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Penta Build?



I ranked my Penta to 30 a long time ago, but recently I've noticed a lot of people using them for High level content (Void), and doing massive amounts of damage.


Compared to me, where it takes a couple clips to kill off Corrupted Machinegunners.


Anyone have good builds? If you've somehow created a high-level build without a Potato, you're a miracle child and should share immediately.

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To do reasonably well in the void, you will need to throw a couple of forma and potato the gear you are bringing.


The reason being is that Serration already cost 14 points at maxed (which is almost half of an unpotatoed and unforma weapon).


Throw in a Heavy Caliber, which costs 16 at maxed and you won't have any space left for other mods like multishot, elemental damage mods (Corrosive is very good in the void) etc.


So, you need 3 forma minimum (for serration, heavy caliber and split chamber) but 5 or 6 forma is optimum for most weapons.


Also, you will need to potato it.

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More blast is always fun! Though optimal builds are usually two combo elements that suit whatever you are fighting to some degree. What it more boils down to are what the heavier units are susceptible to since the small fries will fall from simply large amounts of any damage.


The reason Penta is the more optimal weapon is that while it doesn't do quite as much as Ogris, it's a lot more controllable in not killing yourself. It's not necessarily the most powerful weapon, but it does work quite well in 'high level' as that usually consists of a lot of higher levels units in one place to take down.

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