessly. She could hear him grunt as he took a few hits from her claws.




She connected with his armoured head, knocking him over. Before he could respond, she crouched low over him. He stayed still as she she gently cupped the sides of his helmet and peered at him. The air of insanity was gone, instead, he was witness to a hurting Tenno, seeking help.


“Help me...please!” she pleaded, her voice low and hitched.


He grimaced as she punched him again and again, each one accompanied by a shout.




She stopped punching him, instead pulling him into a sitting position. She squatted in front of him, a clawed hand around his neck.


“Will you help me?” she whispered weakly. “Don't leave me alone!”


He won't....


No one will...


I am alone...


It will always hurt...


“I will.”


She was shocked. I will. Did he mean that? Or was he trying to use her? Trick her, like the others?


“Really? You will?” she asked, cupping his armoured helmet again. Underneath her helmet, pleading eyes looked at the gold warrior.


He nodded.


She felt the floodgates break. Pain was replaced with relief. She shook violently, leaning into the man who would help her.


He will help me...


I'm not alone...


Its going away...


The pain's going away...


She felt the crimson lifeblood of all her victims drip down her claws. They didn't feel so painful anymore. She didn't want anyone's help anymore. She struggled to stay awake, but her mind soon succumbed into the haze of sleep.


I'm not alone...


Rakth is not alone...



Aiden grimaced as he stood up, his head spinning as he struggled to cradle the sleeping Valkyr in his arms. His Warframe would have been destroyed had he taken a few more hits from her. He staggered to a walk, gingerly placing a foot before the other as me made his way to the shuttle bay. He had docked stealthily nearly an hour ago. Most of the time was spent following the trail of destruction the Valkyr had made. He had walked past hundreds of corpses. There was no way a single Tenno could have fought off so many Grineer. He looked down at her; she looked relaxed.


There was something about her that made him want to help. He was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that she got her help. Something about her pleas struck deep within him.


Don't leave me alone...


Something was very wrong with the girl in his hands. Had it been his old Rhino, he would have died today. He was certain of it. A fractured mind, just like mine, he thought as he climbed into his shuttle, laying the Valkyr gently onto a bunk near the aft of the ship. He quickly jogged to the front of the ship as he heard gunfire pepper the sides of the ship. He throttled up, lifting the shuttle into the air as the bullets harmlessly slammed into the ablative armour plates of the shuttle.


“See you around...” he whispered, turning around and rocketing towards the nearest Rail.  

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Eden stood at the ship's center. Nakarn was babbling about a “dojo” and “others.” Eden didn't care. He only cared about what he was to do with these “others.” The adrenaline pumped through his veins, mingling with the serum he was injected with only days prior. It made him feel powerful and god-like. He quivered with the potential bloodshed and impending carnage. Then, Nakarn stopped babbling and noticed Eden's tremoring. He began laughing and spoke. “Seems you're excited, that's good. I'll speed up the ship if that'll make you happier.” He reached toward the control panel and pushed buttons and slid slides. The engine's thrumming increased as did Eden's heart rate. “Thank you.” Was all he said.

“We're close, Eden.” Nakarn's voice cut through the dark fog that had enveloped Eden's mind. “Get nice and pumped up and think dark thoughts.” Eden simply stared, his body now rocking back and forth from the sheer power the serum gave him. Nakarn began pressing more buttons on the panel, a grin on his face the entire time. The change in speed was noticeable enough that the rest of the infected began to howel and scream. Their emotions weren't lost on Eden, they made him smile. Thier willingness to kill. Their willingness to die for death.
Then they were there.
The metal monolith became visible and was coming upon them at a fast rate. Nakarn lowered the speed and angled their course. They would go in undetected. Nakarn pulled alongside the lower part and manipulated an outboard apparatus. He anchored them to the outside wall and motioned for Eden to come. “I want you to cut through the wall. I know what it's made of and you're going to have to thrust with powerful force and speed. After that, it should cut away like butter.” Nakarn hooked up a terminal to the wall and then stepped out of Eden's way.
The wall came away easier than he would have thought. The room on the other side was dark and empty save for a few crates. He ran in, his body swaying with powerful tremors. He was grinning widely. The rest filed in.
Nakarn stood at the head of the numerous and deadly assembly.
“Kill them all.”
All hell broke loose. They ran out the door into a small trickle of Tenno. Eden struck the nearest one, the characteristic blue glow signaled complete shield depletion. The Tenno was not only taken off guard but was sent flying. One of the closer by infested had a field day with the dazed man-soon-to-be corpse. Eden spotted one who had regained some sense and was in the middle of unsheathing her sword. The sword fell to the ground and her corpse next to it, blood seeping out of her abdomen.
Eden was elated. He cut them down with breathtaking efficiency. As soon as it had started, there were no more Tenno in this section. He counted the casualties. 27 Tenno and three infested. Surprise is everything. They bounded off to the rest of the dojo, hoardes of infested chased off to the upper levels and he ran with one. This fury gave him strength. Then soon, he found himself in a large hall packed with Tenno. These, however, had heard the commotion and were prepared. An arrow whistled through the air and the infested to his left fell with a yelp. Another followed and nicked his shoulder. He continued running, his sight set on the archer on the second level of the room. As he approached, the bowman became more and more desperate. He saw how his brothers in the monster's way were slaughtered. They were impaled, decapitated and gored. There were lucky ones, some got out of the way and managed to superficially wound it. Eden was striking distance from the man, who had resorted to a set of fast-firing pistols. And strike he did. His bladed arm struck the Tenno in the stomach. The blade went through completely and Eden hoisted him up into the air and opened his mouth.
“You. SHOT. MEEE!!”
Those were the last words that the man heard before he was brutally thrown to the ground floor and feasted upon by the smaller units of infested. Eden's moment of vengeance was short-lived, however. He was caught back into the murder of the rest of the Tenno. The room was cleared and the screams were silenced.
The entire dojo was silent.
Nakarn entered the room and screamed at the top of his lungs.
And the rest of them sounded off. The dojo was a cacophony of screams and a place of chaos.

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Loneliness, The feeling many Tenno were subjected to when they first awoke, the world around them chilled and dark as their bodies reawaken. This was a feeling that was very familiar to the Banshee, her life had always been empty, devoid of anything other than training and fighting. Today was no different, her mission, defend a cryopod until reinforcements arrived to retrieve her sleeping brother. Her eyes were closed the hum of the stealth ship drown out by her obscenely loud music, but the subtle feeling of vibration on her back was still there. It's a wonder I haven't gone deaf yet. The ship opened, soaring across the red sands of mercury, her hands were locked tightly around the attachment posts. Holding herself in position against the underbelly of the craft as it came to a stop. She let go, twenty-five meters in the sky, a drop that would kill a lesser being, without proper enhancements, wind rushed through her helmet providing a nice breeze. Twenty, fifteen, ten meters, her eyes snapped open as she tucked herself into a forward roll, once she felt oriented she extended her legs, landing on the alloy structure which sported a decently sized dent the jarring feeling sending shock waves through her being to harmonize with her natural rhythm. She rose up to her full height sliding the Paris bow over her shoulder and notching an arrow as she began towards her target.

Sliding to a halt beside the Grineer door she took a breath as there was a momentary silence between songs, the song began an angelic hymn from the last age, using words that few cared to remember, the Banshee knew this song well. It switched abruptly to what they classified as Electric-rock. The odd switch in styles was peculiar but she liked it, especially during missions.

The Banshee keyed the door and turned over into the opening, pulling her bowstring back, and letting the first arrow fly, straight into the cranium of the first unlucky Grineer in her sight. The variety of weapons beginning their annoying bark as their users opened fire at the Tenno. She saw the flashes as the rounds left the barrels, but the sound was nothing in comparison to the rapid paced head splitting sound flooding her ears. The Banshee's legs kicked downwards sending her towards a large crate for cover, she let another arrow loose as she dove to her destination, another head shot. Her arms tucked, pulling the bow perpendicular to her body, allowing her to roll without damaging it. Soon her heels touched the ground again, she stood and spun putting her back against the crate the crack of gorgon fire pelting the box and the ground around her as the wielders tried in vain to shoot through the crate. A bridge in the song, the heavy lancers were reloading, grabbing two arrows the Banshee turned around the corner, notching the first and letting it fly, into the wide fleshy thigh of the leftmost lancer. The soldier dropped his gorgon and bent to baby his wound but was greeted with a second arrow jutting from his throat. The other had reloaded his weapon and was spinning up to fire again crying out for his fallen comrade, the Banshee moved forward grabbing the bolto at her hip as she hopped forward, kicking off of the railing and, propelling herself towards the Grineer who fired wildly at the flying Tenno. The bolto raised as the lead slugs pelted her shields, their reverberating sound adding their individual notes to her song It annoyed her, what terrible tastes. Her weapon clicked to match the timing of a down beat, another bolt embedding itself into the gorgon's ammo clip causing the weapon to jam it's terrible bark silenced. The Banshee continued on her trajectory gripping the lower limb of her bow with an iron grip as she tucked her body into corkscrew, pulling her legs forward and under her torso. The lancer tried to yell out but was silenced as his neck sounded out a gruesome snap as the bow connected with his jawline. The Banshee landed displacing the rest of her momentum directly below her as she slid across the ground, left foot forward right leg bent at the knee, under her behind.

The next door opened, keyed from the other side, the bolto lifting to greet the Scorpion responsible with three rounds digging into her chest. The Banshee replaced the weapon onto her mag-lock as she pushed herself up and continued forward notching her bow, a stack of crates and two Grineer lancers on either side trying to block her path, she pulled the bow up as they began to fire. Her shield flared as the high velocity rounds hit the protective second skin, the displaced force rippling around her being like sound waves across water. The twin assault did not save the right from the arrow that pierced his heart, the momentum carrying his body back and off of the platform to land with a sickening snap, limbs bending into terrible shapes. His brother in arms continued to bear down on the Tenno, she paid him no mind running up the stack of boxes and jumping towards the next section of the platform. The Banshee's fingers slipped onto the grip of the bolto again as she flung her arms around spinning her so her back was to the floor. Bolto cracking along with the thumping of the tune, the ground sparked as the Banshee landed sliding on her back. With great agility the Banshee pulled her legs up, rolling backwards over herself and onto her feet turning to the elevator, arriving just in time.

It would be an understatement to say that the five grineer within had been caught unprepared as they fumbled for their weapons, two pulled their combat knives free and tried to rush at the woman. She let loose a acoustic blast that first shattered their eardrums, each dropped to their knees cradling their heads. The Banshee calmly shouldered her bow and reloaded the bolto before putting a bolt in each of their heads while they howled out in a silent pain. She keyed the elevator down all was silent except the music filling her ears which was fading into the last few notes.

She grinned slightly, looking to the Grineer lancer who lay slumped in the corner, she moved over to him. There was a pause, the changing of the song, silence filling the air once again as the elevator slowed to a stop as the Banshee's helmet opened. The Grineer stared blankly at his foe she was oddly beautiful, it was to bad that he was to die here, to a Tenno. Silence was the loudest thing in the confined box even as her lips moved the young soldier couldn't hear a voice, though he read her words as if they were more crisp than the bark of a grinlock, "Everyone dies alone." Her helmet sealed again and she placed the bolto against his forehead, pulling the trigger as the next song, a dirge, blared to life. The lift door opened and she stepped out greeted by the ones it was playing for, another squad of hopeful's who's automatic weaponry tried desperately to drown out the music in her ears. Her lips curled into a smile as she thought, I don't plan on being alone any time soon.


Enter Beatrice, the Banshee

I thought about creating a series of characters that have their stories start with a word that means a lot to them, so far we've got:

Silence: Kazu the Ash

Loneliness: Beatrice the Banshee

There will be more to come as I create and personify them, and if you are wondering yes they will eventually come together and interact when? I'm not sure, and can't be certain. Also sorry for not putting the story in spoiler tags but for some reason they only work when i don't put text between them *shrug* anyways i hope you enjoyed it.

Edit: Went back through and changed some of the wording and phrases so it wasn't as trashy as before, still a sign of my attempt at getting better, but I believe it's enough for this story.

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Note. Some canon bending may occur beyond this line. You hath been warned.

