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[De] Before Buying A Gun, This Is Necessary.


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First of all, to say that English is not my language. 
Motion-Petition: Imagine that the players have a room where we can test firing weapons before purchasing / acquiring them.
With this simple added players know exactly if efforts to acquire new weapon worthwhile or not. 
Thank you.


Also, they could add enemies to test their original-no-mod-base damage. Im sick and tired of purchasing a new Weapon and then having to test it to see if I wasted money, like Skana for Example.

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Hahaha, no. http://warframe-builder.com/



@OP There are far more pressing issues than your convenience requirements being met. Just craft the gun, you need the xp anyway.

I do not understand why you put this example. It is simply not valid. We're talking about trying the "real" weapons and that includes much more than just DPS data.

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