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How Much Power Does It Take To Suck All The Oxygen Out Of Earth's Atmosphere In Warframe?


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In one of the threads somewhere in General Discussion, someone wondered how do the Grineer cut off life support (presumed to be oxygen) on Earth. This piqued my interest into calculating how much does it take for the Grineer to remove all the oxygen on Earth. The calculations are below: 


According to this website, if all the air in the world was made into a sphere, then the sphere's diameter will be 1999 kilometres across. Now, to calculate the total volume of air, we will use the sphere volume formula: 


V = (4/3)*π*r^3

Radius = d/2 = 1,999,000/2 = 999,500

V = (4/3)*π*(999,500)^3 = (4.18251E18)m^3


Since in air, 20.95% of it is oxygen, that means the total volume of oxygen in air is: 


(4.18251E18)m^3 * 0.2095 = (8.76236E17)m^3


Now, it is calculated that without activating any additional life support, the time taken for life support to go from 100% to 0% (where oxygen is totally depleted) is 150 seconds (drain is in equal intervals). That means the rate of draining of oxygen is: 


(8.76236E17)m^3 / 150s = (5.84157E15) m^3/s


Assume a typical vacuum cleaner sucks in around 35-40 cubic meters of air per second, meaning it sucks in around 7.3325-8.38 cubic meters of oxygen per second (average is 7.85625) (Also assume the Grineer uses something of the sort, but just sucks out oxygen). Now, a typical vacuum cleaner uses around 1,000-1,400 watts (will be using 1200 watts for calculation), meaning if it runs for 150 seconds (1/24 of an hour), that means the watt hour is: 


1,200W * (1/24 hour) = 50 watt hours (or 180,000 watt seconds)


Of course, we need to suck in (5.84157E15) m^3/s, meaning the watt hours of the Grineer machine used to suck out the oxygen only is: 


(5.84157E15)/7.85625 = 7.43557E14


50 watt hours * 7.43557E14 = 3.71779E16 watt hours


And that is assuming there is no extra watts used to actually ensure that only oxygen is being sucked out of Earth. 


So yes. Quite a power consuming machine. 

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