When Omicron woke up she found herself tied to a pole with the irritating Grineer below taking a potshot at her once in a while. Somehow, he always seemed to miss her even at point blank range. A testament to the lancers accuracy. When one of the hundreds of missed shots finally grazed her thigh she spasmed and started wriggling uncontrollably, forcing the trickle of blood to increase. They eventually took her down and had her crudely bandaged.

"The Kweens shall seeee you now" grunted an Eximus heavy gunner. Then Omicron was paraded through the Grineer complex without protective Nova 'Frame on. She felt humiliation, annoyance, revenge and intense hatred. When she was thrown into the throne room, she saw the Grineer Queens, Councillor Vay Hek and the original Grustrag 3 all standing about the room, glaring their own hatred at her. She snarled and lunged at the "Queens" , but then she was being gabbed mid-air thrown roughly to the far side of the room. She managed to roll at the last second, and instead of smashing against the wall, she landed in a crouch at its base, Less than 15 feet from a storage crate that had a very familiar boot hanging over its edge.

Omicron lept for the box, managing to get her Warframe's gloves on before one of the Grustrags kicked her square in the back, flattening her against the floor, making blood spurt out of her now busted lips. The pain was intense, and this damage, this insult to her being, released suppressed memories of her childhood, the thing that she had been running from all this time. This release took away Omicron's conscience, emotions, and any sense of intelligence.

Only having her gauntlets on, she didn't have her normal complete mastery of Antimatter, but she had enough.

Just Enough.


"What do you think is going on in there?" Asked dumb lancer number: 2839ΚΦΜΣΩ, as the sounds of explosions rocket the whole area.

"I dont know what is happening but i know that everyone in there is dead." Replied the Eximus Heavy Gunner as the two massive blast doors came flying out killing everything and anything in a 20 metre radius.. What the grineer saw next rooted them to the spot, a Nova, Fully clad in her Warframe came walking out of the blasted door hole, diffusing anti matter particles swirled around her. She was followed closely by the corpses of the Queens, Hek, and the Grustrag 3 held aloft by a flickering red blanket of antimatter. The bodies hit the floor and started glowing a menacing blood red.

The door through to the next room muffled the cries and pleas of help by the Eximus bombards.

When she left that room she made care to put all the corpses in a pile creating an anti-matter bomb which would destroy most the facility completely.

It took a decent while to gather enough Antimatter, but After omicron walked out the bomb exploded, superheating anything within their radius to a red tinted plasma, creating a shock wave so strong that the platoon of Grineer outside waiting for Omicron to emerge were vaporized instantly.

"Lotus, this is operative ÆÖþψπ requesting a snub fighter off Ceres"

"Omicron, what are your Co-Ordinates?" Said Lotus in an unusually reserved tone.

"Uhhh. Look for a giant anti matter explosion. You should see it from orbit."

"*the sound of groans come down the line* They released your childhood?"

" They did oh and i believe i killed the Queens, Vay Hek and the Gen-1 Grustrag 3. They may have been more clones, but if they are, they are seriously dead clones. I also managed to see some interesting Blueprints from the bastard Vay Hek, made some copies"

"Why did you make sure they had copies?!?"

"So we can get the Brakk and Hydroid."

"Seen from orbit is a bit of an understatement Omicron. The explosion threw chunks of rock into space!"

"Are they on a decaying trajectory?"

"Yes they shall fill the crater back up in a week or so."

"So wheres that evac?"

"Turn to your left and walk for about an hour or so. We had to set down outside the fallout range of your...signal"


Here is some more of Omicron. Aiglo helped alot. So thank you Aiglo.

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This is further back, before the siege and my introduction and first time posting. please let me know how it is so i can try my best and correct mistakes if i can continue. There also a small appearance of someone else character. also the Vauban is not Quinn, i just see most Vaubans be the foundry guys. I would like to thank you in advance for reading!!




No please, not the screams, no, stop please

The crack of thunder made me jump an inch from the ground.

The same dream, from that horrible memory.

I get up and look out from the window, in a tall, ruined house. Night and rain has fallen upon the settlement
that was once lively, but now is in ruin due to the recent grineer take-over. I look up to the night sky and
stare at the moon.

It should be time.

I begin recapping my mission to make sure i didn't forget anything during my rest.

Recently the grineer has taken over another settlement in an area of earth that is less dense with giant trees
and wild kubrow. Since then the grineer have set up a post here in this settlement and using it to dig in further into
the forest. I was tasked to gather information and to send it directly to the lotus. During my investigation i found
that they are taking the people of the settlement and converting them into grineer soldiers. The lotus found out from
the rest of my investigation that there will be a high priority target coming to the settlement. My mission, assassinate
the target and get out.

After my recap i heard the sound of engines whirring from outside. I look and see the designated ship of the high priority target. I go to the corner of the of the room and pick up my Paris bow. My Paris folds out and i attach the string from one end to other and test the strength of the string. I look out to the wet, ruined settlement and trace my eye to the ship. I take an arrow from my quiver and hold it in my hands. I look at the ship, it has some heavy armor, so i turn the shaft of the arrow and set it to armor piercing mode. I look at the ship again and focus on the engines, the engines are known to be explosive, a dangerous but powerful engine. i turn the other section of the arrows shaft and set it to explosive and set a timer. I then nock the arrow and look out to the ship, about 150 meters away. In the cover of night my black and red Ash warframe is barely visible.

I take aim with the Paris and slowly pull back the string.

Steady the breathing, focus on the target, calm the heart, fire

I let the arrow fly from the bow and towards the ships engines. The arrow starts spinning in mid air due to the armor piercing mode that has been set. The arrow then pierces the armor of the engine and embeds itself into the side of the engine.

three, two, one

The engines of the ship explode and starts descending nose first into the ground. I fold my Paris and place it on my back. My helmet then folds out from a small pocket behind my neck and folds around my head. I get up and walk out the room with my Uru syandana following.


As i am standing on a roof that is a few meters from the crash site i take a look around for any survivors.

Looks clear.

I jump from the roof of the small building and land with ease, i then walk towards the wreck that was the ship of the high priority target.

Where are all the foot soldiers?

I start searching the wreck for my target so i can confirm and get out. Just as i round the corner i feel a blunt force hit me from the left side of my body. i fly to the right and hit the ground hard but soon regain my balance to ready myself for combat. There in my vision is an armor that is unique to one grineer and the axe that he is infamously known for.

"Kril" i say, with pain in my voice.

"Tenno, what a surprise to see you here" Kril says, following it with a manic laugh.

"You thought you can kill me that easily did you?" says Kril

I don't answer him since i was trying to focus on an escape route. This annoyed Kril. So Kril then swings with the side of his axe at me. I reacted by jumping and using my feet to take the force. This sends me flying into a wall, creating a crack. I fall to the ground, face first.

So unprofessional

Kril then slowly walks over to me, this is my chance. I discharge a smokescreen from my arm, which hides me, and activates my cloaking systems. I use this chance to run and get away from him.

"This wont be the last time tenno, i will find you!!" Kril shouts as i create distance between us.

Ten seconds left of the cloaking system.

I rush into a dark alleyway and hide there for the moment. i sigh in relief, i think i got away. I sat for a few moments to think of an exit. First i need to tell the lotus what has happened so far.

"Lotus are you there?" i ask.

"I am here Razielim, has the mission been completed?" she asks

"The target was Lech Kril, the crash didn't kill him, i need an extraction" I said

"Ok, sending your snub down now, i have marked the best location, good luck" the lotus then ends the transmission.

I look to my radar and see it is a few meters away.

It should be easy if i take to the roofs again.

Luckily i hid next to two houses that were fairly close to each other. I begin to climb my way up to the roof. As i reach the top i hear the heavy clunking of armored footsteps.

Why did he send his men now? Was he waiting for me?

I wash those thoughts from my mind and begin making my way to extraction. I leap from roof to roof, sliding under air ducts and jumping over pipes, with the Uru syandana flapping behind me. The extraction is in sight, this relieved some stress. As i was looking i hear a shot from a Vulkar. I was to late to react and got clipped on the upper right part of my arm. I flinch from the pain and take cover behind a low wall. I begin to assess the situation.

The shot came from the right. From the wound and sound of the shot the ballista should be roughly 70 meters. I draw my Lex from its magnetic holster. I take a deep breath and carefully peek above the low wall. The ballista took her chance and shot, luckily she missed. It gave me the location as i saw the muzzle flash. I ready my Lex and look
for a better point to shoot from. I look along the wall and see that there is a hole. I crawl towards the hole and carefully look through. I can see the ballista but she cant see me, the color must help. I then aim my Lex carefully at her direction.

Aim, breathe, calm the heart, fire.

The sound of the Lex rung out almost as loud as the Vulkar. The bullet hits its target perfectly in the head. I breathe out in relief and slowly head towards extraction. I arrive at the location and see the snub descending from the sky. It then hover just the right height so that i can latch on and get out. As the doors close i think to myself.

I need a drink.


After a few hours i arrived at the closest tenno station to get repairs and that drink i need. I dock my ship in the port and make my way out with a dufflebag over my shoulder. As i walk the halls of the station i make my way to the foundry. A lot of tenno seem to be here, must have been a busy day. I keep walking, with my bag over my shoulder and my Uru syandana following behind.

I arrive at the foundry and see that a Vauban is at the counter.

Always a Vauban heh

I walk up to the counter. The Vauban then looks up from his data pad and looks at me.

"Scared to show your face?" He asks.

My helmet the unfolds from around my face and back into the pocket behind my neck.

"Sorry, I get to used to the display" I reply.

"So what can i do for you then?" He asks.

I point to my shoulder where the ballista had clipped me. There was a rather large hole in the armor.

"A Vulkar bullet managed to damage the systems, i need a repair" I said

"Right ok system repair" The Vauban looks down to his data pad and types in a set of numbers.

"That will be 2500 credits" he then points to a credits sensor.

I wave my hand above the sensor and it says '2500 credits' on the display.

"just head on through that room and there should be an armor dis-connecter there, do you have a change of clothes?" he asks

i just lift my dufflebag and he nods. I head through to the room he pointed out. Connecting myself to the dis-connecter, i can feel a slight breeze as the air floods into the Warframe. I step out and reach into my dufflebag. I take out pair of black jeans, a dark red buttoned shirt and a black hoodie. I proceed to put on my clothes. With the hoodie on the and hood up, i take out my last piece of clothing, A long black trench coat with a red eagel pattern on back. I slip it on and walk out the room. as i make my way to the exit the Vauban
says to me.

"Repairs should take a few hours, so go and relax while you wait"

I turn to him with a smile.

"I plan to" as i walk out he lets out a chuckle and waves me out, looking at his data pad.

I walk the hallways and follow the signs to the bar that was on this station.

As i reach the entrance of the bar i can hear the loud cheers of celebration. It puts a smile on my face. I walk in and have a look around and see many of the tables are filled with tenno raising drinks to one another. I walk up to the bar and signal for the barkeeper. He walks up's still cleaning a glass.

"just a whiskey please, thanks" I say to the barkeep.

He nods and puts down a glass and pours some whiskey into the glass. I take it up in my hand and take a sip, letting the warmth, spread across my body. I then hear the shouts of a female from a booth. I look behind and see a rather enthusiastic female, with another female and a rather built man.

Its nice that they are enjoying themselves. I turn back to my drink and begin to go into deep thought. Then i start to have faint memories of that nightmare. The screams come back as well as the fire and the smell of burning flesh. This nightmare was born from the past and continues to haunt me to this day.

I sigh and take another sip of my whiskey.

The destruction of my home settlement continues to become my nightmare.


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Main Hall, Clan Aequitas

Hour: 1600


The shadowy, black and grey Ash strode through the Main Hall of Clan Aequitas, glancing neither to his left or to his right.  Inconspicuous, the Tenno made his way to one of the benches lying to the sides of the Hall and sat, releasing a breath of air as he did so.  It had been long since he had given himself the privilege of a reprieve, instead focusing his undivided attention upon the threat of the Grineer and their expansion into the space Tenno called home.  Even today, his journey was not focused upon rest and relaxation.  The small rest was only the benefit of his early arrival into the Clan-house.


No, the Tenno had not come to relax.  He had come to search out a way in which to assist his fellow Tenno in any way possible.  You see, the Ash had realized in his endeavors in the solar system, that, though one Tenno was deadly, a group, fitting each other's strengths, reinforcing each other's weaknesses, was an unstoppable force.  To join a force, become that unstoppable whirlwind of fury and steel, was the Ash's hope and dream.  Young he might be, but his age was not going to stop him from throwing off the yoke of oppression which the Grineer had attempted to capture the Tenno in.


