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Your Warframe Predictions


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Remember when Zanuka came out and we all screamed that we wanted our own pets? Now we have Kubrows.

I distinctly remember someone also predicted scarfs, I figured that someday we might have skins for our Warframes and one of my friends knew that we would be able to use our melee as a separate weapon at some point.


So what are your predictions for Warframe?


Starship battles? Time travel to kill the Orokin quest? Catbrow?

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Maybe Tenno will regain their memory slightly. And we will be able to travel back to the period where the Orokin Empire was standing strong (in memory - not time travel). We'll play as Tenno reliving what happened back then. A short flashback which may uncover some shocking mysteries.

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More Stalker encounters. I don't mean like an infested stalker, but rather if there were multiple ways to encounter him, such as his Liset passing you, creating a solo alert where you could follow him/he would board your ship.

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Man I'm inspired today... :D

-Stealth missions or mode(related to the quest system), or even Spy 2.0/Rescue2.0/Deception 2.0.

-Spaceships battles.

- A enable/disable Ordis comments button.

-Skins for kubrows.

-Bird-like pets. (look at the vulture's concept art. And the'd like to bring more wildlife too...)

-Typhus & other community frames.

-PWE being rejected.


-City tilesets.

-Different tilesets per planet.

-Environment destruction.

-A tileset with an actual war going on for late game.(seeing infantry troops going to the frontline,lasers everywhere.huge ships being destroyed) -Because you know...Warframe.

-An infested stalker.

-The ability to add the nightmare mode to any node.(once you completed all the starchart or something)

-Another starchart.

- Cloth physics.(for Frost,Volt & Trinity's lobster skirt especially.And don't tell me it's not possible D.E., you showed it in the sword alone trailer...)

-A Sentient stalker.

-An orokin boss as threatening as Lephantis.

-Orokin invasions.

-A warframe able to do Seppuku for a massive advantage.

-A shapeshifting warframe.

-A telekinetic warframe.

-Valkyr before her torture.(quest maybe?)

-Slight differences in the storyline between all the frames.

-The choice to not follow the Lotus.

-Liset's pimping.

-Female Corpus.

-Non-military NPC's. (corpus mecanicians,grineer slaves...)

-A non-playable tenno with an important role for the story mode (you're about to fall, when suddenly, he/she rescues you)

-Settings loadouts.(I want to play online but with my connection, I'd better put it on low.I'm playing solo,I'd like to take my time & slash everything with beautiful graphics!)

-Grab/throw/toss attack on melee mode.(Venka's combo ending feels like an open door for me...)



-Psychic bolts & null star being useful.

-Grate prime.

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