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My First Kubrow Is A Raksa!


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I was actually pretty pumped when I got my first Kubrow, mine was Raksa as well. Howl isn't terribly useful, but Protect is basically the Kubrow version of Guardian. This Kubrow isn't as offensive as the others seem to be, but it will stay close, buff you and otherwise function like the Kubrow version of Wyrm.

Pro-Tip: you'll want to start farming wild Kubrows for mods ASAP. Most of all, shield link. Your Raksa should have a D polarity, perfect for this mod. By ~11, your Kubrow should be somewhere around 130/360. It can be frustrating to bring a Kubrow into any missions beyond Mercury due to the danger of death and thus loyalty loss. Even on Mercury, you have to be on high alert for enemy focus-fire and Arc Traps. Shield Link helps greatly with this, as it grants a percentage of your Warframe's shields to your Kubrow. Even at 50%, my Loki was boosting my Kubrow's shields by ~250 and my Rhino did so by upwards of 500! At that point, my Kubrow was better shielded than many Warframes were, and it became less panic-attack-inducing to bring him along.

Also, you may want to look into building a Reactor. Kubrows accept them the same way sentinels and frames do, investing in one quickly will help you out in the early stages of leveling.

As far as strategy goes, I would kind of hang back a bit in public missions until your Kubrow gains a couple levels by proxy. They fight like Magikarp early on, it's best if you level them similarly until they build up more Gyarados-style stats

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