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  1. Can we get a label for "Built" or "Mastered" on parts and blueprints in relic-related screens? I hate getting excited about seeing a part/BP that I thought I needed, only to check my Foundry and see that I've already built one that I forgot I built.
  2. Is there any chance we could get the ability to craft multiple copies of something at once in the Foundry? It's really annoying having to wait 24hrs for each SINGLE piece of Forma. Or having to craft gems every minute.
  3. I'll try to keep it shorter than last time. Promise. Any plans to: 1) Revisit other Frames' abilities to try and make them mesh better with each other and with the frame's theme? 2) Add more Corrupted and/or Nightmare mods? 3) Add pieces to finish off existing weapon "sets"? (like a Melee to go with the Kohm & Kohmak/Twin Kohmak, or a Primary and Melee to go with the Viper?) 4) Rework the mods that require blocking (Focused Defense, Guardian Derision, Reflection) since blocking is automatic now? 5) Introduce new mods that can only be found by doing the Orokin and Derelict treasure rooms? 6) Finish the Ability Augments for frames that still don't have a full set? 7) My idea for giving everything Auras by giving weapons Attachment Mods that replace current ones (e.g. a Silencer Attachment mod that replaces Hush)?
  4. I'll put in the usual list of things I always ask about, but I'll try to make it less wordy 1) Any plans to give barely-used weapons reworks so that they're able to compete with the more frequently-used weapons? 2) Any plans to bring the Spira and Pyrana Primes (which, admittedly, I still haven't made) to the usual state of doing more damage than their non-Prime counterparts? 3) Make Riven Mods easier to get? Or at least give more opportunities than Sorties and Devstream rewards? Or rework the Sortie Rewards? I hate getting 4000 Endo or the Anansa Sculpture when I wanted the Riven Mod because I don't have a ton of good Riven mods. 4) More Corrupted Mods? (to satisfy my OCD) 5) I'm probably playing/modding them "incorrectly", but are there any plans to rework some Warframes' kits so that they synergize better? An example is Valkyr's Ripline. A lot of people would say it's fine because you can use it to pull enemies towards you and you can combo her other abilities onto that enemy, but a lot of the time I find it pulling enemies way past me, or pulls me way past the place I'm trying to grapple to, and it seems like all you really need to use on Valkyr is her 4. Also, what about stopping the more powerful frames from making things less fun. Examples are Mesa and Ember, whose 4s can make it so that, in certain missions, nobody else really has a chance or needs to kill a single enemy because that enemy--and the other 10 around it--died within 0.5 seconds of Mesa/Ember entering the room. 6) More augments soon? Both for weapons and for Warframe abilities that don't have augments? Also changing the "Abilities" tab so that if you have an augment(s) on it changes the description and stats of the respective ability? 7) Any chance you guys could lower the massive amounts of Standing needed to build a K-Drive? Seems like a lot to do for something that, in a sense has no impact (or puncture or slash, haha) on combat. 8) "Attachments" for weapons that work like Stances and Auras. You wouldn't even need to make that many new ones, if any at all. Just shift the ones that affect the "physical" attributes of the weapon to being that type, like Suppress (silencer), Magazine Warp (extended magazines), Gunslinger (RoF mechanism), Quickdraw (quick-reload magazines), Hawk Eye (scopes), etc. 9) The ability to copy our weapons' colors onto our Warframe and onto our other weapons would be nice. I don't want to have to try and search for the right colors so my Nidus can match the Embolist armor set. Yeah, sorry for not making it less wordy. If you (whoever else reads all this) think you could give me advice that would eliminate some of these problems, let me know (but be polite about it, please. I know how much it sucks when someone bashes your favorite frame/weapon/etc.)
  5. 1) I feel like Vauban needs a rework. Vortex feels very weak. I wouldn't call myself an expert on the game, or even that great at it by any means, so I could just be building/playing him wrong. 2) I feel like a few Prime weapons should be tweaked. If the wiki is still correct, I think the Spira Prime should get another buff to make it better than the regular Spira. Same with the Pyrana. I know Pyrana P has a special ability, but I think Primes should always be better than their non-Prime counterparts AT LEAST in terms of damage, even if it's only a little bit. 3) New mods for the Void treasure rooms? A long time ago some mods could only be found there, and I think that it would be cool to have that again. 4) New Syndicate weapon augments? Maybe even some more non-Syndicate ones? Or both? Something to give us a reason to use weapons that are otherwise fairly lackluster (like the Hind, the Glaxion, and many more). I know Riven Mods are a thing, but those seem difficult to get even through Sorties. 5) A "Copy Attachment Colors" For Warframes and Sentinels, as well as a "Copy Syandana Colors" for Warframes 6) More Corrupted mods to "complete the set" e.g., we have Transient Fortitude (+Ability Damage, -Duration) and Blind Rage (+Ability Damage, -Efficiency), so add something called "Concentrated Lethality" that increases Ability Damage and decreases Ability Range. 7a) An Augment slot for Warframes (just one, though) 7b) If we have an Augment equipped, can we get relevant info for that in the Abilities tab? I just looked, and several of the Augments I have a pretty straightforward, but for something like Atlas' Titanic Rumbler it'd be nice to be able to see the full stats with the Augment on. 8) "Attachments" for weapons that act like Auras and Stances. Turn the mods that would affect physical components of the guns into these, like Suppress, since it's kinda like putting a silencer on your weapon.
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