Indeed, even now he waited for his contact to approach him.  He had called ahead of time to the clan-site, and they knew of his arrival.  Soon, he hoped, someone would give him the chance he needed to prove himself, and to assist his brethren.


He was fire, he was death.  His name?  Nazirah.

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And another bite from thyself. Smudge of character build-y stuff whilst we wait for the glorious-ness that will be the siege to get a rolling.


Aqua & azure eyes shot open, the Excalibur breathing deep & fast as his body tensed up under the cold sweat.

  Nightmares. Again with the nightmares, a foe he couldn't strike out at or challenge to a duel. He thought he'd seen them through, endured the last after countless hours of meditation, buried them with the excavation of the Ark. He'd embraced nights of relatively peaceful & calm sleep.


And now they were back. On the eve of a major operation, they had chosen to torment him again. And it was always one specifically that struck him from his peace. One that drove a crushing void through him.

 It started softly, always gentle, like dreams inviting him to rest. Recollections of the friends he'd met since waking, small bites of childhood memories from  the town he once called home. Various fragments of his years within a clan, protecting and serving as he rose in rank & status. A good nights dreams.


Then came a new set of memories. Recollections of beautiful features. Crimson hair. Captivating eyes of deep ocean blue. A smile that was infectious.

    Alongside came a flood of emotions, from those a speechless, dumbstruck warrior to a warm, embracing feeling. One that felt unique, special, rare. A feeling that could only be shared with one person. Someone who should never, could never, be forgotten...


That's where he woke in panicked fear. Every time.


Nyght rose from his resting place, forehead caked in a freezing layer. He steadily made his out under quizzical glances & concerned looks, seeking something, anything, to cool his mind, settle his thoughts. Down one corridor, around another corner. Eventually he stumbled into one could best be described as a break-room of sorts, with some food & drink, as well as cutlery to go with it. He stumbled over to the room's faucet, cupping his hands under a stream of clear, fresh water. As he brought the cleansing fluid splashing over his face, only one thought persisted, nearly breaking him down again.


Of all the things to have lost, this is the worst. I... I can't even remember her name...



And there ye go, a little character building for Nyght, a possible prelude to another character from me (given I'm exam free for a few months), and the potential for some character-character 'talking' between others Tenno.

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A little part of me wanted to write something today, so here we go:


Unwanted Aggression

We are, we are, we are made from broken parts.
We are, we are, we are broken from the start.
And our hearts, our hearts, they were beating in the dark
'Cause we are, we are, we are built from broken parts.


-Hollywood Undead





A vicious pounding inside her head awoke Rakth; she looked up at a metallic ceiling, glimmers of foreign reflections passing by the brushed surface. It looked like she was staring at stars. Her mind was aflame with questions.


Where am I?


Why am I lying down?


Why does my head hurt so much?


Why does it hurt everywhere?


Her body on the other hand, was in an inanimate stupor. She felt her muscles tighten as they tried to raise her off the bed, but she failed to move an inch. She frowned. She hated being unable to move. She gritted her teeth and a snarl escaped her mouth as she pushed herself up. Breathing heavily, she looked down at herself. A soft sheet was covering her lower half, and most of her body was covered in bandages. A few sections of her bandaged body were slowly blossoming red whorls. She heard a sigh from her left, and rapidly turned her head to see the source of the sound.


Bad move.


Her head reeled and she bent over, clutching her ears and groaning in agony. Large hands eased her back down. Her headache was reduced to a dull thrum as she was injected with something in her right arm.


“Sleep,” she heard a deep voice whisper to her ear. Rakth didn't know why, but she found his voice to be soothing. But she didn't want to sleep. She hated the nightmares.


“No,” she said aggressively, baring her teeth as she looked up. Starry blue orbs looked back at her.


What the hell...


“Don't sleep then,” the man said, instead looking at her bandaged torso. “But you're not going to stop me from tending to your wounds. Getting up tore the stitches.”


She stared up at the metal ceiling as the man opened up bandages and tended to her wounds. Silence permeated the room apart from her sudden hisses of pain and the occasional clinking of tools.


“Why do you care?” she heard herself whisper.




“I said,” she repeated, lacing her words with venom. “Why do you care?”


He grinned, to her surprise. “I believe you asked me to help you the last time we spoke.”


Rakth cursed inwardly. Why was she being rude to him? The memories of her...rampage...with the Grineer flooded her mind. She saw blood everywhere, drowning broken corpses of hundreds of Grineer, and then she saw a golden Rhino. Before she could unravel the threads any further, he interrupted her thoughts.


“My name's Aiden. I'm the Rhino who got you out of that base.”


So he was real, she thought. “I...”


He raised a hand to silence her. “Don't worry about it. Its all in the past now.” Aiden packed a few of his tools, now that she was bandaged again with clean wraps. “Don't move. I flooded your system with painkillers. You'll be out like a baby in a few minutes.”


She didn't respond; instead, she employed all of her willpower in trying to stay awake. Her eyelids felt like lead weights. How dare he?! Who gave him the right to drug me? She snarled.


“DON'T TOUCH ME!” she bellowed, her throat hurting from disuse. “I'LL KILL YOU!”


Aiden simply watched her try to stay awake, but to no avail. Soon, the ship was filled with the nothingness of silence. He walked back to the front of his Lisette and kneeled by the forward observation window. They were passing by Saturn now, and he could see the ringed planet in the distance. He would keep his shuttle in orbit near Mars, and return to the Station only once he figured out what was wrong with the Valkyr.


I still don't know her name...


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 Sable walked along the corridor, thinking of the past few days as he approachedthe briefing room where he was supposed to meet the team for his first operation. So long away from action… and he was itching for a chance to train his skills on something other than dummies on the dojo.

The Oberon had been busy for the past few days. Once he had arrived, he decided to take a lookf at his frame. First things first, his helmet. While he didn’t many problems with the standard helmet per se, he found that the two horns sometimes scrambled his aim. He much preffered the Makhor helmet, which he was now using. After that, the color was next. Black agreed much more with him, he supposed.
He was happy he had found other Tenno. Wandering about the universe, alone and outgunned, was not an existance he wanted for himself. After teh little… incident of his escape, he had been found by Aiden and a few other Tenno. He was quick to thank the rhino, and had been offered a spot in an operation that would be taking place soon. He had promptly agreed to the spot. After all, he needed to keep his skills still sharp.
Opening the room to the conference, he took a glance to the other tenno that flocked in the room. All seemed ready to kill or be killed. He smiled to himself… he didn’t remember doing that that often…

“This is gonna be very interesting…” he thought, going to his place on the room. 

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Bet you all forgot that Darius was married.

Darius's anticipation for his Ash intermingled with his boredom, so he took to familiarizing himself with the entire dojo. He was on one such bout of wandering when an unfamiliar Tenno walked up to him.

“Are you Darius?” The man asked. “Yes, I am,” Darius replied. “Well, Stephen says that he wants you to come back to your room. Something urgent, it seems.” The man said, and was off.
Darius stepped into his room. Stephen was standing next to a container with a grin on his face. Darius grinned in a similar fashion and was at the box in a second.
“Finally.” Was all he said before opening the container. There was his Ash, perfectly crafted. When he opened the chestpiece saw that it had been super-charged.
“Quinn, you amazing son-of-a-gun.” He saw a note inside as well.
“Stephen told me how bored you were during your wait.
So I took the liberty of compensating, enjoy your new 'frame, my friend.” -Quinn
Darius took the rest of the components out of the box, most of which were, for the most part, assembled already. He began piecing the Ash together and with the passing minutes began to look like a familiar friend to the ecstatic Darius.
He put the helmet on last and the Warframe began to whir. Darius opened up the Ash and stepped inside. It immediately fit to his size and established a neural link. The familiar pain at the base of his cranium was more so welcoming than painful.
The hud switched on and the familiar feeling of protection enveloped his body. He glanced at Stephen then the terminal on the far wall.
“I have two calls to make.”
“WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!” The voice on the other end of the line screamed. “I've been off gallavanting with the Corpus.” Darius answered flatly. “Listen Darius, this is not funny!” Said the angry voice. “Honey, I'm fine. I had an incident with a small faction of Infested and now I'm at a friendly dojo. How were you while I was gone?” He replied. “Worried sick, what do you think?!” His wife exclaimed. “Well, now I'm fine, so don't worry. I'll see you soon.” He clicked off the call right as she was about to say something.
“Now for the second call.”
The ringing aroused Aiden from his thoughts. He looked around blearily until his sight found the terminal, he walked to it and answered.
“Hello, is this Aiden?” Inquired an unfamiliar voice. “Yes, and who is this?” He rumbled at the other end. “This is Darius, I've heard what you and a few others plan on doing. I want to help you in this siege.”

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Revenant smirked as he meditated in his snub, his mind's eye reviewing his actions in the previous weeks. He had lost everything he had ever held dear, all to the thrice damned Corpus. Something inside of him broke that day and now he lives only to cut a bloody swathe through their ranks until the day when he dies or the Corpus are no more. His crusade against them has brought him to Mars in search of one of the Corpus leaders Nef Anyo.

He would see that man dead at his feet, preferably in multiple pieces by the end of this mission. After eradicating a entire base of Corpus he had found the information he sought and now he was well on his way, only an hour left now.


The pitch black Volt stood and began to do some light calisthenics to get himself ready for the coming battle. A short time later he felt relaxed and yet pumped at the same time. He traced his hands over his weapons; Latron prime, modded specifically for maximum damage to Corpus and their proxies, Twin Gremlins also modded against Corpus scum and last were his favorite The Dual Kamas, the twin sickles were in immaculate care, able to slice through any flesh or armor with little effort. He clipped each weapon into place feeling their welcome weight on his person.


A terrible grin appeared when He remember the reaction the Corpus leaders had at his messages, both the ones he had sent, warning them of their coming demise and the ones he carved into the flesh and blood of their soldier and the walls of their bases and ships. He made it clear he would not stop until the Corpus were nothing more than a footnote in history. His grin grew even darker as he saw his snub dropping into the atmosphere, He quickly readied himself for a hot drop onto the base. Just a few minutes later He was in a short free fall before landing gracefully in a crouch on the roof of a side building on the base, quickly ducking behind an antennae array to avoid being seen. He quickly took stock, noting the patrols beneath him. He scanned the area, his HUD map lighting up with the red of nearby enemies. He quickly brought his Latron prime up to bear as he sighted a lone Corpus walking along the edge of a precipice. One shot from his gun made quick work of the poor worker before he jumped down, Kamas in hand as he landed feet first on a Corpus head with enough force to crush the man’s cranium even as his sickles arc’d through the flesh of the rest of his patrol.


Revenant stood there for a minute, savoring the feeling and sight of the kills before activating his Speed ability and dashing forward into the base. Nef Anyo knew he was coming by now, and he so hated to keep people waiting. As he ran he cut through ranks of proxies and soldiers, an indomitable tide of blood lust claiming him as he laughed, his kills getting more and more vicious. As he turned into the room before Anyo’s he faced a veritable swarm of Corpus, He scoffed at their attempt to stop him before diving into the fight. With a quick flick of his wrists he spun as he dived, cutting a hole through the Corpus right to their middle where he began to slice and shred anything close to him. The Volt bifurcated one enemy and even as he moved on to the next he spotted a sniper trying to take aim at him, thinking quickly he activated his first ability, sending a bolt of electricity at the poor sniper who was fried and killed instantly. He slammed the blade of one Kama into a Corpus man’s throat even as he cut the man’s legs out from underneath him, leaving the body to drop as he sliced a Shockwave Moa in half with one upwards swing. He dropped to the ground and spun, cutting out the legs of multiple crewman and proxies before fluidly getting to his feet and back flipping out of the fight for a moment. He cracked his neck a little and let out a throaty chuckle that seemed to echo in the room. The sound unnerved the Corpus that were left, giving him just enough time to activate his Speed ability, greatly enhancing all his physical movement. One moment he was well out of melee range and then next he was cutting through their ranks like a hot knife through butter. within a minute there were none left, just bloody chunks and robotic parts.

