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[Ic] Of Ash And Fire V2.0 - Roleplaying Thread


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Empty....similar to a MOA unit, the depth of space, or the contents of a grineer's skull. All used by some individuals to talk about the Tenno calling them hallowed husks, empty shells, monsters, armor, ghosts, myths, and countless other insults. Unlike the dreams that woke the Valkyr from her sleep, her throat struggled to produce a scream that never came sitting upright and holding her head as the memories continued their assault. Her face was soon wet with tears, Why am I alive, why am I here, she dug her face into her pillow sobbing quietly another sleepless night.


The Valkyr exited her room in her defaced Warframe, as much as she disliked it she couldn't change to another, her neural interfaces so worn by Corpus experimentation that she couldn't wear another. She began towards the armory to get her weapons picking up her Vasto. She checked over the weapon when another Tenno entered the room she bowed her head and quickly made her exit walking to the hangers. The walls of the station were simple yet elegant, silent as the Valkyr walked through them her hand gliding along the smooth wall. She reached her ship keying the access ramp and climbing inside before igniting the engines and leaving the dojo.


She flew to a nearby abandoned research station as per her assignment, a simple scan of the innards not authorized by lotus, a freelance mission. Her ship landed in the hanger bay oddly left ajar, then again it was abandoned. Killing the engines she disembarked grabbing the scanner from the cockpit before doing so, be a shame to get to where she needed it and to have left it. Her claws clicked on the steel floor of the research station as she walked through the silent halls scanner in one hand Vasto in the other.


The door hissed and cracked open as she approached but got jammed halfway, the Valkyr moved forward forcing her way through. It sealed after her leg slipped through, her lips twisted as she tried to pry it open again to no avail. A gurgle from behind her caused the Valkyr’s spine to chill turning she was met with the distorted face of a leaper, the mouth splitting wide as it let out a screech, spittle splattering onto her visor. The Valkyr would have let out a shriek if she could but instead pushed the Vasto into the creature’s maw and fired goop exploding from the back of its head.


It fell to the floor but the cries and shrieks of many others soon filled the Valkyr’s ears, she turned punching the door it didn’t budge. I’ll have to go deeper in and try to find a way out. She turned to face the infested halls swallowing the lump in her throat. Her feet inched out from beneath her as she started down the nearest hall, ‘the others would mock me relentlessly if they saw this’. The Valkyr’s radar image of the previous room was quickly flooded and it looked like the blips were headed straight for her, when she broke into a full on sprint firing blindly behind her.


A horde of Chargers were nipping at her heels when she turned into an open door with just enough time to slam on the emergency seal switch. The door quickly closed the sound of the chargers slamming into the wall resounding into the room which oddly enough looked clear of infestation. Suddenly a charger burst through the air vent landing on the floor with a squeal the Valkyr fired into it until her weapon rang out dryly. She was out of ammo had no backup and had failed her mission of scanning the ship, though it was apparent now what had happened to the station.


She walked over to the console where an old corpus trench coat hung on the chair that was pushed up to the panel. The Valkyr punched the console causing sparks to sputter everywhere, as her eyes became clouded with tears, the lights going out as the infested tried to tear their way through the walls disrupting the electronics. She felt truly alone, empty aside from the pain that she’d been left to live with after the corpus experiments. She turned and slid down to the ground, knocking the coat from the chair, holding her face in her hands, I’m a terrible excuse for a Tenno. The door was denting as the infested pounded at the barrier.


The Valkyr’s tear filled eyes moved to look at the door, her throat tightened at the sight of what could only be explained as a hallucination. A beautiful young woman in Orokin robes, it was her before all of this. The vision was replaced with another of a Saryn fighting off a horde of infested as civilians escaped into escape pods, again a vision of herself. What has happened to me…I’ve changed so much...if only because I lost my voice and my old life?


Her eyes moved down to the trench coat reaching out to grab the clothing, blinking back the tears she slipped her arms through the sleeves before pushing herself up, I won’t let this change me from who I was. The vision had changed to that of when she first awoke again in this new time fighting just to protect a sleeping Tenno against unreasonable odds. Her fists tightened as another dent was warped into the door, sliding the Vasto onto her hip the Valkyr steeled herself.


This is not the day I die, this is the day that Alexia Velen is reborn. The doors burst open cracking from the pressure and the Valkyr’s eyes burned brightly no longer empty of feeling, but filled with hope and anger. Her fists were ablaze as she tore through the horde roaring a silent battle cry she was alive once again, with nothing but her fists and a will to live and fight.



Hope you all Enjoyed Alexia's little story, that's three of the Four, what will be next, who knows not even me. Half of the time I'm too tired to comprehend logic when i come up with the ideas for these characters but they feel pretty good once I've cleaned the writing up a bit.


As always feedback is welcome on the ooc thread and I'd love to hear what you guys think so that I can improve my writing further.


Kazu the Silent

Beatrice the Lonely

Alexia the Empty

???? the ???? (who knows I'll probably just write about the next word I find interesting haha)

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And here, have something from dear Kristina's view. Opportunity to do a little character building in the space until the siege kicks off.

(I'm gonna say this now, I did find this one a bit harder to string together, and I don't feel it to be amongst my finest moments)


The lower warden tapped her access codes into the door panel swiftly, whilst two of her seniors, clad in status patterned armour, hauled a cluster of barely breathing ‘workers’ forward.


Hsssss… Thud. Thud thump. Hsss clunk.


Kristina groaned as she came back to her senses, a dull throb spreading through her worn body. Beside her, several other semi-conscious prisoners were beginning to drag themselves from the floor, whilst others already in the cell came over to help them up. Once again, her shift had been relentlessly worked to the bone, and then whipped on further to point of collapse. But they weren’t allowed to falter, no. As fatigue and stress took their toll, people started to slip up, doze off or even nearly faint. And the Foremen would often leap at the opportunity. They always did.

    Like hyenas, they would pounce over those who began to fail, ‘spurring them on to work harder’ they called it. Shouting to get up as they walked over, seamlessly flowing into lashings from whips or low sweeps of their armoured boots. Ten people, herself included, had been dragged from the cell for tonight’s shift. Three came back, barely alive and conscious.


Her cellmates didn’t even need to ask where they went. They all knew. Those who passed away at their machines were hauled away, fed into the furnaces to fuel the very machines that killed them. They were the lucky ones. Moving on quickly, softly.

   Those with strength though, a will to survive, they had a whole other ordeal. If the shift’s chief was one of the ‘nice’ few, they might get away with a whipping, before being dragged back to cells. A ‘merciful’ warden might opt to perform a quick, clean execution. Then they had the good officers, the honour gifted wardens.

   Psychopaths. Bloodthirsty interrogators. Professional torturers. Clones who made names for themselves out of mental defects manifested as a talent for cruelty. Those who were dragged off by them… only rumours. From quiet whispers of crude & corrupt experimentations, genetic tampering & prototype weapons testing, to the fear laced murmurs of violent questioning for information or simply visceral torture for the sake of torment.


They had one of those head wardens tonight. One who had become infamous throughout the cells, and seemed to make even his own men shy away in fear. No-one knew his real ‘name’, but a nickname had developed in its place. Warden ‘split-helm’. Creative, no. But fitting, with his trophies. A pair of cracked & splintered Tenno helms, a Rhino & an Ash. Rumour was the first he earned fighting elsewhere, before his present post. The Ash however, all knew about. He had snuck his way in, on a joint spy-sabotage-rescue operation as one in a duo. After a short fight since breaching the cell block, his head had been shattered open, shards of white bone amidst a growing pool of red and grey matter. Half the cell block had watched the fight… and shivered at the near hysterical laughter coming from their captor.


Kristina & the two others to come back were lifted and steadied by their cellmates, gently eased over and onto the bare metal bunks that posed as beds. As they checked them over for more threatening injuries, she couldn’t help but grimace further at their situation. Just eight of them in the large cell. Eight. Time had become blurred by now, but what felt like a week ago, there had been twenty in here from a range of places. Some were simple civilians or quiet Tenno sympathisers, dragged terrified from their homes. Many of them were either in or associated with The Red Veil, Captured and imprisoned whilst trying to uproot the Grineer footholds. Kristina fitted that group, but had something that their captors could never learn of. She wasn’t just another human rebel, she had been, and still was, Tenno.


Much was still unclear to her, some form of cryo-sleep aftereffect. She did remember being found frameless & half frozen by Red veil operatives, Human resistance fighters, from whom she quickly learnt of the systems current ongoing war and shifting power balance. After introductions & explanations had taken place, they promised to try and re-unite her with fellow Tenno, and she offered to lend her aid until that time. Even without her Trinity, being Tenno meant she already had some physical & psychological advantages over her new friends, and they found her medical expertise invaluable as the Grineer began retaliating.


 That had been maybe a month ago. Then, on route to deliver information and Kristina to a Tenno team, they had been intercepted, captured & effectively enslaved.


Now it was a matter of time, of trying to last as long as possible. Either some kind of Tenno led rescue or a suicidal escape attempt would occur, or they would fade away down here, nothing more than mere cattle to degrading clone lords.


We are no simple fodder…was the thought that dominated her mind as it slipped into an uncomfortable slumber.

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This is a snippet to begin what will be the long death of Crowley sequence. For the first few snippets I do not require/expect anyone to post a reply, but there will be an obvious point (Or I'll point it out myself) when others will be encouraged to join in. For now, stay tuned.




Tired...so very tired...and the pain. The throbbing pain in joints, in the spine, on the skin beneath the 'frame. Crowley could feel the haze in his mind clouding thought, the smallest voices beginning to pierce the veil from time to time, calling him elsewhere, begging him to do things...strange things. There was no removing the Raknis helmet now, he could not allow others to see the extent of which his Technocyte had become corrupted and affected him. Stumbling a bit as he moved down the hall, the ice blue Nekros clutched at his head. "Ungh...it's still too soon...too little time..." He mumbled to himself as he stood upright, keeping up appearances as other Tenno passed, waving idly at them with his one arm at his back to remain completely upright. So painful...the metallic plates were stabbing through even his resilience to agony. Had Tenno truly once been completely immune to the pain of Technocyte metal transfigurations? It did not feel so...perhaps the corruption had caused this symptom. When he reached his room Crowley locked himself in and sat at his terminal with a laborious sigh. "Lotus...I know you're there." Crowley spoke in a hoarse voice, his eyes tiredly looking at the hologram that appeared showing the Lotus in full figure. "Lotus...milady...I cannot stay here."


"You must, the Council cannot touch you there, they would not dare send the Crusaders to such a large and well-known Clan." Lotus implored, her image motioning as if she were truly on video. Maybe she really was. "Crowley, I beg of you please let me help. There must be som-"


"No!" Slamming his hands on the table holding his terminal, under his helmet the Nekros grimaced in agony. "No more running from my demise...I...I can't take it anymore. The voices...the memories...my burden...I need to let them go, Lotus. I need to let them all go."


There was a short silence as the image of the Lotus became downtrodden, Crowley could swear he heard a sob across the line. "You are the last man I wanted to see die so soon after the Tenno's return."


A wry smile came to the Tenno's lips as he heard himself called a man. "Ha...hahahah...a man? You imply I was human once...maybe millenia ago..." Sighing tiredly Crowley got up and turned away. "You know as well as I, the danger I now pose to our precious Tenno, to my fellows. Dearest Lotus..." Crowley would have been crying a little, had he the ability to shed tears anymore. His current condition prevented that. "...I will leave Ein everything...files, locations...everything they need to find me...just...do what you can to stall the Crusaders."


The image nodded, bringing a hand over it's mouth, the Lotus' voice slightly muffled. "I will do all I can...they KNOW you're suffering somehow. They will take your life and the lunar scythe...go beyond their reach, to the last gate in the ruin of dreams." The way she spoke...it implied the line was tapped.


Swearing, Crowley shut down the communications link, scowling beneath his Raknis helmet. "Bastards think you can crusade me...think you can steal an honorable death from me? I...I won't let you take everything from my friends...my only family left..." Looking to his door, the Nekros' eyes widened as he saw another Nekros there, translucent and flickering like one of his phantoms.


Helmetless, this phantom seemed to pass through the door without aid. When Crowley rushed over to open it, the phantom was down the hall, standing there and waiting. It could not be...that person had been gone for far too long. They should have submerged in the sea of souls long ago. Following swiftly and discretely as to not attract attention, Crowley managed to be two steps behind the hallucination, no one else able to view the helmetless Nekros. It wasn't long until the old Tenno found himself in the ship bay, staring at his ship.


"I must leave Einherjar with the files...the location..." Crowley stared longing up at the reflective phantom before it vanished completely. Moving into his vessel Crowley found the Terminal and locked off his signal from all detection, beginning to form the encrypted files. He knew who he wanted to come, who had to be there for what was to happen. Khimera would decrypt the files, he would be able to find out the location, but there had to be others. Canis, of course, and Nova-Quinn...Scarlet. She deserved to be there, as painful as it would be. Zel...yes she would be necessary. Her raw power was necessary. Einherjar of course...Quinn would be in too much danger, he didn't need to be there...but who could stop him if he wanted to go? Others...there were others but the haze of pain was too much, he could not finish all the files here as he moved them to Ein's systems as the artificial Tenno 'slept'. Dreams...dreams were the key to everything now.




