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Cover System, Stealth And Etc


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Recently, I've been trying to make stealth runs in Warframe, but they are almost impossible without Shade or any invisibility warframe.


However, in other games Stealth is pretty well executed due to the cover system. A cover system allows me to peek out, see a lot more without exposing myself, AND provides cover against enemy fire.


A cover system would be a very great and fun addition to Warframe.


Look at Mass Effect and Deus Ex for example. Their cover systems are well executed and fun to utilize. They also provide crucial gameplay benefits. In End-Game, Vitality and Redirection are must have mods, due to the strength of the enemy. However, they also become stronger and stronger. I found my self shooting while magazines into Heavy Gunners in the Void after reaching a point. They two or three shot me.


A cover system would make end-game more bearable, and free up two mod slots for those who know how to utilize it.


It will also provide crucial benefits for new players, since the starter gear is awful. A cover system would let them be more stealthy, and survive a lot longer. When my friend started playing, he died a lot of times and depended on me. Not because of the lack of skill, but because he couldn't keep up with the enemy. He had to pump them full of bullets to die on Venus. A cover system would save new players and let them regenerate shields in a safer location.


The enemies could also utilize this cover system, and make the player utilize his skill, rather than just spamming bullets at the enemy. Because in the current cover system that the enemy utilizes, they are rather limited and easy to hit.


Please consider this. I know there's a lot on the plate already, but this could prove to be both game refreshing and fun.



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After Dark Sector, they were disgusted to even think about it : it breaks the flow of the game (if done wrong).


Unless they create the fastest cover system of the vg industry (without having your character being glued to a wall), it's a no. :/


Anyway,Stealth really needs its 2.0.

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