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Give The Dual Cleavers Some Love


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This is my first post in the forums ever so this is probably gonna go horribly wrong, but I've wanted to talk about this ever since melee 2.0 came out. I waited a bit to see if it would change, but. It hasn't. so here I am. Apologies in advance if I'm doing anything wrong here.


Before melee 2.0 came out, the dual cleavers were hands down my favorite weapon in the game, and they were always criminally underrated and overlooked by other players. They were fast, they dealt a good amount of damage (spin attacks were pretty brutal as well), high crit chance and good crit damage, and they looked pretty sexy too. I've always preferred them over the dual ichors because of their speed, because at the time, they were faster than the ichors. When melee 2.0 came out, however, I was... kinda let down a bit. The weapon still did good damage (spin attacks still absolutely wreck face), had good crit chance and crit damage, and yeah they still look pretty sexy. The main problem became: Fire rate. they're now slower than the dual ichor (the numbers don't seem like a significant difference, but in practice it's. A very noticeable and bothersome difference). and in all honesty, I wouldn't have minded this much IF the new regular attack animations for them hadn't changed. Before melee 2.0, the attack animations for the dual melee weapons didn't slow your player down too much, so it was easy to keep moving forward and actually hit your enemies. The new animations slow you down quite a bit, and. again, this would be fine on the cleavers if their fire rate was a bit faster. I don't mind the slowdown on the zorens or the ichors, but on the cleavers... the weapon is just too slow for it.


So basically, the cleavers still have most of the stuff that made them great before, but they're being seriously held back due to their firerate. and with berserker, it can be a bit bearable, but only after you've gotten the fire rate bonus from berserker as far as it'll go. I want the fire rate to be bearable even before berserker bonuses, like it is with the dual ichor and zorens (all with fury, of course. it's all kinda iffy without fury at least). They don't need to be faster than the ichors like they used to be, but I would like to see at least a 1.0 or 1.1 fire rate on the dual cleavers. Because I really do miss using them as often as I used to. right now I just have them sitting to the side, and I'll break them out every now and then, but I just don't enjoy using them as much anymore. The chances of this happening are pretty slim, because I know the dual cleavers aren't exactly a popular weapon by any stretch of the meaning (or at least from what I can tell), but. They need some love. That is for sure.


Sorry if any of this is confusing or just doesn't make sense at all. I'm not exactly good at explaining myself, but. If I can try, I will.

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this might get moved to weapons feedback, but regardless


i do love me my cleavers



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