As he slept, Einherjar received files wirelessly, but somewhere else his regular systems found something from deeper within...from a fragment of his soul. A dream...a diary?




____________Datalog 01

Dear Datalog...or is it Diary?


I'm not sure how this works. ____ I just got this specialized information receptor today from my friend, who shall remain nameless because If anyone finds this I don't want him ridiculed for being friends with me. ___ I guess I talk about me? My day? What happens? ___ It's hard...being a Tenno candidate with Asperger's Syndrome. That's what it's called, acute, I think. Mental illnesses can't be cured, and I don't talk normal except when I type. That's what I'm told, but I talk normal normally right? My friend says I do. ___ My friend doesn't care what's wrong with me, he says nothing's wrong, that we'll reach the top together. ___ I hope he's right. ___ I hear the bonding is painful...I hope he's there for mine...I don't like to hurt. Even though all we Tenno can do is 'hurt' I guess...we're going to do something useful, help give lost people proper rights. The dead? Yeah...they call the lost people dead. My friend and I can see them though. ____________ Enough for now, I hope this works out.





___Datalog End


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This is my first post here, please let me know if I broke any of the rules of the RP etc as well as how I did!

The Liset swooped in for a landing on Phobos. Blake stood ready for the jump to the surface with his kubrow. Petting it on its head, he smiled. "Ready to go, girl?" He asked, loading some extra weapons and gear onto the kubrow. Letting out a happy, appreciative growl, the kubrow stood still as the gear was placed on her back. "Drop in 10 seconds." Said the Liset's onboard artificial intelligence. Blake took a deep breath as the doors opened for the drop. Letting gravity do the work for him, he fell through the open door and landed on the desert floor with the kubrow following closely behind.

A cursory glance around revealed to Blake that he landed in a spot clear of enemies. Sighing in relief that the A.I autopilot didn’t drop him into a hot spot this time, he reached into his brown leather duster for the Lex Prime pistol on his hip. The Lex Prime extended into its ready-to-fire form from its retracted, holstered form with an audible metallic noise as his fingers wrapped around the grip. "Lets go get our friend out of here." Said the Tenno clad in a Loki Prime Warframe and a brown leather duster, walking towards his objective with the kubrow bounding around him in joy. Spotting a lone Grineer Arid Lancer standing guard at a doorway, Blake had the kubrow stay hidden whilst he got into position to kill the Lancer. Spinning the Lex around and holding it by the frame and slide, his intent to bludgeon the unsuspecting guard to death was clear. Holding a small pebble in his hand, he tossed it to the front of him to use as a means to lure the Lancer to his position.

Hearing the thrown pebble, the Lancer tensed up and growled out in the rough Grineer tongue. "Who's there? Friend or foe?" Slowly approaching the source of the disturbance, the Lancer got increasingly nervous, the unsteady steps on his feet giving much of his emotions away. Although he was born weeks ago and managed to survive various engagements against the Corpus and Infested, he had never faced a Tenno before. His fear mounted steadily as he approached and was finally justified when he saw a blur before experiencing a blanketing numbness in his body as he blacked out for the first and last time in his life.

Stepping over the dead Lancer, Blake twirled his Lex Prime around and was ready to shoot again. Beckoning for his kubrow, it bounded to him and wagged its tail. "Ok girl, I need you to listen to me." He said, the kubrow cocking its head attentively. "I want you to stay behind me and out of trouble unless I call for you. Can you do that for me?” Satisfied with the kubrow’s nods, he approached the door that the Lancer was guarding with the Lex Prime ready. "Alright, here we go!" Blake muttered before activating his invisibility. Hitting the door’s open switch, he pointed it through in case there were any Grineer beyond the door. Gingerly walking through, he pressed himself against a nearby wall when he heard voices speaking in the Grineer language. Peeping past the corner whilst invisible, he saw a Grineer Arid Hellion talking with a Heavy Gunner. “So what are you going to do when your shift’s over?” asked the Heavy Gunner, cradling her Gorgon in her arms. “Not sure, probably will hit the barracks, really really tired right now.” said the Hellion. “Lucky you, I still have to check in with the Sergeant later.” “Good luck with that, I heard he’s in a bad mood today.”

Glancing at his ability timer, Blake saw that the invisibility field around him was about to decay. “Well, might as well kill the two of them and keep going without invisibility until I have enough energy to use it again.” he thought as he jumped out of cover while the invisibility field dissipated. Firing whilst still in the air, he hit his mark dead centre, dropping the two Grineer soldiers with a perfect headshot each, the radioactive and viral septic polonium rounds that he loaded his gun with punching through their armour and making a mess of the grey matter behind the skull. Unfortunately, the shots alerted the nearby Grineer to his presence. “Damn, well no time to gloat, gotta keep moving!” he thought as he kept running. A group of 5 Arid Lancers and Troopers took position in front of him and started peppering him with bullets. The shots smashed into his shields, draining it of its power as it tried to maintain its integrity. Sliding on the ground to reduce the area that they could hit, he fired a single shot for each of them, managing to kill all of them. As he recovered from the slide, a shot rang out behind him and impacted against his shield, causing it to fail completely from the force involved. A single Ballista was hiding behind a crate at the door and fired at him, managing to take down his shields. Thankfully for Blake, he was able to get a bead on her position and managed to kill her while he dived for cover. Reloading his empty pistol, he whistled for the kubrow to keep up. His shields charged as he broke cover, protecting him from the incoming shots whilst he shot at the Grineer with unerring accuracy. Glancing at the objective map again, he found himself to be approximately a hundred metres away from the prison where his target was to be found. “Hang in there.” he thought as his Lex Prime continued to belch flames and buck in his hand. “Just hang in there, I’m on my way to break you out!”

Reaching the prison complex without so much as a single scratch on him, Blake reloaded his Lex Prime in preparation to breach through the door. “As soon as the doors are unlocked, I’m pretty sure that those prison wardens will try to kill her, have to do things quickly and quietly.” he thought, reaching into his duster and drawing a single Fang Prime dagger. Getting into a stance appropriate for some CQC, he unlocked the prison door and immediately activated his invisibility field. Running as fast as he could, he took down a total of 3 wardens with clean backstabs through the spinal columns. However, his invisibility field gave out before he could get behind the last one and he spooked her, causing her to activate the prisoner execution command from the console right next to her. With a disgruntled growl, Blake emptied his Lex Prime into the wardens head but it was to no avail, she was still standing. “Well damn, I guess that’s it…” he thought as he tried to reload and fire another shot before the warden could kill him with her Vulkar.

Out of the blue, his kubrow leaped at the warden and finished her off, biting through the armor and tearing out her jugular vein. “Good girl!” shouted Blake as he made for the cell block unlocking console. Hacking it as quickly as he could knowing that he didn’t have much time before the execution occurs, sweat began to form on his brow. When the door opened, he bolted through and hacked the first door he saw. The timer on his helmet ticked down bit by bit as the cells he had opened ended up being false leads until he reached the last occupied cell.

In th last 5 seconds before the execution order started, he managed to open the cell and pulled the Ember Prime that was inside the cell out as the lightning emitters activated in the cell. Holding the Ember Prime in his embrace, he breathed a sigh of relief. “Made it just in time!” he panted, finally allowing himself to breathe. “What took you so long?” asked the Ember Prime with a slightly playful tone. “Have they done anything to you, Ralere?” asked Blake. “Oh calm down Blake, I’m fine. Though I don’t want to stay here any longer than I have to. Signal for the ship to come so we can get out of here.” said Ralere, taking the two Sicarus Primes on the Kubrow. “Way ahead of you. Let’s blow this joint.” said Blake, leading the way with his Lex Prime.

The two of them tore through the disorganised Grineer with flames and bullets until they were in a clearing before reaching the extraction point. A Grineer bombard was standing in the way with a squad of Arid Hellions in the air with their cluster launchers ready. “You’re not leaving this prison!” shouted the Bombard. “Hellions! Fire!” Pushing Ralere into cover and sending a decoy out, Blake managed to divert the damage away completely. Releasing a radial energy pulse, he caused the weapons of the remaining Grineer troops to overload, rendering them useless and forcing them to revert to melee combat. “We’ll be leaving now.” said Blake, mocking the Grineer as he and Ralere sprinted past them while they were still stunned, his kubrow bounding happily behind them. The Liset’s door opened and in the blink of an eye, the 2 Tenno and their kubrow were whisked away.

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A glass filled with golden liquid sat on the table, an eager hand reaching towards it, an eager arm raising it and an eager mouth drinking from it. The liquid disappeared in only a few seconds and soon the hydroid ordered another. The glass was refilled and then emptied once more, followed by an annoyed grunt. ''Stupid water frame, ruining booze.'' the hydroid muttered as the bartender refilled the glass once more. The glass was again emptied, and another annoyed grunt followed. Kris hadn't had a decent drink since entering the hydroid, and the frame seemed intent on keeping that pleasure from him as every drink he drank felt watered down and tasteless. Now more than ever he wanted to drink, and now more than ever his drink didn't have the desired effect. Annoyed, he ordered the strongest drink the bar had, hoping it would have some effect, or at least more of an effect than the beer he had already drunk an inhuman amount of.


He had a reason to drink as well, hoping the alcohol would mend his vision and remove the hallucinations that had started mere days before. Everywhere he looked he saw a coral formation, or some sort of an underwater plant. People blew bubbles when they spoke and small fish could be seen swimming around. Of course this hadn't started so severe. It had started out as things in the corners of his eyes that disappeared when he looked at them, but when he had turned his head after these things had plagued him for a couple of days, one of the things stayed. A small red coral, and then another one had started growing near that one. Then he had started catching glimpses of the bubbles, and now they were always there when people spoke. The fishes were the most recent addition, having started that very same days.

The bartender returned, holding a glass half-full, or half-empty if you were pessimistic, of a clear, almost glowing, green liquid. The drinks allure was strong, and resistance was futile, so Kris grasped the glass and raised it to his lips. The smell was enough to convince him that the drink was strong, and so he almost emptied the drink, placing the glass back on the table, only a miniscule amount left. The drink gave the most delactable burn as it went down, followed by a feeling of mirth and enjoyment. The drink, however, still felt watered down and he suspected that this was not the full effect of the drink as he finished the small amount left in his glass and called the bartender over.


Several hours passed and just as Kris finally entered a state of drunkeness, he was cut off. ''No more drinks for you.'' The bartender had said. ''You have already drunk enough to make an entire table of Rhinos pass out.'' Kris didn't really care about the amount of booze he had drunk, but knowing reason, he ordered a glass of water. He still stayed in the bar, watching young Tenno come in and have fun as the evening crept upon the Station, chatted with several experienced ones and swapping stories and making fun of the newly awoken ones who were there to drink their nervousness away. The hallucinations had at most subsided, only a single coral remaining on the jukebox. His hours spent in the bar passed quickly, and soon he was no longer there, instead he was in the training room with a few of the experienced Tenno he had met in the bar, competing in archery with a Paris and dueling until the morning dawned upon the large city floating in space.

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What do you want? KUBROWS!

We cant hear you! KUUUUBROOOWSSS!

When Cyanide was released she heard about something called a "Kubrow" she decided to make one for Aero as an apology for putting her in the med-bay, little did she know Aero was also doing the same thing for her.

When Aero found out about the "Shelter for Kubrows" she set about trying to find or modify a normal Kubrow into a toxic Kubrow for Cyanide. So she set about making the plans, adjusting the modifications to the foundry, filling up the sacks and sadly even with all the effort put into it, all attempts failed and ended in a puddle of acidic goo, she finally settled on making it look poisonous. When she finished it ended up looking like it had clumps of poisonous spore-sacs all over but that ended up making it to slow so she scrapped the modifications altogether. She ended up with a dark blue Kubrow who was very nice around Tenno but tore apart Grineer like there was no tomorrow.

When Cyanide got to her Liset she set about making the plan of how to try and make a Kubrow winged. When all attempts at making harnesses, wings fused to the skin failed to make it flying. Then she set about finding more lighter weight materials although disappointingly all of her attempts at making wings failed and ended up with short stubby things. Failing at making wings she resorted to trying to make it be able to keep up with a Zephyr 'frame. She made it able to reach a Zephyr within ~5 seconds but it was to small, frail and unable to take more than one shot anywhere so she scrapped the modifications. Aero ended up with a nice white Kubrow.

Several days had passed since they had been released. They organised a meeting to give each other thier apologies. On that day when Cyanide arrived to find Aero starting to sit down with a Kubrow next to her she thought all of her effort was in vain. She had gone through all this trouble of making her one to find out that she already had one. A similar thing went on inside Aeros head, even though she stood up and walked over to Cyanide and asked her if she wanted the Kubrow.

"Wait you made that for me?"

"Yes what is wrong?"

"Well I made this Kubrow for you."

Their eyes lit up in the fact that they each got a Kubrow. They thanked each other profusely over and over again, after the thanking they went their separate ways. But they knew that they would meet again sometime.

"Hey wait up Aero, I forgot to give you this" Cyanide says as she produces a pair of stubby decorative wings from her satchel.

