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Tips On Getting Kubrow Eggs!



So this is a list of tip to getting your eggs! Post a comment of your own tip, and if it helps I will add it up here and credit you for it!

- Codex Scanners.

   Bring them. Use them to scan the area around you for Dens/Kubrows. This made my Farming a lot easier than looking for the Dens. And I also scanned everything! WARNING! Kubrows will attack if you scan them/their nest if they see you do it!

Edit: You cannot see the Eggs on the Scanners! But you can see the Dens!


- DenLocation

   From what I have seen, the Dens are almost always in the same spot, and normally there are two Dens there. This should help for speed running, and you don't want to use a codex scanner.


- Bring a good AoE/Melee Weapon.

   I shouldn't have to say this, but Kubrows are deadly in groups. And you need to kill them faster than they kill you. I play with my Valkyr and just ult every time I see more than 2 running at me.


- Plan your time.

   Don't do what I did/am doing and just waste hours at a time. Take a break, go get some Argon Crystals so it can grow.


- Know their aggro.

   From what I have seen, they don't auto aggro on you when you are near them. But they will if you are too close to their Den. If you time it right, you can kill the Den, and they will all aggro on the Grineer! 



- Kill all the Kubrows.

   In order to get all the mods for your future pet, you need to kill the wild Kubrows. So, before you destroy the Den, punch it once. Kill everyone that comes out. Punch it again, and then one more time. That should have drawn every Kubrow out of that den, and maybe to Closest Den. Have fun!



Thanks for reading! Comment some of your tips for getting those Kubrow eggs!

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My Sentinel kills and collects everything for me. I just copter around enjoying the scenery.


I envy you greatly. Whenever one dash attacks me my carrier immediately bites the dust, regen or not, even if the feral is ten yards away. Shenanigans.

To OP: Valk and vauban are great. Valk can just ignore all the damage they sometimes deal (I think the stalker had his own for eons and released them all on earth) and Vauban's Vortex and bastille makes killing them easy. From personal experience I didn't get an egg until I stood on the nests then destroyed them. Sure enough found and egg in two runs. Might be superstition, might be a good way to get the egg, too hard to tell.

Happy Egg Hunting folks! 

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eggs itself do not seem to show on the codex scanner... the maybe a bit hard to see, plus: the are round-ish, i.e. the roll down hills!!!

I didn't mean that you could see the Eggs on the scanner, just the Dens and the Kubrows. But thanks for pointing out the confusion! I will edit the post to be a little more clear!

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Farm Kubrow mods, not eggs. You will get eggs before you get all the mods (ALL the eggs before Bite, probably). There are varying opinions on the best map, but I just run E Prime since it's a small map and it doesn't take long to memorize where the dens could be in the tileset permutations.

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