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Without Access To The "dark Sector"...


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When I'm in "solar system", more precisely on the planet Neptune, the mission "KELASHIN" is not available ... If you look at the picture all missions are supposedly made ​​(as we can see, despite having 12/13 missions they are in the image "blank", which indicates they are made​​, moreover, and as I remember I did it all!)!

I await a hotfix or else as an aid to rectify the situation :P

Picture: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img843/7928/6qpc.jpg

PS: This happens since the "UPDATE 13" (since the dark sectors were introduced in the game)

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Try playing Psamathe. That's the mission linking to the Dark Sector. Boss stages keep the same icon whether you've played them or not. Since you have 12/13 while I have 13/13, that must be the last one you're missing.



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