"these wouldn't create enough lift to lift a Kubrow but. They look cool so I'm liking it! I also made this for you but i decided not to" Aero said as she rummaged around inside her satchel. After ten or so seconds Aero produced two vials of Sarin connected to a central pump which would squirt out the Sarin contained inside.

"Wait a sec that isn't Sarin that is just sulphuric acid. Who told you it was Sarin?" Cyanide asked accusingly.

"Well I tried to make it my self but it would seem I found a recipe for sulphuric acid instead" replied Aero

"Well don't be down you made grade A sulphuric acid"

"I did?!?!"

"Yes you did."

"Well I actually have an appointment with the doc to make sure I can go out and kick some &#!. Oh and don't forget to press the button in the middle" said Aero as she hurried off.

Intrigued by what Aero said she pressed the button and a harness for her Kubrow fell out attached to the spitter. Cyanide found that the harness fitted perfectly on to the Kubrow. Cyanide decided to call her Kubrow "Sulphur". She called it Sulphur because of the sulphuric acid she came with.

Aero looked over the winged harness that Cyanide gave her for her Kubrow. It fitted perfectly.

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The station had a small number of bars & establishments scattering its commercial & residential sectors, each slightly different aesthetically but all warm, welcoming environments, ready to help relax the nerves with intoxication or just provide a comfortable place to share a drink.

  The blue & white clad swordsman casually stalked into one such friendly bar, multi-shaded eyes scanning the room until they latched onto the familiar yellow Trinity who had invited him to talk. She had set herself down at a small corner table, ringed by fine leather couches, backs to the wall. To the side of her chosen space sat one of two open hearths set into the walls, orange flames quietly crackling away. They weren’t needed for their warmth or light, plenty enough available from the stations own systems, but the gentle glow they cast over the bar gave it a homely feeling, like an old tavern from a bygone age, serving weary with travellers and romantic bards.


Spotting him entering, she gave a small, quick wave of her hand to catch his attention. She wore no helm, revealing her golden blonde locks and allowing them to flow slightly with her movement, whilst a pair of serious, yet calm & gentle emerald eyes were set into her soft, caring face. On the table in front of her sat a small pair of fine, crystal like glasses, and on the couch to her side rested a rather large and suspicious case. Making his way over from the doors, Nyght took notice of a young looking Loki Prime, smoothly saunter his way over to the obviously attractive Trinity, full of confidence with an apparent intent to woo her.

  As the Loki set about beginning his ‘routine’ of pick-up lines, Nyght casually continued his way over, coming to a stop across the table from the attempting seducer and now smirking blonde.


“If you don’t mind pal, this seat’s occu…” began the burgundy Loki prime, to be cut short with a chilling, knife sharp glare emanating from two icy cold blue & aqua eyes. He froze up, gulping slightly before practically turning 180 and heading back to the bar-side & group he had originated from, nothing more than a quick ‘Never mind’ leaving his lips.


“So, Amy. To what do I owe the pleasure” Started Nyght as he turned to his friend with a gentle smirk. Amy on the other hand, was stuck between amazement and amusement, unsure whether to gawp at how easily the latest ‘suitor’ had been deterred or let loose the dam of laughter it had generated. Steadily, she broke from her entrancement, sliding one of the crystalline glasses, filled with coppery coloured liquor, his way.


“That’s the third guy to try hitting on me tonight. The last one came down to insulting his manhood and ego. And yet you just looked at him. No physical effort, no insults or blows. Just… how?”


“Erm… maybe I really am as scary as those initiates supposedly find me. So much for camp rumours. Anyway, you said you needed to meet up?” Calmly replied before he took a sip from his small glass, a fiery sensation tingling his throat.


“Hmmm? Oh, yes. I was, or am, taking a short leave from the outpost. Visiting a friend, they recently got hospitalised, figured I should come check on them, especially if it’s as bad as I’ve been told.” She took a short pause to sip from her own glass of crimson red wine.

“Seeing as I was already coming to the station, and you were also here, the guys asked me to drop some stuff off.”




“Yeah, some pieces they’ve dug up. Ones which they reckon you may want to look at or keep yourself or bits that they simply can’t figure out or find another appropriate place for.”


Amy slid the heavy box round the corner of the sofa towards Nyght, who gently undid the clasps and withdrew the case’s lid. His eyes widened at the unexpected contents.

  Within this adequately suspicious case, cushioned by foam and padding, sat the body of a Wyrm. A Wyrm Prime at that. Barring the paint-less body and obvious external wear, it seemed largely intact and possibly functional. A handwritten note taped into the corner gained his attention.


Master Nyght,


            As you can see, we found some… new things, stashed away in deeper and tighter vaults throughout the wreckage. A lot of it has already been sent off to various areas; cataloguing, research projects, foundries for repairs or straight into the stores and armouries of Aequitas if functional enough.


         That said, this one is likely out of reach for the specialties here, and a bit special. I know guns, and my brother knows ships. Not sentinels. And this one looks like it isn’t just a simple bot too. A brief look with our cyber-technician says it has some sort of advanced or prototype AI. What I can say is physically, it seems fine, in need of no more than a tune up from the right people, and a splash of paint. Comes with a perfectly good ‘Sweeper’ too, should gel well with your close range preferences.


     We figured you could find someone on that sprawling station over there that may have better luck. Or maybe one the people you are working with knows someone or something, given a few of them have sentinels. Hopefully you’ll find someone who can actually decipher the ‘brain’ side of it too.


     In addition, we found a handful of rather spiffy Orokin tassels. Reckoned they’ll go well with your swords.


  Weaponsmith Zarris


Closing the case up and re-fastening it, he turned back to his colleague. “Wow… give the guys on the outpost my regards when you head back… this a nice find.”


“I know right.” The trinity gave a triumphant smirk. “Not every day you dig up a couple of prime sentinels and some matching jewellery. So, how’ve you been doing?”


“Hard to say really. More of my memory is coming back, trickling in as fragments and shards here and there. Largely in my dreams too. But at the same time that’s being a burden.”


“How so? I figured remembering who you are and everything was what you had been trying to do.”


“It was. It led to me finding the wreck site, digging up all those pods and relics. Meditating for hours with my talisman. But it’s also bringing pain now. Restless nights. Nightmares.”


Nyght turned his gaze down into the glass in hand, darkening mood and expression reflecting back off the remaining amber liquid. Meanwhile Amy watched as this mighty, indomitable master of melee combat, proud, courageous and honourable, seemed to be laid low by an internal struggle. A friend pulled down by something he didn’t know how to deal with.


“I’ll tell you what we’ll do, okay. I need to go and see my friend in the medical sector, check on him and do what I can to help, But I’ll be around for a couple of days even then.

You… you go see if you can get that little dragon back to life, ask around some of your comrades or such. In addition, why not see if any of them can maybe help you with this other… issue that’s arising. Then, later on when we’re both free, how about we have a talk, okay. I am a doctor after all.”


Nyght’s expression seemed to lighten at that, whether at the offer of support or the provision of a distraction, it was hard to tell. Downing the last of his glass and hefting the crate over-shoulder, he made to leave.


“Sounds good. See you later on. And thanks.”

I did classy British wolf magic.

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Another snippet, short but something to keep people entertained.





Crowley had only compiled the first of many files by the time his ship's systems fully booted, the first of many Ein would receive. No, he couldn't go to Vis just yet, he would get tracked too easily. The Crusaders would find Vis and raid it and all would end too soon. Planets...back and forth to places where he could send the files from that even Ein would not understand the pattern until he had all the pieces. Special decryptions...yes...yes Einherjar would need Khimera to decipher the files. Khimera would end up gathering the others as the files became more important, that would work. It was a rough method, but Crowley felt his mind too clouded to think of any other way right now.


"Leave...I must leave..." He growled, literally feeling the technocyte encroaching further along his body, corrupting his flesh. It hurt, almost too much to work the ship's piloting systems. The first stop was somewhere even the Council would hesitate to send the Crusaders to right away: Phobos. "What is a man, milady, but a miserable pile of secrets?" Crowley hissed to himself, a sadistic smile on his lips. There was no reason he couldn't destroy a few ships on the way. On the run as he was, his restrictions on the Lunar Scythe were no more.




Ein's dream persisted, a dream that was not a dream, so close to information and yet...it was not. Images flashed in his mind as he continued to slumber, masking the file Crowley was sending to him perfectly. Yet this could not be Crowley's doing, from so far away even with Lunasos Crowley could not manipulate a soul still in a living host to induce dream.






Dear Diary,


I like diary better, it's old-fashioned but datalog is too weird on the tongue.____Today my friend and I obtained our Warframes.______So painful...it still hurts...it hurts.___hurts______hurts_hur___rt_______________________I read that...something must be wrong with me more than the others think.___My friend said it's natural to be this way at first, but how does he know?___He's all I have to trust now.____I'm alone in my own barracks.__Training starts tomorrow___scared____have to trust him. I...I can't leave the Warframe anymore. All the training and practice before...it's terrifying realizing...that we're like this forever now. Bodily functions work fine...but it's more like we're less human now than before. I____voices______lost____I'll be their home.








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A Shadow moved unnoticed in the halls of a corpus vessel, surveying all around him before carefully choosing to move on.


Well, not really. It sounds a lot better than a “slightly damaged” Loki stalking through the corridors of the vessel. I'd likely get slapped clear out of my Warframe if The Lotus had any corporeal limbs. What's left of the Warframe at any rate. A Phorid manifestation on Mars clawed my right horn clean off of my helmet several solar months back. My ship's foundry systems managed to repair most of the damage, but my radar has never functioned the same. I've managed without it, for the most part. It makes progress slower than I'd like, but any Tenno that prefers solo operations quickly learns the value of patience.


I slowed my light jog down to a slow slink, and brought my Vectis to bear as I neared the door at the end of the hallway. I snapped quickly to cover as the door opened of its own volition, two crewman stepped through. I debated on shooting them both from my position, but my Warframe's ammo manufacturing systems have been on the fritz since I took three fully charged Lanka blasts to the back (crawling away from that. The Lotus was noticeably frustrated at my desire to remain disconnected with my fellow Tenno after that severe injury a few months back. But I ignored her demands and continued to make due with what little resources I had available.)


The Vectis went back onto its mag point (took only one try to get it to stay this time!) and I drew out my Ether Dagger, my Orthos Prime isn't really suited to tight spaces. I sat and waited in the shadows I took refuge in for my latest prey. Yes, I know, I could slip into invisibility and catch my foes unawares. It wouldn't be wise, energy efficiency has also taken a hit when I was ambushed by that corpus sniper. I instead quietly cut a piece of scrap metal off of the wall I was next to. I tossed the piece and quickly sprung out of cover once it made contact with the far wall. The two crewman now had their backs towards me, Deras trained on a threat that wasn’t there. My dagger found its mark at the base of the helmet on the closest crewman, straight from the back of the neck to the front. I spun, counter-clockwise, to remove the dagger from the neck of the first target, and to give me momentum to drive it through the spine of the second before he could react.


With two more crewmen dead at my feet the counter on my helmet's HUD read that only 40 targets remained on the ship. 40 crewmen is a really manageable number compared to 108. I took a deep breath in as I drew out both of my Lato Pistols. My mission timer read at 2 full hours and counting. I think I've spent enough time here, time to opt speed over stealth.





15 dead corpus crewmen later, I found myself face-to-face with another life threatening disaster. Dead Crewman number 54 (who was alive at this very moment) was a Corpus Tech. Normally, they aren’t too hard to deal with once you can get around their Supra. But This one had an EMP module on his person, entering the room he was in emptied my energy and shield reserves. His quick reaction time and excellent aiming, nearly emptied my body of its life. Under sweltering Supra fire I quickly dove (okay... I not-at-all-gracefully FELL into) cover while I waited for a pause in his shooting. Intelligently he used his suppressing fire to get him to the alarm panel. He didn't stop firing at all when he got to the panel, and even aimed at me every time I tried to peek out from cover.


A brief paused arrived when my enemy reloaded his massive plasma repeater. I used this moment to lay down some suppressive fire of my own using my twin pistols, getting further into the room and stopping at a pillar. He continued his onslaught, and I took the time to take in my surroundings. In front of me lay a window, covering the ceiling and the entirety of the way before me. It was the only thing keeping this room safe from the harshness of space...


I took a deep breath and hoped his aim wasn’t as good as mine. I feigned out of cover on one side of the pillar, letting one leg hang clear out of cover, and sprang to the other side. I dove through the air with my arms outstretched, my head tracking my target's boots. I unloaded both pistols in their respective directions, and I found both of my marks. Through the Tech's shielding and into his mag boots, and through the window's shielding and into space. The impromptu plan worked, and had gone horribly right.


As my enemy spiraled out of the quickly decompressing room, I had realized that my own mag boots weren’t functioning as intended. I quickly released both pistols so I could grab the edge of the window before I was sucked out of the vessel. Away flew my Latos, they each took a small part of my heart with them. A Tenno's weapons are extensions of themselves, as are their Warframes. Two parts of me that had helped me through some very tough times left me in that moment. I snapped out of my revere and began to slowly drag myself back into the room, and crawled to the nearest control panel to initiate re-pressurization. It took the better part of 15 minutes for me to crawl my way to the panel and get the room sealed.


