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[Video]Final Fantasy Xiv: Arr - Glamour/costume Showcase!


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Hey forums,


Long time, no see!

Came back to see what all this Perfect World drama was about, after several people I knew from Warframe told me on Steam.


Thought I'd share a quick video I made for FFXIV.

Just a short video of me showing off the various costumes/outfits I've acquired over the months. Complete with a catchy tune in the background!




Direct link -

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DUDE! Me too!


What's your name? Me and a friend are trying to form a FC but we need 1 more signature.

:O No way!


Name is Nugget Highwind

I'm already in an FC with a few friends of mine though. :|

I'll be on today, so feel free to add me

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It's nice to see that FFXIV finally looks almost as good as AoC did years before.


Kidding aside, it seems like they really did somehow manage to turn that thing into an actual game. Good for them.

Had to turn the graphics settings down a bit to record, haven't updated my PC for a while :|

Can't record at 1080p max graphical settings. The game actually looks phenomenal :P


They've made something truly amazing with A Realm Reborn.

Turning that pile of [expletive] that was 1.0 into this was a mountain of a task to undertake.

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I gonna re-up and patch right now.


Can ya'll send me a pm with names in game so i can find ya ?



If that's cool with you to have a n00b run around asking you for advice, of course.

Easier for me to just reply here.


My IGN is Nugget Highwind


Always happy to help out new players :)

I run through all the low level dungeons as a tank/healer with my friends to help them out, don't see why I can't do it for you

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