“Oh Nef Anyooooo~ Come out and plaaaaay~” He said in a sinister singsong even has he walked into Nef’s lab. He quickly parried a shot from the Corpus leader’s gun and sighed

“Try not to die too quickly meat-bag. I want to savor this!” Revenant dashed forward, easily dodging a second shot before using the tip of his kamas to nick Nef’s legs, leaving long,shallow scratches “That’s one. you’re already dead Nef… Let’s see how long it takes to bleed you out!”

Nef stumbled a bit as a long cut was made along his back but he grit his teeth and turned, swinging his rifle butt at the Tenno. Alas he was simply not fast enough to be on par with the fairly insane Volt, then again few were even among warframes. Blood flew and splattered the ground, the tables, the walls and Revenant himself as he slowly cut the Corpus leader to bits, letting out a sigh oh bliss as he finally ended the man’s suffering with a quick beheading. He stared at the carnage in the room, blood dripping from the walls and furniture, Nef’s body in pieces and his torso shredded beyond recognition. He had sliced through each joint in the man’s limbs and scattered them across the room. Taking one Kama he carved his next message next to the corpse before leaving the area, nothing left but corpses and death.


“This is only the Beginning”

(comments and feedback are always appreciated~ <3)

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two posts in one night? LE GASP

WARNING: Heavy amounts of feels might be induced by this

Ghost tilted her head as she stared out of the observatory in the Dojo. Sleep eluded her tonight so she indulged in a favorite pastime of hers as she sat on the floor staring at the endless amount of stars. After what felt like hours of enjoying the serene peacefulness she tensed as she felt the approach of another Tenno entering the observatory. A cursory glimpse of their mind revealed it to be Khimera in his Oberon frame, she relaxed almost immediately as he was one of the few she trusted without a doubt. Something about him was just entirely likeable to her but she didn’t mind as she had few she counted as friends these days. She turned slightly to nod at him as he seemed surprised to see her sitting there.

She patted the ground next to her “Hello there, fancy meeting you here~” She teased, able to feel that he was happier than usual “It’s been a while since we last spoke” She said, her soft ‘voice’ easily heard by Khimera as she focused it entirely on him, she didn’t want to accidently project her words beyond to people not in the observatory.

The Oberon sat next to her, nodding at her comment “It has indeed. We both have been rather busy of late. You with your apprentice and I with my own Dojo with Canis… Which hopefully you and the rest of Aequitas can meet soon”

Ghost smiled, though unseen because of her helmet “I have been looking forward to meeting him ever since I learned he held your heart in his hands. You are a friend on mine Khimera and I hope I can count Canis as one too. It does me a lot of good to see you happy and able to enjoy yourself” She had an odd tone in her mental voice as she talked, as though something was profoundly different and almost saddening riding her consciousness this time as opposed to the last time they talked. Khimera picked up on that odd tinge to her voice and after a moment he asked her “Ghost… what aren’t you telling me. The way you worded that last sentence, what is wrong?” He was worried about her, she was usually upbeat with kind words for everyone, this was an unusual feeling he was getting from her. She slumped a little “I… I was hoping you wouldn’t notice or ask. It is not something I wish to burden others with but I will not lie to friends. You know how I cannot speak yes?” At his nod she continued. “The same incident that caused that did… irreparable damage to my body, only this warframe keeps me alive. The doctors helped greatly when they could but there is nothing left for them to do now. My warframe itself is permanently damaged as well though that at least has been beneficial. When I left my warframe for the first time since I was told the doctors could no longer help me It was to see you during your convalescence. I do not regret doing it and I never will but…” Here she trailed off as a growing feeling of concern and dread pooled in Khimera’s gut. “Ghost… Tell me what is wrong. It almost sounds as if you are-” “Dying? That is because I am. As I have been for a long time now. All because of one crazed Tenno and his mad quest for vengeance. Yes Khimera I am dying and when I left my warframe it accelerated my decline. Not a lot but enough that I have already begun to prepare for it. Fenrik already knew, Idhren does not yet… I will tell her soon I think, She has enough on her plate with the training I give her. I should tell your little protege Ein as well, Though I am uncertain as to how he will react seeing as he is not… well He is not like us at all now is he Khi?” She shook her head and before he could say anything she went on “No point in trying to deny it or demand my secrecy or whatever you would do. I know for a fact and I won’t tell a soul. It’s a secret I will take to my grave if I must” She said with a good bit of black humor in the last line as she looked the the beautiful stars once again, having finally given Khimera time to respond.

“Ghost, it saddens me to hear that. You are a kind and wonderful person and I will be sad to see you go when it does arrive. As it is your place to tell this to who you choose my lips are sealed. You will be missed when the time comes though” He said softly, placing a hand on her shoulder. They sat there in silence for a while longer before Khimera got up and bid her goodnight. After he left she slowly stood, one hand using the wall for support as she stared at the exit he took before slowly heading back to her quarters. Finally feeling tired she would go and sleep a dreamless sleep.

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I feel like I haven't been writing enough lately, so I'm going to post short oneshots based on whatever I get from a random idea generator I found on Seventh Sanctum. These stories are not intended to have any particular timeline unless otherwise stated though. I'll try to post more often, too.




"So? What do you think?"


Acantha stared at the computer in her lap, her brain having temporarily shut down to protect itself from the words on the screen. Loki leaned over her shoulder and closed the laptop, then waved his hands in front of her face. "Hello? Earth to Acantha! Did you like it?" The Nova blinked and looked at him, as though she had only just now realized he was there. Her mouth worked for a moment before it remembered how to make words.


"Why would you make that?" She asked. "Why did you show it to me? And most of all, why hasn't a just God smited you yet for writing a forty chapter romance novel featuring Vay Hek and Captain Vor!?"


"Because I sent a copy to each of them?"


"... Did you get a video of their reactions?"


"Of course!"

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Folding his arms, Crowley leaned on the hallway wall, helmet off with an eyebrow raised. His hair was hiding his technocyte encroachment so he was fine being without his Raknis on for now as he stared at the couple standing in front of him. "And you two have been in contact how long and didn't tell me?"


The hydroid of the pair, white with a fading ghost-blue secondary color and purple energy, spoke up. "Three months, though to be fair a majority of that was through the terminal message system." Canis shrugged, his Triton helmet off to reveal his dark brown hair now tinged with oceanic blue at the tips, though other than that his face was the same as Khimera's old photograph of him.


"Three months...you two built a dojo in under three months?" Crowley stared at his cell-mate blandly, clearly not amused by the secrecy of this matter. Damn near everyone had been eager to meet Canis ever since Khimera obliterated Sandalphon's hopes a while ago. "And you were going to tell the council members about your side project...when?" Raising his eyebrows, the Nekros tilted his head and gave Khimera a look that said 'you're in trouble, but keep digging the hole.'


Blushing and hiding partially behind his husband in a sheepish manner, Khi chuckled nervously. "It's not like we planned to keep it secret for so long, but everyone's been so busy and it was relaxing building the dojo with just Canis...even if it was a pain to get all the materials. I solemnly swear none of the stuff came from Aequitas' vault though!" Okay, hole slightly undug there at least. "Really, though, the garden level is beautiful if you'd come to visit."


Crowley continued to give the pair an unamused look. "All right, contact through messages I understand, but if you were going to build your own dojo you should have run it by the rest of the council first...those that are present at least." Looking out the reinforced window Crowley gave a soft, low sigh of exasperation. "I think everyone would like to visit, though you'll need to get used to having the space requisitioned for initiates to be trained in, since it'll be less crowded than this place. It's practically a damn station at this point!" It was true, the Aequitas dojo was enormous by now, new space was necessary.


"I understand, though...could you not express too much emphasis on it?" Khimera moved out from behind his husband, smiling a bit. "It's not entirely finished."


"Finished? FINISHED?! Are you insane? Who gives a damn if it's finished it's SPACE!" Off in the distance, as Crowley said that, there was a mechanically tuned shouting of 'spaaaaace' somewhere in the dojo. "Final note of interest is your husband is in a Hydroid, NOT a Rhino as we were all led to believe." Shaking his finger at Khimera, Crowley was very obviously scolding the younger tenno.


Canis rubbed the back of his head, looking away. "Yeaaaah...about that...well...Hydroid is pretty damn awesome but mostly...I did it to understand how Khi felt when he lost his Volt. That Volt was special to him, and even though all he's got left is the helmet I can tell something got left behind when it had to be removed. So I'm not going to use my Rhino anymore...and I kinda can't either. Some crazy dude named Kris informed me, at least when we got here together today, that something about...particles and gooey bad things?" Shrugging, Canis grinned and looked over at Khi to explain.


"Molecular instability prevents him from using another Warframe. In other words he's stuck in it, just not in the way you're stuck in yours." Canis gave an odd look to Crowley at that last remark, but let Khimera finish. "It's really helpful though, besides it gives him the chance to shout piratey things which makes me giggle."


"Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine. Fine. How did you two actually meet up?"


"In the dojo when it was only one room." Khimera stated bluntly, making Crowley facepalm hard enough they other two tenno could hear the slapping sound. "Whaaaat?"


"Let me get this straight....one of you started a dojo...disclosed the coordinates over terminal lines-"


"SECURE terminal lines! Give me some credit." Khi pouted, folding his arms feeling slightly insulted.


"TERMINAL LINES and met in the dojo you've been building for..."


"About two and a half months on and off." Canis informed with a warm smile to his lover. "Mostly Khi's work, I was just out killing things and getting resources. All the forma was a pain though."


"Ugh, don't get me started on the forma." Khimera groaned, letting his head thump against Canis' shoulder with a 'blah' expression on his face.


Crowley hesitated, taking a few deep breaths to calm down. Why was he so agitated? This was a great thing! A momentous occasion! Stupid technocyte encroachment pains were getting to him. "Look...I'm just glad you're both well...now go show off your husband to everyone else and give me a guest key." Holding his hand out to Khimera, Crowley let a smile curl on his lips. "I plan to go to this little garden area of yours."


"Hooray!" The Oberon practically squeed as he tossed Crowley a key to the dojo and started dragging Canis off to meet everyone else.

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I present to you, the (redacted as spoilers, mwhahaha).


His blue & aqua eyes gazed into a swirl of distant colours and far away twinkling lights, reflections dancing over his pupils as much as they glimmered on the water’s skin. Somehow, in a station open and walked by so many Tenno and free people, housing a bustling market quarter & populated residential spaces, he had found a secluded area, occupied by an elegant and peaceful garden; a centre sitting space of soft grass, edged tastefully with lush flowers and a large calm pond surrounding the island of flora.

   It was this garden’s other ‘feature’ that held the Excalibur’s gaze this evening though. In a near 180 degree dome around it, clear glass gave an open view to the distant space around, revealing dozens of small, sparkling specs and great nebulas of swirled, vibrant colour.


The captivation eased his turbulent mind, something he direly wished, nay, needed to be rid of; there was the upcoming operation, a siege against the Grineer’s shipyards & prisons, an immense undertaking for dozens of Tenno, let alone the number involved here.

    Such a daring mission required a strong plan, torn apart and reworked thoroughly at least twice under the scrutiny of multiple sharp minded tacticians. It demanded that its participants be of peak physical fitness and practiced ability, paired with naturally flowing teamwork & a quick, focused and settled psyche. The pinnacle of a Tenno warrior.


Yet his mind had become awash with detrimental thoughts. A mission of unparalleled size approaching, the incredibly close calls of the last big ‘mission’ and the various memories of pre-collapse operations that had gone awry in some way. Common fears for soldiers & operatives, notions that something will almost always go wrong somewhere. This… he could maybe handle alone normally, but not now. These ‘usual’ pre-mission ‘butterflies’ were blending with the existing stresses on him, the newer fragmented memories, the nightmares, sleep cut short with cold sweat and days of bottled tension. Possibly no more than days until they finalised plans and made their first moves, and his entire mind felt like it was on the point of shattering, reducing into an asylum’s mess.


The tranquillity of the garden let him at least suppress much of this, gave him the chance to listen to just a few quietened thoughts at a time. It was going to be another long night regardless of how loud they were.

  What was her name? Where was she? Was she even still alive?




“Move weaklings, now!”


The towering wardens shoved their charges along, bellowing & laughing whenever one stumbled and gave them an excuse to ‘apply necessary force’. Steadily, the chain of cuffed prisoners to the working station assigned to them, one of many large factory compounds adjoining the prison complexes in the area. Emerging from the long, fortified corridor through huge doors, the line of ‘labourers’ was buffeted with a hot wave of fume filled air and the thundering racket of many heavy machines.