I allowed some time for myself to recuperate, then I searched a few nearby crates for any corpus power-cores (or anything at all I could drain energy from). Satisfied with what I found, I moved to the alarm console and began to uncover another horrifying revelation.


I couldn't hack the alarm systems. My Warframe's cryptographic sequencers no longer functioned. Libraries of Corpus and Grineer algorithms, security vulnerabilities, and most used codes where all corrupted.


Perhaps, it is time to seek out fellow Tenno again. I’m beginning to think I can no longer continue without any assistance. Its been roughly 9 months since I was forced to Earth by the lotus.


I sighed, removed my rifle from my back, and moved to silence the 24 remaining targets on this ship.






A few corridors down I noticed there where no patrols any more, I think the last of the corpus decided to group up to deal with me. Sucks to be them, it really simplifies the maiming processes when my enemy groups up nice and close. I doubled my pace and charged onward, rifle in hand.


In short time I entered a large cargo room, random containers had been stacked to give the remaining crewmen impromptu cover. I smirked in my helmet, all within optimal range. I primed my left energy emitter and prepared to relieve the room of its weapons, energy gathered I swept the room clockwise. I locked onto, cloaked, and then teleported each and every weapon I could find in my enemy's hands. Halfway through my Radial disarm, however, my left gauntlet sparked and shorted out my energy reserves.


With roughly 11 crewmen armed with their backup Provas, the remaining forces all made threatening gestures and yelled insults and commands at me. I caught “Surrender” and “Betrayer” thrown around several times.


I... complied. I had no energy, my only ranged weapon now was a sniper rifle, and what little armor plating was intact on my Warframe could not stand up to (what appeared to be) 7 Deras, 6 flux rifles, and a Supra. I let the Vectis fall to the ground, and I raised my hands and desperately tried to conceive a plan that would not involve me getting shipped to Jupiter. The Prova-wielding crewmen all slowly encircled me, Dera's moved into positions behind them. The Flux-rifles and supra remained above, guns trained on me but well out of cover. All I had now was an Ether Dagger, and the Orthos Prime that remained collapsed on my back. I turned my thoughts inward, reflecting on old lessons. I would need everyone ounce of discipline and skill to survive this.




I thought back to a time when I was still in cryo rehabilitation. Some Tenno still have the skill and knowledge to immediately jump into the fray after being pulled out of the pod, some Tenno also have a fortunate benefit to being INSIDE of a Warframe when they are placed into cryo. I wasn't in either group.


I had instructors come and go, each shared with me knowledge, and I half focused or cared depending on the subject matter, or the attractiveness of my fellow Tenno in the class. There was one that stood out, one I actually cared to gain the approval of, and his words echoed in me head ever since. I could never recall his name, I just knew he was Old, Very Old, and bore a Nekros in battle.


Why do you draw your weapon?” He asked us during Kata. Each student in the class was nearly a certified master with his or her chosen melee weapon and style. I liked this master, his piercing questions gave me a “Reason” to my actions. Each answer seemed to bring with it added clarity for why Tenno fight.


When do you draw your blades?” He asked a Saryn as she danced about with her dual heatswords. I took the time to think deeply on my own answer as I moved through each movement of Shimmering Blight, my preferred stance for my Orthos. It accented the deceptive qualities of my Loki Warframe nicely, letting me leap in and out of combat, and dodge while scything my way through enemies. I was eager to see its effectiveness again on the battlefield.


Why do you draw your sword?” He asked a Volt as he effortlessly pivoted with his Gram, cleaving to and fro at enemies only present in his mind.


When do you draw your staff?” He had asked me. The answer had changed slightly since that day. But the core meaning never did.


When it was time to become an instrument of Balance.




Still I kept my eyes closed as the crewmen surrounding me barked commands at one another to ensure I did not escape their clutches.

When do I draw my Orthos Prime?

When I'm angry, having been overpowered and outmaneuvered by my enemy.

When I have used Radial Disarm, and I want to watch the room feebly attempt to engage a Tenno in melee combat.


I opened my eyes, three crewmen approached on either side of me, two of them bore a flux-rifle and where each flanked with two Prova-wielding crewmen.


Why do I draw my Orthos Prime?

To write a statement by painting the Galleon red with Clone-Blood, when it is time to leave the enemy utterly broken and defeated, laying in pools of blood larger that what their bodies could possibly hold.

When I need to send a Message to a certain misguided idiot, that the little thing he calls his Hate pales in comparison to an Orthos Prime.


The two groups stood a scant 3 meters away from me and slowly continued to close the distance


When do I draw my Orthos Prime?

For when the Bell Tolls and it is time to assume the mantle of the reaper, while at the same time my enemies learn that while profit numbs the feeling, it can not numb the fear.

When my staff leaves my back, its a declaration to anything living thing that stands before me:

That I am Tenno, the embodiment of Justice made flesh, and we will see order return to the system.

One enemy at a time.


When the crewmen stepped within a meter and a half of me I flipped up and to my right, in midair I grabbed my staff and extended it, cleaving into the Flux-rifle-wielding corpus with my landing. Before a single exclamation was uttered I whipped the staff into a left-handed spiral, bisecting another crewman as he began to cry out in alarm. As my enemies began to retaliate I flipped backwards into the second group, spinning my staff as I was midair to take the head of the remaining corpus. Dera fire began to pepper the area in short, controlled burst as the other crewmen began to look for a firing line.


But I didn't give them one, with every group I cut and leapt into, I left one survivor, dazed from an impact with the shaft or flat of the blade. Each gave me a chaotic piece of cover as I danced about the room, parting heads, limbs, organs, and implants from their owners. Realizing I was using his men as living shields, the Tech opened fire with his Supra, killing his own men in an attempt to bring me down. Flux-rifle beams began to converge with him, and what remained of my defenses began to falter. I speared another crewman and left him impaled, using him as mobile cover. I discarded my shield after a few moments and began to parry the plasma bolts and beams as best I could while dancing towards my fallen sniper rifle.


I rolled towards my rifle, my staff in my left hand, and recovered out of the roll with my rifle in my hand, braced one-handed on the same shoulder. With practiced technique, I slowed my breath, my heart, and put a round right through the Tech's visor before he could readjust his aim to hit me. I dropped my rifle (I cant reload a breach-action one handed) and sprang up the nearest pillar to reach the second level where the remaining crewmen decided to stay.


Picture perfect staff form carried me through 4 of the remaining corpus with little issue, as I slashed downwards through another, and spun sideways above his falling corpse, the last crewman brought his flux-rifle to bear, and seared a hole straight through the calf of my trailing leg before my blade found its mark through my enemy's shoulder.


I hit the ground roughly the same time my enemy's body did, and let out a pained sigh of relief as my HUD read that 0 enemy combatants remained on the ship. With effort, I used my staff to hoist me to my feet, and slowly limped my way towards my rifle. What was left of my Warframe's auto repair function thankfully sealed the hole, by my calf still sang of pain, and no weight could be placed on the leg without the Warframe's assistance.


I slowly made my way to extraction, my snub fighter carrying me back into my ship. I put some distance between me and mars, and then contacted The Lotus... after gathering my breath to sound like I didn't have any issues with the mission.


This is Operative Rachim, all targets have been exterminated per your orders Lotus” Yep, I am a model of perfect health. Amazing, even she will believe that.


Tenno...”, she... genuinely looked concerned. To be honest, that worried me more than her being angry at my stubbornness. “When will you be ready for your next mission?”


Actually, Lotus, I have a Request. Do you recall roughly 9 months ago you tasked me with infiltrating a Grineer facility on Earth?” her expression shifted to her usual mute neutral-ness “What where the names of the Tenno you had me work with”


For a moment, she said nothing. “Tenno Acantha was the Nova, and Tenno Peregrine was the Zephyr that accompanied you on the top of the facility. The former is a member of the Clan Aequitas”


I considered what I was about to ask for a moment. I looked at my reflection in the cockpit glass. Each flaw, every scratch, cut, and gouge in my armor that I haven’t been able to repair. I took out my Orthos Prime, and traced my way around four names I engraved into the center of the staff.

James, Mike, Chris, Chandra.

Four Tenno that became my family after I awoke from Cryo.

Four Tenno who fell to the Void.

I’m a fool to think I could do this fight alone, even more of one if I thought my isolation honored my fallen breatheren.


Lotus, please contact them on my behalf, I wish to request assistance for my current predicament. And...” I took a deep breath and swallowed what was left of my pride, and my... issues “And please send a message to their clan leader, or leaders, letting them or him know that I offer my Blade and Skills to their cause.


The Lotus gave me a soft faint smile, and seemed to be relieved. “I will send your message, Tenno. Would you like the coordinates to their Dojo?”


I thought on that for a moment before responding. “Ill head towards their Void point, but I dont wish to drop in uninvited. Besides, I don't have their Clan Key, I wouldn't be able to enter, let alone see their station.”


The Lotus nodded, and cut the communication.


I set my ship to slowly make its way towards the new coordinates, while I steeled myself to meet the first clan I'll ever see after I lost my last one.


You know, its been so long since I've been out of Frame, I’m not sure if I remember how to do it. To think, I’m not sure what Tenno even look like outside of their Warframes. Its been quite some time indeed since I have been among my people.


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This is a tad rough as this is one of the few times lately that I've written something in one sitting and posted it immediately, but I hope it's alright anyhow! Enjoy guys.





Acantha was on her way back from a typical mission when she noticed the small personal Tenno ship, otherwise called a Snub or Lisette, hovering just outside of the entrance to Aequitas Dojo’s airspace. Curious, she’d called up a magnified image of the vessel and checked for any identifying marks or visible damage, of which there seemed to be none. Concerned that the vessel might be stranded, she hailed it and was surprised when a very disheveled looking Loki’s image appeared on-screen.


“This is Tenno Acantha of Clan Aequitas. Do you need assistance?” Having been relaxing backwards in her seat, helmet off, during her return trip to the dojo, she knew she probably didn’t look her best. Her brown hair, just past shoulder length, was a mess, and even her warframe’s typically pristine white and black exterior was grimy with the dirt of recent battle. However, this Loki looked far worse. Even with his helmet covering his face and his warframe concealing the rest of him, the fact that he was in some kind of distress was obvious. His helmet alone was missing one horn entirely and signs of heavy wear and damage covered most, if not all, of the other visible parts of the dirt caked frame to the point of obscuring most colors or designs that might otherwise help to distinguish the Tenno. She furrowed her eyebrows a little as she studied him, her green eyes searching for something recognizable, thinking that despite it all he looked familiar, but the damage to his warframe made him hard to recognize.


He seemed to have to dig the words up from a long way before he finally spoke, “Good to see you again Acantha, this is Tenno Rachim. I’m waiting for clearance to access Aequitas dojo.”


Acantha’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. She remembered Rachim. He was a talented Loki and excellent fighter but was the definition of a loner, much like she had been before she’d joined the clan. “Rachim?” she gave him a highly concerned glance before urgently beginning to input commands into her Snub's computer, “Stand-by for just a minute, clearance should come through momentarily.” A message in text sent to the Dojo, marked as urgently as she had clearance to give, she muted the communication and swiveled her chair. Then she poked her Djinn Sentinel Qarin, who was powered down and linked to the ship’s systems to back-up his memory and begin to do self-repairs, awake.


Slowly, the self-aware machine-Infested hybrid stirred and hovered into the air, “Yes, Mistress?”


“Keep in contact with Aequitas for me; we have to to get them ready for a guest that needs urgent assistance. Clearance for him to land should arrive by the time we come within sensor range of the dojo, but I’d like the Foundry and Medical Bay on standby if at all possible.” While she could have arranged it all herself, one glance at the Loki who was still on-screen screamed at her to make haste, and Qarin could make the arrangements far more quickly than she could.


“Notifications have been sent and everything has been expedited.” The Djinn seemed to shake himself slightly and then his optics focused on the image of the Loki. Synced as he was to the systems of the ship, it took him no effort at all to unmute the call between Acantha’s ship and Rachim’s. “Tenno Rachim, emergency protocols have been deemed appropriate and therefore landing clearance is a mere formality now that you are being escorted. If you would be so kind as to follow me…”


Acantha felt the thrusters of the small ship fire and it rapidly began to pick up speed as it headed into the Clan Dojo’s airspace, Acantha’s Clan Key opening the way for them to enter. The Loki looked almost as if he wanted to say something, but he had little time to react as his ship fell into line with hers. Within minutes the two small vessels came to land in the large hangar within the installation. By the time Rachim limped to the open door at the top of the ramp of his Lisette she was already hastening to his side. He seemed to be having trouble putting weight on one leg, so she put one of his arms across her shoulders and took some of his weight as they maneuvered down the ramp and into the Dojo proper.


“I’ll get you to the Medical Bay first, then you can explain.” She told him as she walked him down the expansive hallways.

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Revenant snarled in derision at the corpus mob he has just brutalized "Tch... nothing but mass produced scum" He gripped his Kamas tighter before turning and walking away, deeper into the Corpus factory, leaving a trail of blood and body parts behind him. However... Nothing about this mission was going to be normal... This mission was going to test him, stretch him and possibly even break him further...


