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So Wyrm Prime Laser Rifle Is Finally On Pc


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stats r same as all others prime or no prime ..hmm still. i likey.




Still garbage, of course. A total of 60 base damage in the entire burst followed by 1.2 second reload  compared to Sweeper at 42 base damage per shot.





Meh.  It does have a different visual effect, the bolts are short and yellow-white like void troopers use rather than long and blue-white like corpus lasers.   But even aside from the underwhelming base stats, the sentinel AI is pretty much hopeless at using weapons that aren't hit-scan.  Bolts spraying everywhere every time you move.  Plus it doesn't know how to properly lead targets or wait for good shots.


Hit accuracy BAD.  Damage BAD.  Visual effect kind of cool.

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