The front labourer was towed towards her position, to be set to work. Once vibrant & flowing crimson hair now hung dull and drained of life down her back, shoulders & one side of her face. The grime, soot & smog clung to her bare face and neck, and mixed with the blood left after the warden & foremen’s ‘lessons’. Beneath all this though, a fire still burned, a spirit yet enduring, only showing through her deep, sapphire like ocean blue eyes. Flitting about the assembly line, she spied tonight’s ‘Chief Foreman’, his shoulders adorned in crude markings.


Kristina sighed internally. It was going to be another long night shift.




So, mental turmoils and a... new character!

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BACKSTORY TIME! Here is some backstory for Aero. Note this all happened about ~15 years ago.

"LOTUS!" Shouted Aero once she left the station on her personal snub.

"I thought I told you to NOT remind me about Røry."

"I am sincerely sorry Aero, for reminding you of your Brother" replied the Lotus in her snarky know it all voice

"You undid countless sessions with the station counsellor. I was nearly out of depression. GOD FU*CKING DAMNIT."

"Expect to be dismissed from the ranks of the Tenno Aero if you keep on acting like this."
*transmission closed*

Aero dented the side of the snub when the Lotus closed the transmission ended.
A battle raged on inside Aeros head debating whether or not to retrieve her brothers ashes from the Grineer outpost or to obey the Lotus's orders.

She decided to disobey the Lotus and retrieve the ashes of her brother. She sped away to the outpost where it was being kept.

On the way there a transmission from the Lotus opened. "Aero, you have made your choice. You are now dismissed from the Tenno ranks."

"Well guess what Lotus? I DONT GIVE A FLYING FU*K ABOUT BEING TENNO ANYMORE. He's family and i loved him. Something you can never. Ever. Understand" Replied the highly aggrieved Nova.

When Aero got the the base holding her brothers ashes she found that it had been reclaimed by the vegetation making Aero groan some more at the prospect at being metaphorical weed killer.
When she got inside she was immediately greeted by a Kubrow den with some week plants in front of it. As soon as she thought about the Kubrows bursting through they did tackling her to the group forcing to her end their lives. When she slit their throats she felt remorse for them having to kill the Kubrow cubs, she was not looking forward to the mother if the newborn cubs could tackle a Tenno to the ground. Once she had found the mother she picked up the Miter Saw gun and cut the feet off the mother. Then a saw blade to the heart and brain killing it. When she got to the trophy room. She saw her brothers Oberon frame hanging next to a box of ashes. She fell to her knees in shock that her brothers frame was still intact and working, getting up and walking towards the pedestal she never saw it coming.

She never saw the trap that she had fallen right into. She only knew about it when the Prosecutors magna pole hit her in the back of her head. Blowing the air out of Aero's lungs.
"Vu seeee gar" leered the prosecutor.
*Translation commencing* "I have you now!"
Infuriated by the Grineer she dumped all the antimatter she had in her arm canisters and blew it up destroying the Prosecutor instantly and most of her frame at the same time. She made care to not destroy either her brothers Warframe or his ashes. Once she had successfully reclaimed her brothers remains and Warframe she left the facility. Once she got back onto the snub she headed off to the Dark Sectors. Specifically the one in Ceres where she had made a little outpost.

Once she got there she got off her snub and carried her brothers belongings inside and put her brother to rest in the ornate Orokin Cryo-Pod that her brother made for her. Realising that her nova frame was gone she reluctantly walked inside and put on the hand crafted Zephyr frame that her brother made for her.

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I've come so far, and look! Lo and behold, the last Eden backstory!


 Eden walked the length of the hallway to where Nakarn had set up his “office.” Really, it was just the biggest set of barracks that had been the only one to not have anyone in it during the siege. He reached the door and knocked – something he hadn't done in a VERY long time – and was let in by a small misshapen mass.

“Do you like him?” Said Nakarn as Eden walked in. “He's the only one I've ever made to be purely Technocyte mass. He's so cute, too!” Nakarn gazed at the small thing like an affectionate mother. Eden didn't share his view and merely brushed the question aside.
“NAKA-N, I HA-E A QU-ST—N.” Eden winced at his own volume and Nakarn was so stunned and surprised he flew out of his desk before the second “A.”
“What the heck happened?! Wait, don't tell me yet, here.” Nakarn handed Eden his cherished electronic pad and a rod to write with. Eden simply stared at the rod, an “are you serious?” look spread over his face.
Nakarn grimaced and nodded for him to go ahead.
“I DO-'T KNOW.” Eden screamed. Nakarn winced. “Maybe...Uh...The Serum?” Nakarn offered to Eden. “Well, all I know is that you're super loud and screamy. To be honest, it probably was the serum.”
Eden was hoping for a better answer, but was satisified. He got up and was let out by the misshapen mass again, to which Nakarn nearly giggled in delight.
One of the more sane and intelligent infected had been chosen by Nakarn to be one of his head lab technicians. That lab technician was standing over a table with a vial of infected liquid and a bare strip of flesh carved from a more-intact Tenno corpse. She began by taking the vial and dropping several onto the flesh. The drops sank into the skin and the excess dribbled off the flesh and onto the strips of material covering the tables. Now, the wait began, and she didn't have to wait too long. The flesh began growing. It quickly outgrew the table, contorting and sprouting the characteristic growths. The technician didn't get out of the way quick enough, and was agonizingly absorbed into the growing mass. The added genetic material gave it form, becoming a quadrupedal entity with a lethal array of biologic weapons at its disposal.
Nakarn couldn't have been more happy, the experiment went so well that he began clapping.
Eden couldn't believe it. Nakarn had replaced him. He was of no use to Nakarn anymore. He found himself at the bottom of the garbage chute, next to a pile of strange helmets...

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[Maalkaris, Peregrine and Zel - Side Thread]



The underside mounted doors of the transport slid open with a hiss of pneumatics, blasting Maalkaris with the hot winds of Phobos. As he looked down from his locked position, he saw the Grineer base below him, adorned in the military greens and reds of power, all of them sharing the flat, effective aesthetic of the Grineer engineering corp. His Void shield flickered softly as fast moving particulates in the arid air disintegrated upon it, but this entry was no different than thousands of others he had done on behalf of the Lotus - or the Orokin before her.


As the transport slowed and came to a hover, the connection locks gave with a pop, and quickly, the Nekros descended to the sandy floor below. He only had a moment to right himself, and twisting in the air, he managed to flip around so that he was feet down and landed skillfully, the impact forcing him into a crouch and causing a cloud of sand and dust to rise around him.


Maalkaris rose to a standing position, his body moving with soft, perfect symbiosis with the dark Warframe surrounding it, and looking up, the Raknis-sculpted head watched as the transport flew off back to low orbit. When they were done, their extraction would come back. Turning his head back to the base below the ridge he had touched down on, he could feel the presence of another transport above him. With a dull thump of feet on sand, he sensed the presence of one of his fellow Tenno.


“Maalkaris.” Came the female voice, both a question and a statement of recognition.


The Nekros turned his head to glance back at the Zephyr who had landed behind him. Her name was Peregrine, or so he had been told. He had not worked with the younger Tenno before although her skills with mobility and scouting had come highly recommended. That was why he had extended this particular contract to her.


He nodded an affirmative to her, but the confirmation seemed to only increase her apparent mistrust of the situation. Maalkaris knew he was seen by some other Tenno as an outcast. He was there when the Orokin were slaughtered in a ceremony designed to honor their protectors. What little footage and tales that had survived had described him, although his time in cryosleep had robbed him of the memory. Still, the evidence was irrefutable. Maalkaris had been one of the first Nekros; one of the original betrayers.


Standing there, they both looked like inky blots on the pale yellow and oranges of the Phobos sands. His body was dark and his energy points shone with a sickly, mystical green color. She was also darkly colored, with hints of red mottled into the dark tones of her Warframe. Maalkaris noted that she seemed to speak very little as well, something that hinted at a level of patience and focus. The recommendation had been a good one after all.


“You must have… questions.” Maalkaris stated simply. His voice was like stone grating over stone. It rumbled, echoed in the mind and left a chill like death over the spinal column. It seemed to Peregrine that he was waiting for something however, as he had not moved, and his head turned, observing the situation around him.


“Why me?” Peregrine asked simply.


“A suggestion from someone who owed me a favor.” He responded simply, but darkly.


“And our mission?”


“Sabotage.” He said again, lifting a hand to point at a tall, smog-spewing structure some distance into the middle of the Grineer base. The structure looked like it was some kind of manufacturing plant crossed with a mining facility. The sounds of grinding metal and the flashes of sparks could be seen from its base. “You will need to cover her while we overload the main heat exchanges and detonate the primary core. I will be dealing with another objective.” Maalkaris added flatly, booking no questioning. Peregrine seemed to nod in response, but something he said needed some explanation.


“Her?” she asked.


“Yes,” he responded and looked up at the sky as the sounds of another transport hit their earshot, and moved to their location.




Above them, Zel was prepped for drop. Once the transport doors were opened, she disengaged the locks, landing with a dull thud behind the pair of Tenno already gathered on the ridge. Looking between the two of them, the Ember Prime took a few respectful steps forward and nodded.


“Peregrine. Good to see you.” She stated simply and looked to Maalkaris. “Is that our target?” she asked and with a simple nod, the Nekros confirmed her suspicions. Reaching down, he pulled the Brakk off of his thigh and checked the gun to make sure it was ready for the mission. You could never check your weapons enough it seemed. Other than the hand cannon, the only other weapon on the Nekros was the gauntleted Silva Aegis, stowed and ready for use later. Apparently, the Nekros relied on other skills to complete his mission.


“We begin.” He commanded darkly and moved forward, jumping down the ventilation hatch and into the base below.

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Her guys, have some more back story because im feeling really happy today! note this happened ~15 years ago.


I contemplated how I could get accepted back in to the Tenno ranks. Several ideas flew through my mind like a speeding arrow. One such idea was to turn up to the Tenno recruitment center and ask to be re-accepted in to the ranks. The idea I finally decided on was to inform the Lotus of my request to join and turn up to the Tenno headquaters and see the Lotus as personally I could.


“Aero you expect me to re-induct you into the Tenno ranks just because you asked to be? Your mind is disillusioned to expect me to let you join it once again just by asking.” Said the Lotus.


“Lotus, I came all the way out here into the Void to talk to you and you just shoot me down like that?” I said furiously


“Aero, there is one way for you to join the tenno again. That way is to go to a Ceres dark Sector with only the “BloodSaw” variant of the Dual Zorens. If you survive 10 waves with only that. Then you can rejoin us.”


“Fine” I spat.

“i'll do it.”


After the exchange with the Lotus when I was going through the main hall I noticed 4 shadows detach themselves from the wall and start following me. When the walked into the light they revealed themselves to be 4 identical Loki Warframes. They fell into a X formation around me escorting me to my snub fighter.


Once I reached the Ceres Dark Sector the BloodSaw variant of the Dual Zorens. She admired the craftmanship on them they were razor sharp rubedo-oxium alloy blades. The rarest alloy of them all and instead of the normal Dual Axe style they were using the 3 pronged blade skin. When I was dropped down onto the ground I found the Cryo-pod already there. The rest was a blur of whirling blades, infested squealing, winds flying and death all around me. I was the blade. The blade was me. We we are one entity. We entered the ordeal as two and exited as one.


“LOTUS!” I called.

“i have completed your task you can re-affirm me as a member of the Tenno once more”


“Well done Tenno Aero you have completed it your position,power,platinum and credits have all been given back.”


“You're. You're just gonna give me them back?” I said incredulously “No I cant have it that easily I need more of a challenge.”


“fine then go and sit in a completely silent room for more than 12 hours. No Tenno to date has completed it without going insane. Can you do it?”