(yeaup, have a teaser :D)

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Writing something short and humourous while I figured out what to do with Blake and Ralere. A kind of everyday, slice of life sort of thing.


The Liset sped away from Phobos with the Grineer firing upon it ineffectually. Setting the autopilot on a course for the Station, Blake plopped down on his chair near the front viewing port. The kubrow got up on her hindlegs and tried to get on his lap. "Stop it girl, you're too big for my lap now!" laughed Blake, stroking through the soft, shaggy hair on the kubrow's head.

"So you still haven't decided to name her?" asked Ralere as she sat down next to him on the co-pilot's seat. "She's been with you for so long and you still haven't given her a name."

"Didn't think I needed to." said Blake, shrugging while he continued to pet his kubrow as she licked his hand affectionately.

"I think you should. After all, it's the least you can do for her after all that she's done to help you." said Ralere, placing her pair of Sicarus Primes on the control console.

"You're right I guess." said Blake, rubbing his chin in thought. "How about... Winona?"

"Hey, she's your kubrow, not mine. Go ask her if you want a second opinion." said Ralere, kicking back and relaxing on the chair.

"How about it girl? Do you like the name Winona?" asked Blake, pinching his kubrow's cheeks gently while she gave a happy bark. "Then Winona it is!"

"So how far are we from the Station?" asked Ralere, staring into space through the viewing window.

"About an hour out. Just relax. We're basically untouchable in the Liset." said Blake, leading Winona to her corner to check if she's hurt and letting her take a nap. "Winona's going to take a nap, why don't you do that too? Not like there's anything else for you to do."

"Fine, I need some rest anyway. If there's anything, just wake me up." said Ralere, shutting the flames off from her helmet and taking it off before she reclined back on the chair to sleep.

"Will do." mumbled Blake as he read his messages out loud from the lower deck. "Not satisfying her? Try Gro+, growth guaranteed... product by Bek Enterprises... I hate Corpus spam mail, it's enough to do the deed and Ralere likes it as far as I can tell so screw you you money grubbing plebs."

Deleting that particularly distasteful message, he came upon a much better, voiced commercial. "Having problems with your old helmets looking wrong with your newly discovered sparkling Prime frame? Let Cosmetic Enhancement Corporation handle it for you. We'll convert your Tenno-crafted helmets into looking something the Orokin themselves would have been proud to wear! Remember this name: Cosmetic Enhancement Corporation, the last word in cosmetic conversions! A subsidiary of Darvo Venture Enterprises."

Watching the commercial, he took the Arcane Swindle helmet that he used to wear before he found his Prime Frame and looked over its scratches. "I think I'll give Cosmetic Enhancement Corporation a call. I do miss the range enhancement this helmet provided. Let's see what they need..." he thought, reading the fine print. "So I'll need to take a picture of myself and send it before I send my helmet to give them an idea as to how to change it's looks to fit as well as a price quote... I can do that. Prices are on a case-by-case basis... I'll just have to work harder."

Taking a picture with a scanner, he sent it over to the company along with a picture of his helmet, asking for a quote. Receiving an almost immediate response, Blake's eyes boggled at the price quote they sent back. "50 standard units of platinum? That's... that's a bargain! I'm definitely sending it over. Hell maybe the others would love this service too. I'll have to tell them about this when I get to the Station!"

Reading the message they sent back after he transfered the 50 units of platinum over, he took a detour in the Liset and docked with a Corpus craft with Darvo's IFF signature on it. Amazingly, in the time between Blake sending the platinum over and him reaching the craft, the micro foundry of the craft made an improved Orokin version of his Arcane Swindle helmet and it looked like it belonged on his new Prime frame thanks to Orokin manufacturing techniques and materials found in the Void. Deciding that he'd help Darvo this time, he asked for a holographic business card for the company so that he could recommend it to his fellow Tenno. Gleefully complying with his request, the salesman handed Blake a nicely watermarked holo-card and told him to call them any time if he needed their services again, giving him a discount. Surprised by their generosity, Blake just simply nodded and left the craft with his new Swindle helmet under his arm. Boarding the Liset again and setting the course for the Station, he checked himself in a holographic mirror display, admiring the handiwork of the newly Primed Swindle helmet after putting it on while the ship headed to the Station post haste. "Blake, you are one handsome Loki now..." he said to himself, posing in the mirror with his Lex Prime. "I'd do me... I'd do me hard... Ooooh, I'd better let Ralere take a look at this!"

"Ralere! Sweetie! You gotta look at this!" said Blake excitedly, nudging her gently to wake her up.

"W-what? What is it?" she asked, blinking in surprise.

"What do you think? Do I look great or what?" asked Blake, showing her his new Primed Swindle helmet.

"How much was it?" asked Ralere, yawning.

"50 units of platinum, Darvo does some good work I tell you. He's improved the Swindle's reach!"


"I dunno, space magic? I have no idea how he managed to do it but it's great!"

Ralere's expression changed. "This is serious Blake, if he has access to Orokin technology, we might have a problem with him..." she said with a dark expression on her face.

"Ah... damn it. There's always something... We'll discuss it at the Station I guess. Speaking of which, we're nearly there. Just need to clear with docking control." said Blake, taking off his helmet and rubbing the back of his head as the Liset began its approach.

Edit: if there's anything that's deemed non-canon, let me know and I'll change it.

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Wounded pt 2


I was likely severely injured, having taken a good number of plasma bolts to an unshielded torso. I also still had a hole in my left calf, and stars know what else is wrong with my body since my Warframe hasn’t been able to heal me with 100% efficiency (I'm going to be generous and say my Loki-Frame has been giving me a solid 65% for several months now). And yet, as my landing clearance was expedited, I unceremoniously stared at the communications window at the helmet-less Nova. I wondered for a moment if Chandra had looked as... well, I'm not sure if there is a word to describe what she (that's..., that's the word they used to describe the opposite... gender, was it?) looked like.


Its been nearly two decades since I was last out of Frame, roughly the same amount of time since I've seen another Tenno out of Frame as well. How am I suppose to act? Are there any customs I have to follow? It feels like I have known only an eternity of war. And to be honest, I’m not entirely sure how to get out of my Loki, but it was likely doing its best to keep me alive at the moment. Besides, I’m betting there is a good chance that with its damage it would have to be...


...removed from me. My heart sank lower at this thought, first my very first sidearms go, then the Warframe I was issued from before the fall, a second generation Warframe, would need to be destroyed piece-meal to ensure I survive the situation my stubbornness precipitated.


A light on my console turned green, I absentmindedly transferred control of the ship to whatever Aequitas used for automated docking. I took my Vectis, Orthos Prime, and Ether dagger off it their respective racks and attempted to connect each to a mag point over the course of several minutes. In the end, I opted to carry my rifle, it was sturdy and would serve as a way for me to walk on my own.


I took a look at the interior of my Ship. Four other seiza spots were caked with dust, several additional modules where not functioning due to lack of use and maintenance. Paint and rust was prevalent everywhere, well from what I could see... not all of the lights functioned anymore. I looked again at my reflection in the cockpit window, my family's ship looked about the same condition on the inside as my frame looked now.


A small shudder reverberated through the ship, bringing me down to a knee. I used my rifle to stand myself up and made my way towards the exit hatch. I started to open the hatch and noticed messages and communication requests on my HUD, likely Acantha and more of her clanmates asking if I needed help to get out of my ship. Heh, I’m not THAT wounded that I couldn't walk to the medical facilities on my own!


The hatch opened and wow, this hanger-bay floor is interesting. Dojo architecture always fascinated me, I was saddened when my old family and I could never get the resources to craft one of ourselves.


Wait, why am I on the floor? How did I get down here, and why where there loud footsteps approaching?


I didn't think I was cause for commotion. Clearly, as always, I’m a model of perfect health.

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Projectile Cutlery

It had been two weeks since Aiden had rescued Rakth from the Grineer base, and she had spent the entirety of the first week sleeping. The second one was spent locked up in her “room”, only coming out to relieve herself and eat whatever Aiden managed to throw together with their meager rations and his subpar cooking skills. Tear an enemy in two, he could do, but flavour meat and vegetables to make them edible, he couldn't. Not by a long shot.


He grabbed a bowl of vegetables and made his way to her room. From tomorrow, they began training, and he wanted to ensure that she was prepared for it, both mentally and physically. The vegetables were the best he could come up with, considering what they had in their supplies, and considering that she barely ate anything, he needed to stay by her and ensure that she finished. He stood in front of her door for a moment, unsure of what to say. In the end, he decided to simply knock and wait.


“What do you want?” he heard her shout from inside. Just like her.


“I brought you some food,” he said, trying to keep his sentences equally short. He was treading on uncharted territory. Rakth was...unstable. He knew that. But he also knew that she was a survivor. And she needed help.


“Leave it by the door,” came her curt reply, carrying the sting of weakness he knew too well. After that night, he was left in the same state. I'll be damned before someone else feels the same way.


“Nope. I plan to share the meal with you,” he said in what was hopefully a neutral voice and walked in. He was forced to duck as a object came hurtling towards his face. He looked up in surprise after whatever it was smashed against the wall behind him with a dull thud.


“What the hell was that?”


He was met with a glaring face, her sharp breathing only adding to her fearful visage. “I said,” she said, grinding her teeth in rage, “leave me alone!”


She picked up another paperweight from her table to throw at him, but a large hand caught her forearm, holding it in place. She snarled and fought against him, but his grip was strong. It didn't hurt, but it wasn't too gentle either.


“I told you that I want to stay here and eat with you. I plan to do that. Any problems with that?” Even his voice was gentle. She felt her anger reach dangerous levels. What is wrong with this guy?


“Yeah. I have a problem!” she spat back. “What the f*ck do you want from me?” He was taken aback from her question.


“What do you mean?”


She snatched her hand from his suddenly loosened grip. “Why would you keep me here and treat me? I'm f*cking broken. Don't give me the same responses again and again. I'm sick and tired of this bullS#&$. Don't give me pity if you just plan to use me!”


He looked stunned. “...use you?”


She walked right up to him, her face inches away from his. “Yes!” she shouted. “What do you want from me? Is it these?” she asked, raising up her bandaged hands. “You need these claws, don't you? I'm just a broken sword to you, to throw me into battle and fight for you. Or wait, is it for sex? You want me? Huh? Need psychotic, useless me to pleasure you before I go kill myself?” she screamed, jabbing a finger on his chest. “Is that it? Tell me!”


Steely blue eyes glared back at her now. “Use you? Do you really think I want to use you? For f*ck's sake woman, I'm just trying to help!” The last sentence was a shout, and Rakth cowed from the intensity of his frustration. She cursed herself inwardly. Every single time he tried to approach her, help her, something inside of her snapped. She ended up lashing out, saying things she never wanted to say. She hated being weak, and he made her feel weak.


But she also felt safer here. Much safer than her last squad. They were almost as bad as Alad. He radiated genuine concern, and always seemed to be around. But she always ended up being an &#! to him, regardless of the situation, and she hated that.


“I...I don't know,” was all she could muster, wincing slightly at how weak her voice sounded.


He let go of her hand and picked up the tray he had placed on the floor. He gently placed it on her table and then guided her by the shoulders to her bed.


“Sit down and eat. We'll talk when you're done.”


She nodded glumly and began to pick at the vegetables absentmindedly, while Aiden simply leant against the wall in front of her. She could feel his eyes on her, and she felt uncomfortable.


“I can't eat with you staring at me like that. Can you-”


“What's your favourite colour?” he interrupted her.




“Your favourite colour. What is it?” he repeated, gesturing with his hands to make her continue eating.


She was quiet for a few seconds, crunching on the juicy vegetables while she thought. “I don't have a favourite colour,” she replied at last, feeling the pangs of hunger settle down as she ate.


“Hm, then what about a favourite colour combination?”


“Black and red. Why do you even care?”


He merely crossed his arms. “I'm curious. That's all. Do you have any hobbies?”


She frowned at him, but he waved his hand again. “Keep eating,” he reminded her.


Making sure he was looking, she took a carrot and snapped the tip off with her teeth. Aiden was left with no doubt that she was imagining his head being snapped off as she crunched on it noisily. She continued looking at him, brown orbs boring into blue. When the silence had lasted for nearly five minutes, he decided to take a step ahead. “Well?”


He was by used to her icy glare by now. “No,” she said quietly, averting her gaze to her vegetables.


“No, what?”


He ducked again as a fork came hurtling towards his head. “No! I don't have a f*cking hobby! I don't! Now leave me alone!”


He grinned, knowing that she'd hate him further for it. “I don't plan to leave you alone.”


She got up and slammed the bowl onto the table, leaving it shuddering ominously from the force of the impact. Gritting her teeth and clenching her fists, she turned back towards him.


“All I want is some peace and quiet! Is that too much to ask for?!”


The grin remained. “And what would you do with that peace and quiet you're looking for? Brood more? Curse yourself more?”


She was stunned. “What...?”


He shrugged. “You talk in your sleep. Some of the stuff you say to yourself is...painful.”


“You watched me when I was sleeping?! You f*cking bastard!” She charged at him, fists flailing to connect against the smug looking face he was giving her. He was quick as always, and within the blink of an eye, she was disabled, her arms bent at an uncomfortable angle. She noted that she felt no pain from his maneuver.


