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Join Elysium Noire! 5 Years Running Strong! Looking For A Clan With A Fun, Helpful And Hilarious Player Base? We Got You Covered, Join Today!

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Hi! I'd like to join this clan! I've played Warframe for two years on console and have recently begun on PC, I have a lot of experience in this game and looking at this clan I'd like to help out in missions and research as well as meet new players!

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Hello, I am part of a group of four friends that play together for hours everyday. I figured it would be of best interest if we got into the same clan so we can focus on the same goals a lot better. I'm a returning veteran so I am rusty with things but I know how to donate.


IGN: Starberyl

MR 10

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Howdy~! My names Noogeer I started playing about 13 days ago and since then I've managed to frantically climb to Mastery Rank 11 thanks to my friends who are all apart of this clan!

Im pretty dedicated when It comes to the mastery stuff but I've gotten to the point where everything I need to build is in the Dojo; I heard this is the hippin'happin' place around and my friends really enjoy it here too!

- Noogeer

MR 11

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Hello, I used to be part of this clan 2-3 years ago, but forgot what made warframe fun... Now I know! I would love to become part of this clan once more!

In Game Name:Jared33333 (yes, sad name, will eventually change it one day?)

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Hello fellow ninjas, 

I'm a returning (more than 2.5y ago...) player that just recently restarted (blame the twitch stream) 

Obviously everything looks alien with that many changes, and although I had more than 300+ hours previously, I just never bothered with clans (used to only play with rl friends back then). So a clan to   ̶F̶a̶r̶m̶ explore all this with would feel great. 

I'm MR9 (10 as soon as my new frames finish building) EU based and quite active. 

IG: Shroudb

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