“I shall try my best”

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Boredom was a terrible thing, everyone knew this, and it was particularly true when applied to Nova-Quinn. After the rescue missions the only fun she'd had was raiding Alad V's transport ships and even then they were hardly entertainment. Lately NQ had been noticing the colloquially called Dakkacube at the firing range going faster and faster at its bullet speeds. Every day she saw the display it was like something continued to build up more and more in her. She needed to go with it, to feel the beat of the sound inside. There just hadn't been enough destruction lately, even killing hordes of replaceable Grineer grunts wasn't enough to sate her. It had been such a small beat at first, unnoticeable for so long since Nova-Quinn's mind had been invaded by Mirage. A fragment of the psychotic dual pistol artifacts' essences stuck in Scarlet's already fragmented psyche. A need to destroy, to blow things up en masse without any set up. No plans, no pre-ordained ideas to fight. Just obliteration and bullet holes. Behind her helmet Nova-Quinn smiled almost maliciously as the Dakkacube finished its latest testing of the limits of dakka. She left the entrance of the shooting range to gather everything she needed to show up the sentinel. No allowing a Sentinel to outdo an actual Tenno, that'd be just shameful.


Preparations took less than ten minutes at the speed Nova-Quinn was going, going back to the firing range loaded to brimming with high caliber guns and what could only be a sack of ammunition restoration devices. "Da, da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da-dakka." She hummed giddily as she stepped up to the metaphorical plate, setting the firing range to difficulty 10 while the rest of her dojo comrades backed away in sheer terror. A large holographic countdown began at ten as simulacrum enemies of all kinds started popping up on the range. NQ took down the barrier separating her from the false foes and dropped the sack of ammunition restores, she didn't need them now. Not now, not now, soon, so soon but had to wait for it to start. Reaching up as the countdown reached 1, Nova-Quinn pulled off her helmet to reveal her scarlet hair and a manic smile enough to disturb any onlooker. With the computerized 'ding' of the ending countdown she tossed her helmet at a Grineer Lancer simulacrum, quick to draw a pair of Dex Furis and start blasting away. Only the beginning! More! More, more, more! The beat in the Nova's breast demanded an answer, one she was more than happy to give. Whirling around as she began to giggle NQ twisted flexibly, blasting more and more holes in the hard-light constructions that opposed her. Not even ten seconds in and none of them had even been able to pull up their petty fake weapons. Continuing to pull the triggers, the grinning psycho-girl tossed the Dex Furis over her back when they ran out of ammo, the restores not for her startup. "Too easy, c'mon boys." She said, blowing a kiss to an assortment of fake Grineer, Corpus, and Infested.


This time it was a pair of Twin Gremlins requisitioned from Khimera, something he rarely used anyway. Walking forward at an easy pace Nova-Quinn brought them both up and started blowing her targets to bits. If these had been real enemies, no doubt anything left would be just a bloody mass full of bullets. "Heheheh...hahaha..." Giggling audibly enough NQ slid under an Ancient simulation, ripping it in half with her gunfire. Speed up. Tensing inside as the beat began to get too loud to think NQ began to work off pure instinct she sprang up into the face of an unfortunate Corpus Tech, putting her foot on his chest, riding the momentum and bringing him to the floor only to make his head a bloody mess of data bits. Swinging her arms both ways Nova-Quinn fired forward and back as her ammunition ran dry. Shrugging, she tossed the Gremlins and brought out her next set of weapons. Working on up she grabbed a pair of Viper Wraiths requisitioned from some random fellow in the hall, back-flipping and spiralling in the air in a lethal rain of bullets. Not enough, there had to be more! The firing range was trying to cope with the insane output a singular Tenno was providing on so many targets. The system hesitated as the last simulacrum fell before amping up the amount of enemies, throwing in a couple heavy units too. Woops, out of Viper ammo too.


Dashing to her bag, NQ threw a Wormhole straight up and tossed the bag through it, bringing out Crowley's Soma and Khimera's Braton Vandal, starting to just blast away at the Heavy Gunners and Techs and their drone flunkies. When the first clips popped out Nova-Quinn threw the new ones at an oncoming Shockwave Moa, jumping over it and slamming her new clips into place, the bag of ammo restores finally coming out of her Wormhole as if in slow motion, opening to reveal at least a dozen ammo restore devices. beginning to reach the peak of their flight. Grinning wide, part of her crimson hair fell over Nova-Quinn's face as she came down on one knee, filling the Moa behind her with holes and the Scorch before her torn to bits with the Soma fire. Without missing a beat NQ swung the Braton Vandal around, spraying an array of foes before aiming for the heads with the Soma. "Amp it up already!" She cried, sliding around an unfortunately 'alive' enemy, blasting it a few times in the spine and once in the head for good measure. Even as the glistening ammo restores began their descent she was running out of bullets for these guns, repeatedly bludgeoning butchers, prodmen, and chargers as she put in new clips, these guns made to hold a lot of lethal love. It was a dance of destruction, Nova-Quinn whirling around with this excited smile on her face, occasionally giggling or outright laughing as she blew apart the simulated foes. Not done, almost there, time to get to the climax!


Spinning in circles till she got to the center of what was nearly a perfect circle of falling ammo restores, NQ threw the Soma and Braton Vandal with enough force that it knocked down an oncoming Toxic Ancient simulation. Reaching over her shoulders, the expression on the Nova's face had gone from manic to pure destructive insanity. Already she was getting close to the Dakkacube's output, now she was going to blow it out of the water. She drew out not one but TWO Gorgon Wraiths modded for maximum fire-rate and ammunition storage hooked up to an ammo-feed rather than clips. The firing range system was at a loss, switching instead to a number of enemies suited to a group of Tenno rather than one. At this point there was even simulations of Phorid, Captain Vor, and Nef Anyo in the crowd, the latter two further back while Phorid led the charge. This only made Nova-Quinn happier. "ALL OF THE DAKKA!" Laughing madly Nova-Quinn started the windup. The delay was minimal compared to the destruction NQ unleashed, ripping through the minions with more ease than was supposed to be possible. Even was the ammo feeds started to run out NQ just stepped on an ammo restore and got back all her bullets. The Phorid was torn to bits in the first few moments, its hard-light fragments scattering through the air while Nova-Quinn went on to ripping through the meat-shields that protected her next targets. Every so often she would change her footing, dancing from restore to restore, filling up her reserves just before she would run out, the Gorgon Wraiths were going to fast and running so hot their barrels had changed from their metallic gray to a bright orange-white even while she continued. "I'll blow up the GODDAMNED SUN YOU #@*&amp;&#036;@S! AHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!" When her restores finally ran out Nova-Quinn brought up her anti-matter bits, getting rid of foes still too alive and too close to continue her momentum. With those few dealt with she ran at top speed at the remaining simulacrums, smashing through them with her heated Gorgon Wraiths as if they were fiery batons, crushing heads and limbs with precision as thought finally returned and the beat in her breast reached its peak. Faster and faster she whirled even as the weapons barely held up with her abusive usage after being heated far beyond normal limits. Reaching between the Nef Anyo and Vor simulations NQ clothslined them with the rifles in her hands, bringing them to the ground. The range had brought the two leaders backup, not that it mattered. Molecular Prime had all of them glowing and as Nova-Quinn continued to run she went up the wall and flipped again, slamming both Gorgon Wraiths down on the leader simulations, resulting in a chain of crimson explosions that vaporized most of the foes.


Flipping her hair out of her face Nova-Quinn resumed a more normal smile as she happily began to bop out of the combat zone, throwing the Wraiths out behind her getting an unfortunate final Lancer in the gut and head. Out of nowhere the red-headed woman pulled out a pie and dipped her finger in it, licking up what she pulled out. "Mmm, cherries!" She giggled, throwing the pie out into the combat zone as she exited. The system was still on a delay, unable to keep up with all it had to deal with in the past 5 minutes. The pie miraculously managed to land properly upright and slide across the floor just as the simulated lancer fell face-first into its delicious red sweetness. As she was leaving, a black and gold Volt walked in looking confused.


"Did anyone see my Viper Wraiths?" 

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So, a new little piece that happens kinda off on its own. I hope you guys like it, even though it's rather long and not exactly my best work.





The Zephyr ghosted through the jungles of Earth, reveling in the rare breeze that managed to slip through the tangled canopy to stir the uncomfortably still, humid air trapped near the ground. For once, the area she stalked wasn’t a high point. Having successfully finished planting false data on the systems of a nearby Grineer research building, she was taking advantage of the cover provided by a stream bed that ran in a small gorge near an unusual compound that she had decided to investigate before extracting.


Her curiosity had be piqued about the buildings when she’d heard the sounds of cheering, angry yells, whoops of victory, and the occasional booing and jeering of a crowd emanating from within, along with growls, deep barks, howls, and cries of pain that sounded much like the wild Kubrows that called the forests of Earth home. Concealed as she was within the small cut in the land provided by the gorge, the oblivious Grineer had no idea of her presence as she followed the convenient cover of the stream towards the compound; the placing of which was likely no accident, as it was ideally situated to exploit the stream as a water source.


The cacophonous noise grew louder as she approached the buildings and began to notice strange patterns that made her all the more interested. Most strangely, all of the Grineer in the area were distracted, even relaxed, as they sauntered around what became obvious as being an amalgamation of smaller buildings, lean-tos, and other rickety structures slapped together in a hodge-podge manner to form one somewhat large patchwork construction. The soldiers, apparently off duty, carried only scant weaponry if any weaponry at all, and seemed to be talking, laughing, and sometimes arguing amongst themselves in their rough language. The exchange of money and other valuables was also apparent, as was the excited atmosphere.


Curiosity abounding, she abandoned the stream’s scant cover and skirted the installation carefully, keeping to the shadows of the trees as she moved, swiftly and silently. The compound wasn’t overly large, although it was a decent enough size that fifty to a hundred of the clones could mill around in and outside of it. From the way the air currents were stirred into a chaotic soup, it seemed that near to the maximum number of Grineer were there at that moment, making the space cramped and very crowded. It also seemed that recently a futile and dangerous attempt had been made by those using the facilities to expand into more open space in a rather reckless bid to lessen the claustrophobic atmosphere, and smaller, rickety structures had sprung up nearer the trees nearby. Since one such construct was directly within Peregrine’s path, she decided to take a closer look at it before investigating the main structure.


She sensed the existence of what turned out to be a lean-to’s inhabitants long before she actually reached it. The weather-beaten cloth of its over-head covering flapped slightly in what breeze managed to make it down to it, and inside it she could make out the breathing and loud cursing of a female Grineer’s voice, along with some growling, yelping, and loud thwacks that sounded a lot like metal hitting flesh. Despite the still air limiting how well she could “view” her surroundings, it quickly became obvious to the Tenno what the facility she was nearby truly was; a dog fighting ring, and this particular structure housed one of the poor fighting beasts and its master.


With a growl of disgust, the Zephyr unsheathed the Glaive at her right forearm with a soft ring that was inaudible to the Grineer over her own cursing and the sounds of the beating being taken by the poor creature under her whip. As the lash descended, cleaving the shrieking air as it whistled downwards with cruel violence, Peregrine stepped out of the shadows and moved behind the clone. Before the blow could fall, the Tenno grasped the Grineer’s forearm from behind and wrenched it backwards, pulling female’s hand back up and over her shoulder and causing bone and metal augments to snap as the appendage was yanked in directions it was never designed to go. The Grineer screamed in agony and rage, but the sound was quickly cut off as the blade of Peregrine’s Glaive found the soldier’s neck and sliced cleanly through it, ending the cry and the life with one efficient blow.


As the truncated torso crumpled to the ground, the head thudding next to it to bounce once or twice before coming to rest in a spreading pool of blood, a Kubrow stared with suspicion at what had ended its former master’s existence. Its silky hair was matted with blood and filth, and its hackles were raised as a deep rumble built in its chest. It quickly backed itself into a defensive position against the metal and cinderblock wall it was chained to at the back of the lean-to. Peregrine cocked her head to one side but said nothing before stepping over the body of the Grineer and kneeling near the injured creature. It eyed her uncertainly, its lips curling up to reveal long fangs as it let out a vicious snarl.


The Tenno paid it no mind; she knew it was only reacting out of fear and pain. If the creature had truly meant her harm it would have lunged at her at the first given opportunity, and it hadn’t even though the heavy chain it was locked up with left her more than within its reach. She waited in silence for several minutes until the lupine creature relaxed slightly and stopped snarling, reluctantly laying down on the floor. Then, slowly and calmly, she reached in the direction of the heavy padlock that secured the chain around its neck.