“Before you try to kick my face in,” he warned as he slowly released her. “You were screaming, and I was worried. I'm not a closet pervert to look at you like that. Understand that? I'm genuinely concerned for you, and all I want to do is help you out.”


“And pestering me is going to help me? You'd better get your head checked out.”


The grin was back. “Ironically, this is the longest conversation we've had since we first met. This,” he said, pointing to the broken cup and fork behind him, “is what allowed you to peek out of that little shell of yours and speak up. I think its been a resounding success.”


She was stunned to silence yet again. Within seconds of trying to construct a cohesive sentence, and failing mightily at it, all Rakth could do was dive back down into her bowl of vegetables, grumbling as she devoured the contents of the bowl. Aiden by now was shaking with mirth, and his arms hung loosely by his sides.


“See what I mean? You're actually being social!”


“I was...distracted. I still hate your face. Every! Last! Smug! Bit of it!” The last sentence was accentuated by repeated crunches as she found her appetite once again. Despite what she said, speaking with him had eased her mind off her troubles, for a little while at least.


“I'm perfectly fine with that. Now, if you're done eating, do you want to join me in welcoming your new friend?”

She looked up quizzically. “Friend?”


He nodded. “The little guy is ready for you. Come on, let's go greet him!”


Suddenly, it clicked. The Kubrow...

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A new post from me, typed out while I was on my walk. Now all I need is someone to react to this post in character. Warning, content within may be innapropriate for a certain member of this RP to read. (sarcasm) As always if there's something that needs to be edited, let me know and I'll change it.

Bringing the Liset in to dock with the station, Blake grasped the business card in his hand, wondering what the others would think of Darvo's Cosmetic Enhancement Company using Orokin technology to manufacture primed Warframe cosmetics. He fiddled with with the card as he walked through the docking tube with Ralere in tow.


"How do you think they'd react? Are they going to shut his operation down?" Asked Blake nervously as they waited for a Tenno from the station to bring them to the meeting.


"Honestly... I don't know. A part of me wants them to approve of this operation. Darvo has proven to be useful after all, even when his deals are complete crap sometimes..." said Ralere, retracting her helmet. "That said, I'd totally understand if they want his operation shutdown. In any case, we'd have to await their verdict after the meeting."


"That's... good to know. Not that it helps..." He said, taking off his helmet and rubbing the back of his neck.


"Well sorry that I'm not psychic and that the only thing I know is just burning stuff." She said in mock indignation. "If that's what you wanted maybe you should have gotten together with a Nyx instead of an Ember!"


"Maybe I should have!" He said, teasing her further, grabbing onto her hip armor and holding her in a one-armed embrace from behind as his left hand was occupied with holding onto his Primed Arcane Swindle helmet. Startled, Ralere tried to break out of his embrace. Smiling at her apparent discomfort from the sudden act of intimacy, he leaned over and breathed down her bare neck.


"But of course, I'd lose the firey personality in you that absolutely adore..." he whispered into her ear before giving it a playful lick, knowing how sensitive his lover is to his slightest touch.


"Y-you idiot! Stop it! What if they see us like this?" She hissed, blushing furiously as considerable warmth radiated from her cheeks.


"What makes you think that I care about what they think if they see us like this? If anything, I'd want to take it even further while they're watching." He whispered, repeatedly giving her warm neck a light nibble and lick. This elicited the reaction that he wanted, causing a soft, involuntary moan to escape her lips as well as a slight shudder as a result of the sensation. Unable to endure his teasing any further, she turned her head to face his and planted her lips on his, the heat from her ardor being shown in all its glory for all to see.


Unfortunately for the two of them, a Tenno from the station arrived just as their lovers' embrace started to get a little hot and heavy. Embarrased by their display of passion, said Tenno gave a loud awkward cough to get their attention.

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Ghost had a wry smile on her face, masked though it was by her Vespa helmet. Watching the two tenno was amusing, especially since she could hear their surface thoughts but it also reminded her of something she couldn't have anymore. She palmed her face at the depressing thought before grabbing their attention with her mental speech to announce her presence

"As entertaining as this is, there rules about public decency, So at least find a room less travel for your fornicating. Though if you really wanted someone to watch I wouldn't mind volunteering"

There was teasing laughter in the blue and red Nyx's voice as it echoed through their minds. She was immortal skinned and clad in a older model Nyx, the only weapon visible on her person was a Dragon Nikana. The two lovers would notice a slight haze about her, as if she was a mirage from the desert though that was only due to her psychic field not that the two tenno would know about her condition yet, or the fact she was mute.

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Ghost had a wry smile on her face, masked though it was by her Vespa helmet. Watching the two tenno was amusing, especially since she could hear their surface thoughts but it also reminded her of something she couldn't have anymore. She palmed her face at the depressing thought before grabbing their attention with her mental speech to announce her presence

"As entertaining as this is, there rules about public decency, So at least find a room less travel for your fornicating. Though if you really wanted someone to watch I wouldn't mind volunteering"

There was teasing laughter in the blue and red Nyx's voice as it echoed through their minds. She was immortal skinned and clad in a older model Nyx, the only weapon visible on her person was a Dragon Nikana. The two lovers would notice a slight haze about her, as if she was a mirage from the desert though that was only due to her psychic field not that the two tenno would know about her condition yet, or the fact she was mute.

The two of them blinked at Ghost, surprised to see her and even more surprised that this strange looking Nyx was the one who greeted them aboard the station. Realising that there was a slight bit of comedic value in her appearance due to their conversation before, the two of them burst out laughing before regaining their composure.

"Right... So are you here to bring us to the meeting?" asked Blake, still holding onto Ralere as she tried to squirm free of his hold on her.

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This is just a little bit that i wanted to throw out there. It adds a little bit character to Razielim.


Edit: Changed the Clan 'placeholder' to 'Aequitas'



As I pick up the case, I look back to see if there was anything else I needed to take. Seeing that I had all that I needed, I headed off the ship.

I came to a clan Dojo, a well known one called "Aequitas". I was looking for a new set of weapons that were only obtained through research, so a contact of mine pointed me towards this Dojo. As I step off my ship, case in hand, I look around to find the entrance to the rest of the Dojo. I spot it, and head onwards through the door.

I decided to keep my Ash warframe on since I was not going to be here long. Walking down the corridors, with my Uru syandana fluttering behind me, careful that it did not hit a tenno walking past. I came to a stop and hold out my my hand. A holographic screen is projected from my hand. I look at the email that was displayed on the blue, holographic screen.

'We have received your request for an assortment of weapons, these will take some time to make and we suggest that you wait a while before coming to collect them. If you happen upon our Dojo early, I would suggest taking this route to one of the beautiful gardens of the Dojo.'

Looking at the time, it looked like I would have to wait a little longer. Good thing I brought something that would kill the time. Grasping the cases handle, I continue on with my route to the garden, passing a few interesting looking tenno. Seems that most are finding their Primes. As I reach the garden, I halt and have a look around. It was indeed beautiful,
Large trees, the flowing river and the sounds of the small life that was residing here. A perfect place to relax. I make my way past a few tenno and towards a bench that no-one was using. I set myself down and put the case in front of me. I click open the case, as it hisses open, I gaze upon a favorite item of mine. I carefully lift out an acoustic guitar from the case.


Gotta love the classics.


I take hold of the guitar and start tuning it. Plucking the string delicately, listening to the notes, a little
tightening here, loose it a little here. Once I finished tuning my guitar I got comfortable and played a few notes to warm up. A few of the tenno that were in the room were a little interested, watching me curiously, waiting to see what I play. Once i got comfortable, I started playing one of my favorite songs 'House Of The Rising Sun'. As I let my body relax, letting the notes flow throughout my body, I played. Some of the tenno were taken aback, others didn't seem to care. There were a few there who seemed to enjoy the music, they sat and listened. I continued to play the song, entertaining the few tenno that came to listen.

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Sorry it took so long. I'll try to follow up fairly quickly with the next part.

  Adrazi briskly walked along, feeling highly irked. The reason for such an attitude was simple. She made a deal with the devil, a.k.a. Argi. Her analysis of him so far was that he was either a charmer, a sadistic and bloodthirsty killer, or a fully mature brat, depending on the mood. Currently, he was in brat mode, seeing as he was switching rooms constantly. She smirked, knowing that despite his efforts to play hide and seek, she could track him by his vitals, thanks to her frame. Upon standing in front of the gate to hell, she promptly ripped it open to discover a surprised Argi stuffing his face with gummy candies. She sighed, “I just don’t get this guy….”


  Argi felt like indulging, and had done so by seeing how many gummies he could fit into his mouth. 23, he was proud to announce. If he could speak. Or chew. No matter, he had nothing to do today. His eyes bugged and his mouth almost released it’s payload as his door slammed open. He did the only action he had left in his arsenal. He stared at Adrazi, and planned on continuing this ocular assault till the gummies dissolved to the point of mastication.


  Adrazi returned the crazed, gummy-filled Loki’s gaze, “Is this a bad time?....” Argi gave no response. Except….. “Oh, why?.......”  The Loki’s jaws, up….. and down…. and up….. and down slowly with the squelching of half-dissolved gummies being chewed. Combined with the ever bug-eyed stare of the Loki, Adrazi thought she might puke. She took off her helmet, and pressed her face in her hands. Finally, the sounds stopped and she looked up to see him grinning at her with those sharp teeth. “Now then” Argi said in his smoothest voice, “Let’s talk business”.


  Those chilling eyes, never looking away, never blinking. To her, they promised a slow death for no reason, just for the sake of blood. “Yes, let’s. I have the information you requested.”

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*fanfare* This was somewhat awkward yet incredibly entertaining to write. And first time writing a character with this... personality. So now i present to you... *fanfare finish*



Kindling Pyre

 The recent additions to his inventory rested spread out over the large desk in his temporary quarters at the station; A small number of Daman prime sugatras, two of which had already found homes on his two ancient blades, an old Pyra syndana still burning with energy, now inactive & adorning the spine of his frame, and lastly, the centrepiece contents of the crate.

   Nyght was no engineer. A fine smithy of unique blades, yes. As a makeshift gunsmith, for the few firearms he actually used, he was decent.

   But Sentinels? They were a completely different branch of technology, an amalgamation of cybernetics, bio-mechanics & computer coding equivalent to an entirely different language. The only bit he could really get anywhere with was the armament, Which in this case consisted of a supercharged Sweeper class shotgun, modified for excessive physical & incendiary damage output at close to medium range. The unpainted, lifeless body of the Wyrm prime simply sat and mocked him, alongside the small number of loose, seemingly spare components around it.


Nyght sat garbed in ‘off-duty’ clothing; a fine sleeveless shirt, designed to resemble the upper half of a kimono or gambeson, covered his torso in deep navy blue whilst an ice blue thin undershirt lay beneath it, protruding out with loose upper-arm sleeves and tightly wrapped forearm coverings. His legs were dressed in creamy beige breech like trousers ending in lightweight boots, flexible & comfortable yet protective and professional. He was going to need help with this, but he was a complete stranger to most of the station, having only really ventured around the immediate area of where the team meeting had taken place, and stretching at most to the bars & gardens slightly further out. He span to the Communication terminal at the desk’s edge, bringing up the short list of others that he had met and grown used to in his time since awakening. ‘Who to call... Aiden brought us all together here; perhaps he knows who I could turn too.’


 The screen pulsed for a few moments, requesting a connection before sparking into the image of the Rhino prime clad Tenno.

  “Hello? Ah, Nyght... if it’s about the siege, sorry about the delaying, but I’m a little occupied currently. My good nature & concern acting. How might I help you?”


“Hey Aiden. This may seem an odd request, but do you know anyone or anywhere on the station that are good with tech? Orokin & sentinels in particular.”


Aiden paused briefly to think before getting back to Nyght “Hrm... I do believe so. What have you stumbled upon that needs this precise area of expertise?”


“A Wyrm, prime variant. Excavation team managed to dig it up amidst the various vaults & caches in the wreck I found. The technology is beyond the engineers we took down there, and they reckon the extreme arctic conditions, the crash, both or something entirely different is keeping this guy inactive.

I’d take it down to the foundry at Aequitas, but figured there’d be someone closer, on the station, able to do something. No idea where to start.”


“Well, tech’s not my area either, and I’m a little busy presently, found someone in a lot of distress. I, I need to see her through, help her, you understand the feeling right?” A look of pure concern washed over his face briefly as he looked off screen.

    “However, I can set something up for you; Lily’s on the station, and unless she’s lost it all through either Cryosleep or drink, is a bit of a genius at tech. I’ll give her a call ahead; get you two to meet at a foundry so she can have a look at your Wyrm.”


“Thanks Aiden, I owe you one-” Began until he was cut off


“Ah... don’t thank me yet. I need to warn you; as I’m sure you noticed at the whole meeting, she’s a bit... ‘Energetic’. And likely very bored being stuck on the station, so she’s probably going to be forward & outgoing with you.” Aiden smirked at Nyght’s slightly quizzical look. “Have fun.”


The call bleeped shut, leaving a somewhat confused Swordsman sat staring at the screen pondering words until the details of his upcoming rendezvous began scrolling into view to give him the time & place.


