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Corpus Kubrow Pens - A Tile Idea For The Corpus Ship Tileset


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While beating down Feral Kubrow's on Earth using a Prova, I realized we won't ever be able to see Corpus attempt to fight Feral Kubrows because it's impossible for the Corpus to invade Earth. Not that I think this is a necessity, the thought just occurred to me and then I expanded upon it:


We know the Corpus are all about money making and their bizarre religious devotion to Orokin technology. Unfortunately, neither of these things are shown in-game. But we can use the Kubrow to expand upon their money making side: what if the Corpus had business in animal trade, like abducting Kubrows from Earth and transporting them to make deals with people who want an 'Exotic Pet', or those seeking 'Exotic Food'?


As such, I thought it'd be interesting if in the Corpus Ship tileset, likely on higher rank locations, there would be a tile which would be a large, almost prison-like holding pen for various animals encountered in Warframe, such as Sand Skates and Kubrows. Each cell would be contained with a transparent force field, allowing passers-by to look in and see its contents. This room would also have a master release console (though, not intended for master release; Tenno hacking) which would release all the cells, unleashing a riot of teeth and claw upon the Corpus guarding it. With this master release, it would be a kind-of reward for stealth play. Perhaps we could even get Kubrow genetics from this tile.


Dunno, just a thought I had. Let me know what'cha think.

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The number of upvotes was unexpected...

Strangely enough, usually it's my split-second ideas I get while playing the game are the ones that get the most favor. Interesting.


Anyone else like this concept?

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very interesting idea.


only thing it needs is ART.

Hmm, I do need to practice drawing environments...


It'll have to wait until after I draw and post my Eel concept for a Wild creature for the new Europa Frozen Corpus Ship tileset.

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