“Easy,” she muttered to it in a low voice. As the animal calmed slightly at her gentle tone, she delicately slipped the tip of one blade of her Glaive into the gap between the two ends of the padlock’s shackle and severed it from the solid main body of the lock. When the lock’s pieces fell to the ground with a clatter, she carefully unwrapped the weighty, cumbersome chain from around the creature’s neck, working it gently loose or cutting it free when it proved tangled in matted fur. When she was finally finished she let it rattle to the floor and stepped back.


The Kubrow lay frozen where she had left it and uttered a whimper. Peregrine motioned to the open side of the lean-to with one hand, her hands empty now that her weapon was no longer needed. “Go on,” she cajoled it, and it reluctantly stood up and took a few skittish steps towards the corpse of the Grineer. It nudged the body with its nose and whined, then flopped down in the dirt next to it.


The Tenno sighed, “You pitifully loyal creature.” It stared at her with doleful eyes, obviously unwilling to move, and she shrugged, “Be that way then.”


Without looking back, Peregrine faded back into the shadows of the woods, determined on her course. She’d always known the Grineer were coarse and barbaric, but to stoop so low as to abuse animals with such senseless brutality as she’d just witnessed, and for nothing more than some twisted notion of sport or entertainment, disgusted her deeply. They would all die at her hand for this show of abuse.


The first of the Grineer never saw her coming.


She rocketed forwards into the midst of the gathering of clones within the main compound with all the force of a cyclone, her Soma eating into bodies before her prey could so much as blink. She easily took out a quarter of the forces in seconds, but once the soldiers realized their peril, things started to change. Those enemies that didn’t have weaponry quickly armed themselves and fought back, which would not have been a problem except that some of their weaponry was living.


The Tenno shrieked in rage as several varieties of Kubrow were unleashed upon her, creating a force easily double the size of that of the Grineer present. Many charged her willingly, not knowing how to do anything else, but those few not already driven mad by the horrors inflicted upon them where whipped or beaten until they feared their masters more than they feared her and finally attacked. Some were the bald-faced variety she’d seen running wild in the forests before, but others were obviously genetically modified, sporting thickly armored hides and a brutal temperament. She noticed none with the silky, fine coat like the one she’d rescued, however, but she had no time to ponder the observation.


She easily turned the hail of bullets fired at her indiscriminately by the clones with the wind that she danced with, but the Kubrow were not so lucky. Whether the clones were simply not bothering to avoid hitting the creatures, or her own Turbulence turned the bullets in their direction, as many Kubrow fell to her Glaive’s blades or her own bullets as to the Grineer’s fire. She hated killing the beasts, but did her best to make their deaths as quick and painless as possible since she was given no other option.


She waded slowly through the growing piles of bodies, expending energy at a punishing rate as she kept up an iron wall of Turbulence to turn bullets, took leaps into the sky to gain temporary reprieve from the melee, and otherwise hacked and tore her way through the canids and the few stupidly brave or foolish Grineer who got too close. Her Glaive lashed out again and again, and in the gaps where it flew and was not near her, her Soma sang out instead, but the Grineer were well entrenched and the remaining Kubrow held her at bay, forcing her to keep her distance from the main body of the Grineer forces and where she was at a significant disadvantage. It seemed the clones were intent on wearing her down, and were more than willing to sic the Kubrow on her in droves for as long as it took to ensure her death.


Eyeing her depleting energy and ammunition reserves, Peregrine decided to end the battle quickly; she saw no reason to allow the Grineer to keep breathing for any longer. She asked the wind for one more push into the sky before Dive-Bombing back into the ground and stunning everything nearby. With the momentary lull in the fighting dearly bought, she raised her hands to call up the winds in their most furious and joyful dance, which would spin up vortices that would seize and dismember anything in their path and end the fight with one fell blow.


As she pulled on the last of her warframe’s energy she was momentarily lost in the intense focus of listening to the wind and coaxing it into form. During that brief time, a heavily armored, furred shape knocked her aside, breaking her concentration and throwing her to the ground with a tackle before grasping her arm in powerful jaws. It was a heavy Armored Kubrow, one of the largest she’d ever seen, and it had her forearm locked in a vice-like grip, pinning her to the ground with sheer weight and physical power. She struggled against it, feeling more Kubrow and a few Grineer closing in, and attempted to bring her Glaive to bear against it. However, with too little room to put much power into her swing, and her Soma pinned behind her against her back, her attacks hurt but did not dislodge the creature.


She screamed in defiance, sending blow after blow into the Kubrow which stubbornly refused to let go. After several blows it seemed to finally be weakening and Peregrine was quick to take advantage, feeling that she had at most seconds before more enemies would set upon her. She kneed the creature in the stomach and pulled her free hand up and back as far as she could to strike the animal’s head. Before the blow could land, however, she felt a metal cord wrap around her wrist and pull tight, then yank her arm backward over her head, leaving her throat open to the Kubrow standing over her. Peregrine looked straight into its maw as it released her arm and bore down at her neck. She unable to do more than snarl in response before suddenly something that was no more than an impression of a blur tackled the creature pinning her and it was no longer there.


The Tenno was quick to take advantage of her good fortune, whatever it might have been, and leapt to her feet with enough force to yank the Grineer Scorpion on the other end of the metal cord off of her feet. With a fluid motion, her left arm still bleeding and painful from the armored Kubrow’s bite and her right shoulder burning from being pulled so cruelly, she unslung her Soma and fired into the prone enemy before turning the gun in a wide arc and shredding anything else that had begun to come too close. Angry and unwilling to back down despite her still growing disadvantage, she held down the trigger of the heavily modified automatic rifle, each specially coated bullet passing through enemies and less sturdy cover to hit multiple targets. She grinned in predatory satisfaction as she felt the bullets spin through the air to end the lives of what surrounded her and made what still had the gall to survive scream in pain.


When the clip emptied, she threw her Glaive in a wide arc around her, keeping track of it as it flew by feeling the air it displaced, and reloaded the gun with one of her dwindling supply of extras. When another Kubrow charged her, one of the few still left alive, she raised her weapon to meet it only to find the enemy already pinned to the ground; this time by a slightly smaller, more elegant and refined form of another Kubrow. One with long silky hair now matted and stained with blood and gore as it stood between the Tenno and her enemies.


With a violent shake of its head, the animal, unique among its kind represented in the fight, dispatched its foe with an efficiently broken neck and raised its head to growl viciously at the Grineer arrayed around it. Peregrine felt trajectories change as the clones aimed their weapons at the new threat, and gave them no chance to harm her new ally. The Tenno practically threw her remaining energy into the air around her in a silent plea for assistance. Hearing her, the wind gleefully responded, absorbing the proffered energy and whirling into vortexes that picked up the remaining Grineer and threw them skyward; breaking them upon the ground, buildings, flying debris, and even each other until what had once been a ramshackle settlement full of Grineer soldiers was nothing more than bits of broken scrap and even more broken bodies.


Shaking, exhausted, and completely out of energy, the Tenno paused to focus, taking a moment to ensure that the only things that still breathed around her were herself and the single Kubrow. When she assured herself that that was, indeed, the case, she turned her attention to the creature in question, which had sunk to its haunches not far in front of her and was staring at her with a curious expression. It was panting heavily, covered in blood and other grime, injured, and surrounded by death, but none of that seemed to bother it. Its tongue lolling comically out of one side of its mouth, it seemed more than anything else to be grinning.


Peregrine cocked her head to one side and raised an eyebrow. “Thank you?” she asked it. It barked loudly in response, and although it didn’t really have much of a tail it did it’s best to wag it enthusiastically anyway. She stared at it a few more minutes, unsure in how to handle its sudden change in attitude from the beaten creature that had lay near its dead mistress to this friendly thing, before shrugging and walking away. The Kubrow quite gleefully followed, keeping perfect pace with her at her side. It seemed to have decided that it liked the Tenno far more than its former mistress and had decided to adopt her as its new master.


Peregrine picked up her speed, attempting to lose the creature so it would go its own way, but it stubbornly managed to keep pace. She moved faster and faster, eventually launching herself as best as she could in her injured and exhausted state from object to object, but no matter how she tried to lose it the animal stayed with her. Eventually, she reached her personal shuttle and looked back as the ramp lowered to allow her access.


The Kubrow sat there, panting but still with a lupine grin, watching her. It gave a pitiful whine as she walked up the ramp, and galloped forwards to sit just on the very end of the metal walkway where she wouldn’t be able to retract it without either inviting the creature inside or shooing it away. She sighed.


“I said thank you. Now shoo, I’m not looking after you.” The beast simply tilted its head to one side, listening, and whined again. “Go on,” she made a shooing motion with one hand, which was only answered by the animal laying down on the ramp, its heavy head on his paws and a pleading look in its eyes. The Tenno sighed again. “Fine, come on.”


With a joyful bark, the Kubrow bounded past her and into the small ship to plop down on the metal floor, content. The Zephyr only shook her head as she made her way inside and closed the door of the transport behind her, a hint of a smile ghosting across her lips as she ruffled the animal’s ears, “You pitifully loyal creature.”

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[Maalkaris, Peregrine and Zel - Side Thread]

Through the dark metal ventilation tubes Zel followed Maalkaris and Peregrine, Watching for hand signals but otherwise in total silence. After taking several turns that she knew she could never remember, Peregrine held a hand up, fingers splayed. In an instant they went from cautiously creeping along to a dead stop. Peregrine turned her head, it was slightly cocked to the side, indicating she had heard something. Maalkaris nodded and pointed downwards, toward a vent on the bottom of the tube. Zel wordlessly knelt down and very carefully lifted the metal cap from the vent. Peering through it she noticed two Grineer, a Scorpion and a larger Heavy Gunner. Zel stood and reported to Maalkaris using the silent hand gestures they had been taught.


Maalkaris consulted the schematics he had been given of the compound, hoping they had been worth the price in Tenno life. Seeing they had no more ventilation shaft exits to help mask their entry he gave Zel the slightest of nods, Sentencing the two Grineer to death.



Zel drew two Despair from the racks on her thighs and lay her stomach down on the floor of the shaft. She slowly worked her way through the vent. When she hang by the backs of her knees, two feet above the oblivious Grineer pair, she struck. A hardened blade point drove into the back of the Heavy Gunner's skull, slicing through armored helmet and cloned skull with ease. The Heavy twitched, and as the Scorpion turned to its partner to check the disturbance, she was greeted by the severed Head of the heavy, its neck still smoking from the swish of the red hot despair blade, striking her in the face and driving her to the floor. Before the Scorpion could even register what had happened, that red hot blade had driven itself into her forehead. The metal sizzled and spat, almost angry to be used in such a barbaric fashion.


A slivery purple light flashed across the hallway as Zel flipped down and landed soundlessly on her feet. The other two followed, Maalkaris landing with practiced grace, while Peregrine seemed to float down, making even less sound than Zel. From first strike to death, the action had taken less than 3 seconds. Maalkaris lifted each body upward and stuffed them into the hatch that the Tenno had dropped from. The heated blades of Zel had made sure not a single drop of vile Grineer blood marred the floor.


The trio began to walk slowly down the hallway. After two sets of doors, their way seemed blocked by a heavy blast-proof bulkhead, its panels glowing red.

"Locked.." whispered Maalkaris.

"Got it" answered Peregrine, moving forward and letting her slender fingers walk over the keys, making short work of the low security lock. The door whooshed open, to reveal another scorpion, her hand on the identical panel on the other side of the door. Her face split into a sneer as she lifted her hand and launched her spiked cable directly at Zel's face.

With only a slight grunt, Maalkaris' hand flashed out and caught the spiked end of the cable in mid air. He leaned back and pulled hard, sending the Scorpion flying in the same path her cable took. With another flicker of movement Peregrine drew her Glaive and let its wicked blade dig deep into the Scorpion's flesh. It opened the Grineer up like unzipping a bag of blood and meat, dropping the wretched creature onto the floor to die in a puddle of its own gore, with barely a whimper.


"Thanks.." Zel whispered, taken aback by the sudden viciousness of her two Tenno partners. She had never worked directly with either of them, but had heard it was a very bad idea to get on their bad sides. She now agreed wholeheartedly.


Peregrine slung gore from her Glaive and stowed the weapon. She glanced down at the dying quivers of the Scorpion and uttered a sigh "Thats not going to clean up easy...I think we may have been a bit err...Decisive."

Maalkaris nodded "Just means we have to do this quickly" and strode through the door.


Guys, let me know if i need to do more to get the next part started, this was kind of just a quick thing.