Nyght softly stalked down the halls towards his meeting, his long, thick fur rimmed short sleeved over coat trailing behind him whilst the Wyrm’s crate was supported with both arms in front of him. Walking along, his mind slowly pondered what Aiden’s ‘warning’ meant, the final smug look he had before closing the call giving Nyght reason to be anxious. He tried to unravel the concealed messages, the masked hints, but couldn’t think of a solution that made sense to him. ‘We’re all Tenno here, all professionals. What the hell am I worrying about?’


  Rounding the final corner, his ticking mind & calm conclusion came to a break-neck stop as he saw the de-framed Ember prime he was sent to meet.



“Yeah, that would be little me. You, handsome, must be Nyght.” She replied, leaning one arm up against the pristine corridor wall whilst the other planted a hand on her hip.


Nyght’s eyes became transfixed scanning & soaking the woman’s appearance before him.

   Lily had vibrant, scarlet love-heart red hair, flowing freely over her head & down onto her shoulders, surrounding the gently tanned skin of her confident face and chocolate brown eyes. A leathery jacket with a slightly revealing open collar, trimmed with metal studs & adorned with fiery patterns of black & white dressed her top half and arms, leaving a bare midriff to display tanned skin & toned muscles. From her waist down, tight black jeans closely hugged strong, shapely legs.


A mischievous, coy smile crept along the edge of her lips.  “Those dashing, gem like eyes enjoying themselves? Or do they want a... little more?

She took a few steps forward from her leaning place, stopping a few inches from the befuddled blade dancer, moving her body suggestively with each pace forward.


  Overall, Lily’s 5’4” lean & strong build had little left for the imagination through her outfit, and by her posture, attitude & voice, she damn well knew it. Nyght’s usually cool gazing aquamarine & deep blue eyes connected with Lily’s energetic brown eyes, and he could instantly tell she enjoying every moment of toying with him.

   And there was barely a damn thing he could do in return. He had next to no idea how to respond to this forwardness, the sexuality, the flirting. Years of being trained to cut the deadliest and most vicious of foes down with blade alone, and he was being completely shut down by Fiery Vixen.


“I... err, apologies, I shouldn’t have been star-”


“Oooo, a chivalrous gentleman too. My, Aiden does still spoil me sometimes. Relax, just a little fun, right?

 Besides, Aiden told me to at least try and ‘restrain’ myself. So, Sentinel. Come on, give, let me see what-cha got.”


Nyght held the case out to her as she unclasped the lid, ooo-ing at the contents she found. “A Wyrm, and a prime no less, you shouldn’t have my good sir.”


“Reckon you can get him ticking again? “


Closing the lid, she returned her view back up to his face. “Yeah, half a day or so, he’ll be chirping. On conditions though.” The mischievous look of an opportunity seized graced her feminine features once again. “Firstly, I want to have poke around that cannon of a shotgun, and a say in its name or painting. And second...”

  She moved her hands from the crate lid over to the handles, covering Nyght’s own hands, whilst simultaneously reaching up on her toes closer to him.


“...You come out one night with the rest of us for a good drink. Or maybe just me. Deal?”


“Deal.” Replied Nyght automatically.


“Then I have something fun to do.” Lily took hold of the case, heading over to & opening the foundry room’s doors. Turning back, she gave one last coy look. “See you later...


And with that, vanished into foundry giggling full of mirth as she went, leaving a still somewhat confused and dazed Excalibur trying to fully comprehend what just took place.



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How much time had passed since leaving Aequitas? Crowley couldn't tell. A few days, at least, no more than four or five. His sense of time was waning, as well as the amount of time he was remaining lucid between phases of blank wandering only knowing there was an objective to go to, a reason to leave places. For now, however, the ice-blue Nekros was lucid, aiding a small group of Tenno in destroying hives that Alad V had so foolishly created. What was the Corpus madman thinking?! These new Infested were so much stronger, so much more lethal...and they now spread to machines as easily as to flesh. The new forms to rise from this catastrophe would be so much more powerful, and then there would always be Alad V and whatever new pet he managed to create to be dealt with later. For now, Crowley kept to the shadows, ripping apart the Infested silently, out of sight from the group he was following.


The most annoying of the new things happened to be converted ospreys, leaving behind toxic clouds unless killed, and sadly for Crowley his Soma had no silencing mods on it to be effective unless the group was either far away or firing their own ranged weaponry. Growling softly to himself as he ripped through the armored fore-hide of a Charger Eximus the Nekros moved through the fleshy passageway when what few lights remained on the ship began to flicker. The group of Tenno ahead were panicking, starting to find advantageous areas to launch attacks from all sides. Stalker...not him...too many lost to those things already...too many.


Clutching at his head as he stumbled into the open, Crowley felt the flow of memories stab like so many thorny roots digging into his brain. Ajkrumen...the noble soul lost in Gradivus...one Stalker's death was not enough. Not enough...not enough, not enough, not enough! Without realizing it Crowley's coloration had begun to change even as the Stalker made its entrance, pointing at its intended victim.


"You will not leave here alive." It spoke in full confidence, drawing its Dread with the accuracy and power of one skill in the craft of assassination.


No time to run in, only action. Lucidity was fading, only a rage against Stalker settling in. Drawing his arm back, Crowley threw his Hate at the dark-armored Tenno killer. The lethal weapon seemed to shine in the low light, changing shape to its original form weaving a wheel of flickering light across the room, Lunasos carving deep into the shoulder of the Stalker, forcing it to drop its bow.


"Rraaagh! What...is this?!" The Stalker exclaimed, stumbling back a few steps, no mean feat nowadays particularly in the Breeding Grounds. Even as it reached to yank out the crescent-moon scythe an ice-blue Nekros threw the Stalker into a flesh-covered wall. Behind its helmet the Stalker's face was twisted in fear.


"Revenge." Crowley snarled, his colors changing swiftly across his body into a Stalker Black, energy a thick, bloody red. Crowley's left hand began to grow metallic claws at the fingertips as he held the Stalker up, slowly lifting it and digging into the corrupt warframe all at the same time, crushing pieces and causing the assassin to cry out in agony. "Kill...vile...abomination..." For nearly an hour Crowley continued to make the Stalker suffer, tearing out chunks of flesh and warframe, dragging Lunasos' blade slowly ever closer to its heart. The other Tenno were too afraid to go near the Nekros and his victim, but through their viewing the Council could see. Crowley could not stay in this area any longer. When finally he was lucid enough to end the Stalker's suffering, as much as he wished to prolong it, he could feel his corruption spreading just a bit faster. The hive-variant of the Infested virus had reacted to his corruption. Time was now shorter.


Grabbing onto Lunasos' handle Crowley began to drag the artifact along as he began to make his way back to his ship. It felt heavier now...so much heavier than it once had been for him. It seemed even his symbol as Grand Master of the Dead was rejecting his presence. A pity...but another sign Faust and Fenrik needed to step up to the plate.








Dear Diary,


Something happened today. Practice against each other___class_____did wrong? So many voices inside____friend___okay____afraid__ We were told I am...too strong. The lost ones gather to me, but is this bad? I give them a home with me. My friend says I am powerful for our kind...we both are. ___potential_______trials____grand temple of_____survive____hesitance_____________

_______________Lotus give me hope.






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A/N: A continuation of the escapades between Nyght and Lily. Be warned, if you don't like excessive profanity, you're going to love Lily. She's the epitome of a well mannered and disciplined soldier. /sarcasm.


“Let's see what we have here,” Lily muttered to herself, absentmindedly shucking off her jacket and sighing in relief as a slight breeze cooled her down instantly. She was flustered for two reasons: one of them was the damn jacket. She'd found it on the Station a few days after Aiden had gone off to play superhero, and the second reason was that Tenno, Nyght. She'd felt euphoric from the effect she'd had on the poor fellow, and she reveled in it. But now, she had a task to do, and do it she would.


The Wyrm Prime Nyght had sent her was for all intents and purposes, a hunk of scrap. She linked its systems to a database with the help of a few cables, for which she received a few disgruntled looks. She'd “borrowed” a terminal at the local weapon foundry, after persuading the owner of the store to give her some space to work in. She admitted with a smirk that her persuasion involved some hip swaying and lip-licking.


Men will be men.


A quick scan through the precepts showed no abnormalities. It had the standard sentinel programs to it. Attack, defend, target prioritization, and Nyght had even managed to write a script to handle the heatsinks to compensate for that devastating shotgun. Everything seemed to check out. Except...


“F*ck me sideways,” she moaned, landing a small hand on her forehead. It doesn't have an imprint module.


The imprint module was the element of a sentinel that made it bond with its owner. Without it, the sentinel would simply follow orders from anyone around it. And that was not a good thing when you're in the thick of battle. Lily cursed the Orokin madly under her breath. Those magpie-#@*&$@s never installed them by default like the sentinels nowadays. Sh*t. Where the hell can I even find imprint modules nowadays?


She stared at the inactive Wyrm Prime for nearly fifteen minutes, crossing off any other alternatives. But in the end, all she had was a boatload of frustration and a still inactive sentinel.


“F*ck!” she whined, kicking the wall in frustration. “And here I was trying to be cool and give him the thing within a few hours.” She huffed mightily and wore her jacket once again. The studded leather gave her some protection against the cool air of the Station, and it looked pretty damn cool as well. She was grateful that she didn't have to wear those stupid uniforms that were standard issue to all Tenno. She had unceremoniously borrowed Aiden's substantial credits and gotten herself some real clothes, ones that would accentuate her...personality. And assets, she added with a mental chuckle as she walked up to the front of the store. The poor clerk balked as he was pushed against a wall and met with her frowning face, crimson hair surrounding it like a halo of fire.


“Hey there,” she started, her voice the complete opposite to the happy smile she was giving him. “I've got to go out for a day or two, and I've left some of my stuff behind. Since you greedy f*ckbuckets didn't give me a key to that room, I'm going to have to entrust my belongings to you. If you even think about putting a grubby little finger on my stuff, I'll cut your balls off and feed them to a Sand Skate. And since you can't carry weapons inside the Station without a permit, I'll have to do the cutting with a spork. You follow?”


The poor man gave a terrified nod, his eyes bulging in fear. Just to add to his fear, Lily decided to do a little flourish with her left hand, following which she jabbed the air just in front of his groin. She was nearly deafened by a panicked scream, following which she backed off. The man's pants had begun to change colour, and the darkness flowed down his pant leg. Her nose twitched as the acrid smell invaded them and she merely frowned in disgust.


“Pathetic,” she spat out before walking out of the shop. Rounding the corner, she couldn't control herself. She leaned against the wall and laughed, cackling with mirth as tears streamed down her face.


The f*cker pissed himself! This doesn't happen in real life! It just doesn't! Holy hell!


People stared at her as they passed, scrutinizing her by her appearance. After all, it wasn't ordinary to see an extremely attractive redhead wearing a punk outfit clutching her sides and leaning against a wall , howling with laughter and crying with mirth.


It took a whole five minutes before she stopped laughing, following which she felt like her spleen needed replacing. She straightened herself, patting away any wrinkles that had formed on her jacket. She headed towards the plaza where she knew all the other Tenno gathered for the mission lived in, and quietly hopped over the chest high fence that bordered the building. Who need gates and doors anyways? Adding a little sway to her hips as she walked, she reached the crew quarters and began knocking on all the doors at once. She stood calmly in the middle of the hallway as several bleary eyed Tenno opened their doors to see who was knocking.


Why do they all look so sleepy? She looked at the old watch strapped across her left wrist. Well..f*ck. Its three in the morning. That might be why.


“Er...” she started, and she immediately berated herself mentally. Now I feel like a dumbass. “Hi,” continued, plastering a goofy smile on her face as she talked. “I didn't know where Nyght was staying, so I knocked on everyone's doors. Sorry about that.”


A few of the Tenno chuckled, but a few of them looked mildly annoyed. Well, she thought amusedly, those f*ckers aren't getting laid by me.


“And who told you that was a good idea?” rumbled a voice from some Tenno in the shadows. Lily was ticked off now.


“Well,” she started. “You see, I have the same amount of patience as you have testicles. That amount is none by the way,” she added, following a few laughs from the others. “I could have camped the hallway and waited till you all decided to wake up and take a sh!t, but I have this thing called a life. Which is why I decided to knock on all the doors.”


“Well,” started the Tenno, his voice dripping with annoyance at both her less than satisfactory reasoning and her declaration of his gonads, or lack thereof. “That is some less than exemplary reasoning there, lady. You leave me with no doubt as to why you knocked like an idiot.”


There's a saying, never add fuel to a fire, unless you want to set the forest ablaze. That Tenno had just dumped a truckload of gasoline onto the inferno that was a p!ssed Lily. She walked up to him and grabbed his shirt by the collar. He towered over her, but she couldn't give a rat's &#! now.


“Listen here, you limey arsehole! I apologized. I explicitly said that I was sorry for disturbing your beauty sleep, and then here you are, using some high and fancy English to try and whup my &#!. Well, good sir. I can play that game as well. I know I'm at fault here, and I frankly couldn't give a f*ck less. So you can go take your stupid platitudes and high-end English and cram them up your &#! alongside the stick you can't seem to S#&$ out.” Her grip tightened around his collar even more, and she seethed. “So, my good sir, do us all a favour and GO THE F*CK TO SLEEP!” Her lithe frame shoved the man's chest hard and he slammed against his door violently.


