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Dual Nikana


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The next evolution of tenno melee combat




oh god....freaking Killer Bee.....anyways...


We already have a few weapons that fill this niche I think, the Nikana was meant to be a sword and sheathe style of weapon, I don't see why we need to dual wield it. (although I would like to see the sheathe being used in melee along with the blade, just saying)

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I don't see why this is such a big deal. A Nikana and Wakazashi equivalent would have its own stance and combo set, it would behave differently than a alone Nikana. So, it would be different enough to preserve both qualities. I like realism and as I have posted above the Katana/WakZashi combo has great precedence, but this is a game of magic space ninjas. Let it happen.

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