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Pseudo-Secret Parkour Room Difficulties


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I'll have to post a picture of it later, but it's a sort-of cylindrical room with 4 trees, two recesses where there are pressure plates and lockers, and a platform all the way up at the top that usually has a few canisters.  There are also 4 lasers that form a square around the center.  I can never get up to the top using parkour.  Things don't seem to respond for me.  I can never run up high enough, jump high enough, or switch directions fasst enough to get close.  I feel like DE needs to rework that room.  Anybody have advice, tips, or agree with me?

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wallrun between both walls where the lockers are ... at the top is a open tube where you get in

start on the middle locker at the wall with the tube -> run up, at the end let go ate rotate the screen 180° and continue wallrunning on the other wall ...


tada you are there ... the platform in the middle is just where you normally leave and not enter ^^


i hope its right room  .... >.>


*edit* yeah right room ... still i suck at discriptions

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Well, you can do wall flips above the lockers to a little tunnel through the wall, or if you do a horizontal wall run beneath the platform(-----> that way), and then switch to a vertical one up one of the fins(going upwards), you can bounce from fin to fin until you reach the top, and land on the big round dais.


For bouncing, you just need to spin your camera around when you backflip off, so that you can repeat the process.


If you try for the tunnels and you do the wrong side, you'll end up on top of the little tunnel through the wall--in that case, you need to jump off, spin your camera towards the tunnel, and click crouch to air slide--that's the only way to reliably change direction while falling.


If you use the fins, you need to be careful, it's pretty hard to land on the dais itself. Again, doing an air-slide towards the opening is a great way to keep from accidentally jumping over the platform.


A third option, if you're careful, you can climb the trees through a series of carefully placed jumps, and then from the top of the tree, either jump to the platform, or jump to the fins to finish the process.



The fins are easier to bounce off of because they're closer together, and have a third wall available if you can't quite turn far enough. The tunnel by the lockers is easier for most people because you don't need the horizontal run at the start.


It's technically possible to hit a fin right off the bat by just wall running straight up, but you need a movement skill or a particularly fast frame to do it.

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