“ALL OF YOU! F*CK OFF TO YOUR BEDS!” she shouted loudly, startling all the Tenno to make their way into their rooms again, some of them clutching their sides in laughter.


“NYGHT! WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU?!” she bellowed, crossing her arms and tapping her toes impatiently. In the dark of the corridor, she saw a shadow stand in front of her.


“Here,” the familiar voice said timidly. He was stunned further when Lily grabbed him by the arm and hauled him off towards...somewhere. He turned a furious shade of red when he felt Lily's...assets press against his arm as she snuggled up to his side as they walked.


“Er...Lily,” he started, and then they emerged onto a lit hallway, and all he could do was blush further. She was still wearing that outfit from before, and for some impossibly benign reason, it seemed to short his brain out.


“Hey again, handsome! Miss me?” she said, cocking her head to the side and smiling warmly at him.


“I..um..I...” he managed to choke out. What the hell is going on?


“I'll take that as a yes, cupcake,” she grinned as she tightened her already impossibly firm grip on his arm. “Sorry for waking you up.”


“It...It's alright. What is the matter?” Cupcake? What on earth is up with this woman?


“Oh, yeah. Remember that promise you made me?”


Oh no. “What promise did I make?” He squinted as his sleepy eyes tried to adjust to the flashing light and hullabaloo of the Station.


“About us getting a coffee? Well yeah, I'm calling in that promise now.”


“What do you mean?”


She giggled and let go of his arm, and Nyght sighed inwardly as a particularly warm part of her stopped being in contact with his arm. Lily quickly jumped in front of him and whispered in a sultry voice.


“We're going on a date, handsome.”


For the umpteenth time in a few hours, he was stunned. “A...date?”


She giggled again and nodded. “Yep. And this is going to be the best one ever. Want to know why?”


“Why?” he asked automatically.


She had an almost manic look to her eyes as she smiled at him. “This date's going to have coffee and bullets. Lots of bullets!”


“I...I don't follow. My apologies.”


She hugged him properly now, and Nyght grew several degrees hotter again. “I know, cupcake,” said the sultry whisper against his ear as a mane of fiery hair brushed against his nose. “Its a secret. Hush hush, confidential stuff. So you'll know all the juicy details when we get there. That okay, sweetie?”


She laughed inwardly as his face was the same shade of red as her hair. He nodded glumly, clearly extremely flustered. She turned around with a flourish and traipsed ahead of him, swaying her hips seductively.


There's a saying, never add fuel to a fire, unless you want to set the forest ablaze. The redhead walking in front of him was the definition of fire, and she was always hungry for more.


“After all,” she laughed, “I love to tease!” As she said those words, his eyes trailed her fingers, which outlined her curves seductively.


All Nyght could do was gulp. Gods help me.

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Tease time ladies and gents.




The Foundry lay quiet. No lights flickered, nothing moved. No shadows moved upon the wall. The Foundry was empty. Quinn was no where to be found, neither was Juliet.


A swirling polearm was seen glowing a magnificent blue. A Sobek lay unneeded to one side, a Pyrana to the other.


“ARRRRRGHHHH!” Screamed a vauban covered in blood and gore. “YOU STUPID ******* TECHNOCYTE!”

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Another little post that I wrote on one of my walks. Meet Niarain, the cocky, nonsensical showboating Zephyr. As usual, I'd appreciate feedback.

"Mistress Niarain, I do beg your pardon but Master Blake is on the line." Said the artificially intelligent personal assistant piloting the Liset for the Tenno in the drop insertion chamber.

The Zephyr inside made a face under her helmet, frowning at her personal assistant disturbing her thoughts. "Tell him I'm... busy in a mission. How far are we from the target?" She said, slurring her words slightly.

"20 kilometres from the target. Master Blake is insistant on talking to you, he's overridden the privacy setting." Said the A.I matter-of-factly with a hint of regret and shame at the other Tenno's ability to brute force his way through the security algorithms.

"The hell?" Exclaimed Niarain as Blake's face appeared on the transmissions tab of her HUD.

"Niarain, mind explaining to me what you're doing? Last I saw you an hour ago you were still drunk out of your mind and grabbing onto the toilet bowl like your life depended on it." Said Blake the Loki Prime in a stern, serious fashion.

"Don't sweat it boss, It's just a little milk run, I'll be back at the Station before you know it." Said Niarain with a mischievous smirk as she cut him off.

"Mistress, I don't think that's a good idea." Said the A.I with a touch of nervousness in her voice.

"Are you kidding Constance? I have waited for so long to come to Ceres and find out where Sergeant fu** face was after that scuffle we had as we extracted on Uranus, I'm not leaving until the little bi***'s a** is grass." Said Niarain as an alarm rang inside the drop chamber of the Liset.

"Grineer anti-air defences have just come online Mistress evasive maneuvres engaged." Said Constance.

"No, belay that." Said Niarain, reading the altitude meter and determining that it was the right height for a drop and hitting the manual override for the drop chamber.

Constance sighed as the chamber rotated and exposed Niarain to the thin atmosphere of an altitude of 3 kilometres.

"Hey Constance? How about a few words of encouragement ? I may not make it back, this is heavy stuff." Said Niarain, still hanging on as the Liset went into a dive.

"Go get em boss." Said Constance in a tired voice as she started to pull out of the dive at an altitude of about 2 kilometres.

The Zephyr smiled as she let go.

"You complete me!" Niarain exclaimed with a smile as she flew towards the surface at a steep angle, spiralling towards and away from the barrage of detonating smart anti-air munitions.

"This is so easy I could do this with my eyes closed." She thought while flying through the deluge of flak. "They're like harmless fireworks!"

Losing concentration for just a second, a flak shot exploded near her and knocked her into another flak shot, knocking the wind out of her as it smashed through three quarters of her shields

Coughing from the hit, she accelerated towards the rapidly approaching ground and got ready to pull up and get into a rapid horizontal glide towards her target at speeds approaching 300 miles an hour coming out of the dive starting at a height of 650m.

"Last time I ever stop paying attention to incendiary flak." She grumbled as the flames that were trying to eat through her shields was put out by the wind. Pulling out of the steep dive, she manipulated her trajectory such that she would be able to perform a hit-and-run on Grineer Sergeant Seelin De On. Accessing her Frame's internal audio archives, she selected an appropriate song as she reached a height of about 50 metres whilst still pulling up.

"Here we go..." she thought as the opening guitar riff to an old Earth song played. Pulling up abruptly, the shockwave from the sudden change in direction at that height knocked a couple of Grineer guardsmen into a smelter. Oblivious to what happened, she continued hurtling towards her target, singing along to the song as the temporary high from the adrenaline shut off the pain she was supposed to be feeling from the G forces. While she was flying over the buildings, she steadily applied more and more air resistance to her body to slow herself down so as not to overshoot her target. Controlling the Rakta Syandana on her back to add additional resistance, her hands crept towards her Twin Wraith Vipers loaded with septic polonium rounds.

Meanwhile, Sergeant De On prepared her Marelok, knowing she would need it. Hearing the characteristic 'whooshing' noise of a Zephyr, she cocked and aimed at the direction of the sound. Spotting a speck of black and red in the sky over Ceres she took careful aim and fired a cluster of highly accurate tungsten slugs.

The cluster tore through her shield and managed to breach the exterior of Niarain's frame, leaving her heavily injured. Ignoring the pain as the nanites in her frame got to work repairing the damage, Niarain dove towards De On. The impact created a shockwave strong enough to knock the Sergeant to the ground.

Upon seeing the Sergeant trying to reach her Marelok to finish her off, Niarain pounced De On with her Venka claws extended, tearing into the Grineer woman's flesh. Stepping back from the heavily wounded body of De On, she levelled her Vipers at her.

"Some say that I fire at will and shoot to thrill." She said, echoing the lyrics of the song that was still playing. "But I guess you know that Niarain shoots to kill instead."

"You... don't make any sense with your words!" Hissed the Sergeant as she gasped in pain, speaking the Tenno tongue instead of Grineer just as Niarain unloaded on her. Spasming from the impact of 40 shots before lying still, De On lay on the ground motionless.

Wild-eyed and panting, Niarain stood staring at De On's body before reloading. Feeling a paroxysm of pain nip at her when her mental block of pain faltered momentarily, her hands shook as she holstered her Vipers and took to the skies, flying high enough for Constance to swoop in and snatch her out of the air. Letting out an involuntary gasp as she felt the pain hit her like a train, she almost screamed out loud before the drop chamber started to pump pain inhibitors through her systems.

"So how was it boss?" Asked Constance in tone that can only be described as incredibly smug.

"It went well, just do your job and fly us home..." said Niarain before going under from being drugged.

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Part of Sable's backstory coming up. Feedback is appreicated.


EDIT: I don't know why, but I think my spoliers aren't working. Sorry about this.


The hot, sweet tea slid down his throat with ease. Sabel closed his eyes in enjoyment. He took the mug away from his mouth, smiling and breathing in the sweet aroma. He opened his eyes, fininding himself on the Dojo’s garden. 


A sigh of relaxation swept through him as he listened to the small current of water on the side of the room. His hands clutched the mug, feeling it’s warmness through his fingers. All his senses stimulated, relaxing to his next mission. The tea was a herbal mix, one he had enjoyed since…




Since when had he enjoyed that brew?


That managed to furrow his brow slightly. As far as he remembered he always had thought that that particular mixture of extracts was delightfull. How had he come to enjoy it so much…?


He thought for a moment, before deciding to not give it much thought at all, closing his eyes and sipping back on his drink, enjoying the taste as it swirled on his tastebuds.


“I need to stop overanalyzing everything.” he thought, with a smile.

He had come to the garden after his first, messy mission. He had been flung across the room by an angry MOA, and he didn’t want to go back to fighting Corpus so early. That had been enough time spent on the infirmary as it was.


He saw his Nikana laying by him, on the wooden plank. He took it on his hand, throwing it up and catching it with his free hand. He put the mug of warm tea on the top of the hand holding the sheath, and put the now free hand on the hilt. Keeping the mug steady, he unsheathed a bit of the Oxium-laden steel. He analyzed it for a bit…


He was no master with the Nikana. His slashes were eficient, yes, but not gracefull and clean. That much he knew. He ran his eyes over the edge, watching to find any small imperfection. He saw nothing that drew his attention.


He sighed. There he was, overanalyzing stuff again.


He was about to sheathe the blade and go back to his tea…


...When he saw a small inscripture on the blade. He furrowed his brow, squinting to read.




Huh… That was strange.


“Who is that?” he asked, sheathing the Nikana fully. He grabbed his tea mug…


And his eyes widened, dropping the delicate ceramic mug.




It was cold. He was hiding under a tree, the rain beating nonstop on the roots. He clutched his robes tightly. The infant made an extreme effort not to cry, as he curled over himself, trying to warm himself up.


Those shrieks… those horrible shrieks… He clutched the sides of his head, trying to impede them from burrowing into his skull.


He heard the deformed sounds of flesh moving in unnatural ways. He could hear them closer. He could feel the stench of rotting flesh.


He begun to cry, even if he didn’t want to.


The sounds stopped. Then, they began again, as if rushing towards his position. He curled back into a ball, screaming.


Suddenly, a sharp sound. Then, silence.






A shadow appeared over him. Cautiously, he looked up.


He saw a tall, imposing figure, addorned in black and gold. Some sort of otherworldly cold took over him, but he didn’t shiver. This cold was… comfortable, somehow.


The figure crouched, it’s large coat drapping behin him as he regarded the dirty infant under the tree. Behind him, stood a kid that was probably not older than he, clad in a black, form fitting suit.


The bigger figure extended his hand. He could see that it had the same gross grow that those… creatures… had on them.


“Hello there…” it said, in a soft, soothing voice. “You can come out now.”


The kid behind him huffed.


“Jago…” the older one said, turning his head. “Behave. Have I thought you nothing?”


The other kid sagged his shoulders.


“You can come out now.” he said, regarding him again. “It’s safe.”


The kid looked at the hand and the deforemed arm. Hesitantly, he clutched it.


“There we go…” the tall figure said, under his helmet. “Now, what’s your name?” he asked, pulling the boy from under the tree.


“Sable…” he responded, in a low voice…




The mug hit teh deck, shattering into pieces and staining his robes with excess tea. Sable stood there, dunbfounded, his eyes open and wide.


What had been that?


“Mr. Sable?” asked another Tenno, who happened to be passing by the garden. He looked at her, a mag, from the looks of her physique. “Is everything allright?”


He gulped down, breathing to stabilize himself. He then looked at her, with an uneasy smile.


“Yes it is.” he said, trying to sound calm.


The woman smiled back, before heading towards the exit.


“Any trouble, don’t hesitate to call me…” she said, and he could faintly distinguish the sway on her hips.


He sighed. No. Not that, not now at least. He got up,feeling tired, and went the opposite way. He needed his room. And a stronger drink.


“Who are you…?” he asked, thinking about the two figures he had thought about...

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