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First Fanart - Aegis [Warframe Concept] - Sculpture


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I've been watching my husband (whose account I'm posting with) play this game recently and thought it would be fun to make him something Warframe themed. So I designed him his very own frame!


Her name is Aegis, and she's a warframe who was lost in an overgrown corner of Earth and was herself overgrown in the years it took for her to be found again. We've talked a bit about what her powers would be, and she's leaning in a shapeshifting direction. Still working out the details, but I've been led to understand that she might be able to use Orokin technology to transform herself and/or other things to a certain extent.


The sculpture is just about 8 inches tall and made out of Super Sculpey. I painted her with acrylic paint and guilder's paste. My favorite detail, that I hope you notice, is that she's subtly throwing the "live long and prosper" sign with her left hand. The other hand is posed to hold something like a staff or weapon that I have yet to build. But soon!


Details shots are tucked away in the spoilers. I've never made something like this before. She was so much fun!




Aegis wants you to live long and prosper.prosper_zpse6073b05.png













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Thomas and I are going to sit down today and type up her backstory and powers and things.


And yeah, Noamuth, she has a tail. No reason for it really. I think I just wanted her to look like something that you might come across in a jungle. Something almost wild. She had started out more animal-like before I settled on the overgrown look. I hope that detail doesn't detract from the rest of her design.

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i think the name Gaea(goddess of earth) would fit it better than aegis(shield). it looks really cool though.


My husband picked the name. I considered going for something very similar to Gaia (Erde was another option), but Thomas thought "shield" would be a good name to show that she was a non-plant-based warframe before she was forgotten on Earth to be overgrown. And I like the kind of strength a name like Aegis has.

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I'm making another custom warframe sculpture, but I'm not settled on a design yet.


Any thoughts on what I should do for her design/theme? Thomas suggested doing something a bit darker.

A female water theme maybe?


And I love tails, I just think they're awesome.

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After being very excited to see Aegis featured in the fanart section of the last Prime Time, I've been working on a new custom warframe sculpture. Her name is Dexia, and she's inspired by the Glaucus atlanticus.


She's going to be a prime warframe, so she'll be painted somewhat like the Glaucus atlanticus with the addition of gold throughout. And because she's water themed and I wanted her to look a bit like she was floating, I have her raised about 3/4 of an inch off of her base on copper rods. You can barely tell in the picture.


I have her almost finished. She just needs one more boot and any additional details I can think of, then I can start painting her! Also, I found the perfect chunk of wood to make a base for Aegis so she'll hopefully be more stable in the earthquakes we get here.



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Very cool! I love the style and proportions of this!

Is it hard or soft to work with?


Thanks! I use Super Sculpey, so it's soft to work with. It's a polymer clay, so I just pop it into a toaster oven for a bit to harden up. I add some details, then bake it, then add some more details, then bake it, etc... That way I don't squish something while working on the next area. I highly recommend using Super Sculpey if you're interested in this sort of crafting.



If you ever start offering classes, I'd like to put my name down.


...just sayin'...


A friend actually requested that I make some videos on how to sculpt this sort of thing, so I'll let you know when they're up!

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Here's a bad cell phone picture of Dexia now that she's ready to be painted. I wanted to do more work on her sculpturally, but she got so fragile and unwieldy that she started to break in the oven every time I put her in to bake a new addition. She has a cape now! I can't wait to paint her. :D



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