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A/N: Another talkie story from me. Just needed some stress relief from the hellhole that is life at the moment, so this story might be trash. Just let me know if it is. Even though this forum is rated M, I'll just throw a profanity disclaimer for this story. 


EDIT: Did some adjustments to the dialogue for the rather horrific profanity censoring on these forums.



Rakth's eyes opened slowly, and she was greeted yet again by the brushed surface of the roof. She was sleeping in her “room” again. Just like she had been for nearly a week. The man called Aiden was always vigilantly by her side, coaxing her to keep resting. She hated him for being such a nag, even though she knew he meant well. She hated weakness.


Alad and that wh0re had broken her. Made her weak. She would kill them. Nice and slow. She would enjoy watching them bleed.


She was broken out of her reverie when the door to her small, cramped room opened with a soft hiss. Just as she expected, the large form of Aiden walked through, his scarred face showing concern. She let her eyes roam across the room, taking in all the details. Rough, metallic floor. Lots of grip. Walls have no handholds, room itself is too small for sustained combat. Her eyes fell across Aiden, who remained silent, seemingly waiting for her to respond. The concern in those blue eyes had vanished, to be replaced with a look of curiosity. She spotted several weak spots in his lumbering form almost instantly. Neck is still vulnerable. Size of the arms will reduce extreme close quarters effectiveness. Knees still vulnerable. I can kill him easily.


But she wouldn't. She couldn't. Her upper lip raised into a snarl as she tried to figure out why. After all, he had unceremoniously stopped her rampage at the Grineer base. Her squadmates had shown their true colours, and vanished when she lost control. She enjoyed killing those clones, because they helped her wipe the guilt away. The blue eyes of Caretaker were slowly drowning in crimson lifeblood, and she reveled in the sensations of relief.


No, she corrected herself, losing her gaze once again in the blue eyes of the Rhino. He saved me. Caretaker's eyes were boring into her soul when he came and pulled her out of her reverie. Aiden did what she thought was impossible: offer to help her, free her from her curse. His own blue eyes fought off Caretaker's. The man standing in front of her had become her guardian. Her anchor.


I can't kill him, she thought, raising herself gingerly. I won't kill him. He is helping me. She stretched her back, the muscles knotted and sore from constantly lying down. Aiden must have noticed her discomfort. From the few hours she had spent consciously with him, he had learnt to read microexpressions, and she felt like she couldn't hide anything from him. But she wasn't weak.


“No,” she lied, slowly letting her weight rest on her feet and she stood on her own after a long time. Aiden stepped forward to try and support her, but a venomous glare from her stopped him in his tracks.


“Stay away!” she hissed, grunting as her leg muscle ached from even the simplest of movements. “I can handle myself.”


He merely nodded and stood by the door to her room. She couldn't comprehend how he had remained silent for so long. And calm, she thought looking at his hands, held loosely by his sides. Why hadn't he gotten angry yet?


“Confused about something?” he asked her quietly, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.


“None of your concern.”


She slowly managed to walk out of her room, moving towards the restroom. On previous occasions, Aiden had carried her there, despite her constantly streaming insults and profanities at him. It felt good that she had to rely even lesser on that dumb Rhino to get her work done. After making sure that the door was locked behind her, she turned around to see the spartan restroom that they shared. The word minimalist came to mind. All the surfaces were dull here, with diffused white lights near the door. She harrumphed. “F**king unbelievable.”


She walked up to the mirror and looked at herself after what felt like centuries. Dark brown eyes stared back at her from sunken sockets. Her skin was pale, and her dark, matted hair nearly overwhelmed her small features. Feeling her already aching back stretching, she leaned back and brushed the hair away so that she could get a better look at herself. She had so many scars now, each one was a mark of her survival. Of her revenge. Her small lips for once, weren't cracked. Probably because of the almost constant attention from Aiden, she thought bemusedly. Her nose was bent at a slight angle, showing that it was once broken. She had no memory of it, just like her entire past.


Ugly, she concluded. F**king worthless.


She forced herself from punching the mirror, shattering the horrific figure staring back at her. She bent down and washed her face with water, letting the sting of the cold truly rouse her. She looked at her hands. Small, just like her. Scars and scabs littered them just like everywhere else. She wiped her hands on her new clothes, enjoying the softness of the new fabric. She wasn't bothered in the least that Aiden had changed her out of her Warframe. After all, she wasn't exactly desirable anymore. She chuckled darkly. I probably gave him nightmares.




The vivid images of her time on Jupiter came rushing into her mind. She could feel the flesh of her arms sear, the blood trickle down her throat, her heart beating extremely fast. She remembered the smell of her fear, how she had soiled herself in fright. She remembered the cackles of mirth from the faceless men who had broken her.


“DAMNIT!” she screamed, slamming her right fist into the wall near the mirror. She winced as the jarring impact sent shockwaves throughout her body. This only made her even angrier. Before she could land another punch, she heard Aiden shout from outside the room.


“Are you alright? What happened?!”


She gritted her teeth and cursed. Didn't he know when to give up?


“I'm fine,” she said hoarsely, her throat hurting from her previous outburst. She stepped out of the restroom and pushed past Aiden, who decided to follow her. Rakth was about to lash out, but she managed to reign in her aggression. He was just trying to help, she chided herself. Even though he's annoying. She made her way to the front of the ship, which merely took seconds, considering the size of the ship. She felt her legs almost give up and she stumbled, arms failing to get a good grip on the walls. Powerful arms caught her underneath her arm and hoisted her back up to her feet. Aiden lightly lifted her off the ground, to ease the stress on her knees.


I'm so weak. I hate myself.


“Don't push yourself,” he muttered, guiding her to a seat near the front window. She sighed in relief despite herself as the strain from her legs vanished. She glared at him, almost losing herself in the deep orbs peering at her with concern.


“I'm fine,” she growled. He thinks I'm weak. I know it.


“Sure you are. Look,” he said, kneeling so that they both were at the same height. “I know you're really strong, but your injuries aren't going to heal themselves if you keep pushing yourself. The lesser you hurt yourself, the faster you can get away from me.”


The last statement stunned her. “What makes you think that?”


He shrugged. “I assumed so. After all, you don't exactly seem too keen for company. If solitude keeps you happy and comfortable, I'd be more than glad to give you that.”


She scoffed. “You're talking like you know me. F**king stupid.”


He nodded. “I do.” He sat cross-legged besides her seat, now looking at the floor of the ship. “You might not like it, but to me, you're an open book. You can't hide much from me.”


She glared at him, fists clenched. “Lies! All bullsh*t lies! What do you know about me, huh? You don't know a SINGLE THING!” The last sentence transitioned into a scream, and yet Aiden looked impassive.


“You're probably right. You're secretive, but your body doesn't lie. I've seen your scars. I can assume what happened to you.”


“And?” she growled, seething. Pity. That's what he feels for me.


“I'm proud and amazed,” he said simply, stunning her once again. When she didn't speak up again, he continued.


“I can only imagine the hell you've been through. If it were me in your place, I would have given up long ago. Hell, even if I survived, I'd have gone completely mad, and Lily would be forced to take me down. To be able to live through that and come out like you have is unbelievable to me.”


“I'm not as strong as you, which is why I'm amazed. And I'm proud because I now have a friend who is a true survivor.”




“I'm not your friend, dumbass,” she interjected.


He shrugged. “To me, you are.” He sighed. “If only we had met earlier. I'd have been able to rescue you from those monsters.”


She chuckled. “You don't need to be concerned. Besides, your head might explode from all the overconfidence.”


It was hist turn to chuckle. “Its not overconfidence. I'd go to the edge of the universe to help my friends. You just don't know me enough.”


She stayed quiet, processing what he just said. Proud...and amazed? Friend? Help? Was he being serious?


No...he can't be.


“What am I to you anyways?”




“I'm broken. Used goods. Why even bother trying to help me?”


His face had a pained expression. “I can't put a finger on it. But I feel a...connection towards you. A need to help you and keep you safe. I guess you can say that I feel it necessary for me to keep you happy.”


She laughed sarcastically. “Are you even being serious right now? Keep me happy? This bullsh*t is priceless.”


His face was still calm. “I am.”


She sneered. “Are you so stupid that you're infatuated with me? I guess you're even more of a dumbass than I thought.”


He frowned slightly. “No. Nothing of that sort?”


“Why? You have someone else?”


“I...yes. I have someone else.”


She crossed her arms, enjoying his discomfort. “Well then, where is she?”


He was silent for nearly a minute, absently scratching his beard. “She's dead. Mind if we talk about something else?”


“Why? Feeling uncomfortable?”


He finally looked at her. She felt her chest tighten at the look he was giving her. It wasn't one of anger but one of...




He got up and gave her a hand in getting up. “I need to show you something. So follow me.”


Silent, she followed the large man to the back of the ship. As they stepped through the door, she was greeted by a constant hissing sound. Four tanks were spread across the narrow room, three of which were empty. The fourth on the other hand was filled with a green fluid, and there was something inside it. She couldn't see what it was because of the large amount of bubbles inside the tank. She noticed the several dozen pipes and tubes that ran through the floor.


An assembly system? She wondered. But what could you assemble inside those tanks?


Almost as though he had read her mind, Aiden spoke up again. “This is a bio-engineering system. And in that tank,” he said, pointing towards the bubbling tank, “is your gift.”


She crossed her arms, leaning against the wall of the room to ease the pain in her legs. “And what exactly is it.”


Aiden simply gave her the same look as before. “Your pet kubrow.” He lightly brushed past her as he tried to squeeze out of the narrow room. Rakth merely stared at the tank, the bubbling contents still evaded her eyes. She felt the familiar tug of anger pulsing through her veins. I didn't ask for a stupid dog. I didn't ask for it whatsoever.


That's why its called a gift, her other half told her.


Doesn't matter, I'll kill it once its made. I don't want another weakling as a companion.


She raised her voice, hoping to intimidate the Rhino. “I didn't ask for a kubrow, so just do both of us a favour and flush the damn thing out.”


She turned around to glare at the man, but she was surprised to see that Aiden was already gone.


Where did he go off to?


F*** him, who cares?


She grumbled obscenities to herself as she slowly made her way back to her room, resting quite often by leaning against a wall. She was panting by the time she managed to get into her bed, beads of sweat marring her scarred face. For a split second, an undesirable thought ran across her mind.


Aiden would have carried me back.


She scoffed to herself. I'm not weak. I can take care of myself.


She closed her eyes, shutting herself from the world around her. I guess I'll try to get some sleep. Recover faster so that I can kill both that dog and that dumbass faster.


Just as the last dregs of consciousness faded away, she smiled inwardly.


Connection towards me...f**king bullsh*t.


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-mutters- "I need to work on writing more often......."


The snub steered into range of Aequitas sensors, while Aktos was deep in thought at how easily he found his sister. His thoughts were soon interrupted by a message.

“You are in Aequitas airspace, please identify yourselves.”

“I am Tenno Aktos, member of Aequitas. I have a wounded Tenno onboard and she needs medical attention.”

After a few seconds, Aktos was clear to go.

“Ok, you check out alright. Go ahead.”

Aktos then docked the snub at the hangar and hurried off the snub, carrying Eeva in his arms. He spotted a Trinity in a nurses outfit enjoying a beverage. He hated to bother her but the bandages he placed on Eeva’s wound was starting to feel drip blood.

“Excuse me! Can you get her to the medical bay please? She needs rather urgent attention.”

The Trinity eyed the dark red bandage on Eeva’s leg, she nodded and took her from Aktos’s arms. After that was done,Aktos jogged down to him and Vulcana’s shared room. The door hissed open and he walked in.


“Who’s that?”

“It’s me, Aktos.”

Aktos was then knocked over as Vulcana tackled him to the ground in a hug. He found it hard to breathe because she was squeezing his chest rather tightly.


“What? Oh! Sorry!”

She let him go and Aktos gasped for air, when he recovered, Vulcana smacked him. Which hurt a lot more than it should have.

“Where have you been? I was worried sick! You were gone for almost 2 weeks, you know that?”

“Huh.” Time must flow differently in those places

“Did you at least find who you were looking for?”

“Yes I did! She’s my sister, her name is Eeva. She’s currently receiving medical treatment at the med bay.”

“Well then, melee training to pass the time?”

“I don’t see why not.”


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