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Gyron, The Boulder! Tank Support Frame!


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hey guys ive always wanted a warframe that rolls! so ive done a bit of thinking on some ways to make a frame utilize this!

thus the gyron was born.


ART: im stil working on it and ive come to an impass. im not sure if i want this frame to be fat or not! i have a design in mind for a normal sized frame but i also have one for a fat frame! and i think it would be cool if we had a sumo frame! id love to have some opinions on that!


Stats (at 30):

Health: 350

Shield: 350

Armor: 300

energy: 150

speed: 0.9

stamina: 90




[1]Roller(toggle): Gyron curls up into a ball, he now rolls to move, has higher move speed and will stagger anyone he collides with and deal minor impact damage. when gyron jumps in this form he will bounce. when gyron collides with an enemy mid air they will be knocked down. gyron pushes enemies aside if he collides with them. Gyron also reflects all projectiles negating their damage and will take 50% damage from melee, but he can not attack in this form.


power strength and mod level adds to the damage roller does

power duration does nothing

power range adds the the size of the collision range in roller.


[2]Crater: Gyron jumps in the air and curls into a ball then slams into the ground making a large blast knocking all enemies around him down. if gyron is in roller form he does not need to curl into a ball and will not uncurl at the end of the cast, he may also immediately cast it from the air.


power strength and mod capacity adds to damage

power duration does nothing

power range and the mod level adds to the range of the blast


[3]Cannon Ball: Gyron moves super fast for 0.75 seconds and deals impact damage and drags all enemies he collides with, with him then leaving them knocked down. if gyron is not in roller form he must charge first.


Power strength and mod level adds to damage

power duration and mod level increases the duration

power range increase the collision range


[4]Magnetic Impact: Gyron will stick anyone he collides with to him in roller form or not and deal magnetic damage every second and deal both magnetic and impact damage upon colliding with an enemy. Think beautiful katamari!


power strength and mod level add the the damage

power duration and mod level adds to the duration (20 seconds unmodded and maxed)

power range and mod level adds to the collision range

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He sounds like a Trenggiling...




We curl up into balls as well...

+1 for my native species!




Wait a second!!!

+1 for not recreating rhino like I totally expected. Sounds like this would be a fun character to play with. Armadilloframes are for champions.


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Stats are op.


1) Sounds fun to be a Roller.

2) Dive Bomb ripoff.

3) Tidal Surge ripoff.

4) Doesn't sound like something I would use.


Overall, I would farm for him. I would max him. Then I would sell him.

i will have a stat revamp,


1) yes, yes it does

2)yes i suppose, until i get a better idea it stands as that

3)no, not really. you can still control where you go and i dont think tidal surge actually drags them with you.

4)well its all in opinion

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