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  1. I just had a glitch doing the Polyp-Hog Juggernaut Arcana Bounty where the Juggernaut just stopped in one place and didn't do anything. I left squad, triggering a host migration for my friends who were with me. Their Juggernaut began behaving properly, while mine did not. Can you guys focus on fixing all the issues with the game before releasing any more new content, please?
  2. So, uh, yeah, when are we getting the Halikar Wraith that you guys let slip way down in the miscellaneous Fixes in the patch notes?
  3. 1) Any plans for Zaw expansion? I think the strikes could use some reworks, and I'd like to be able to create ANY type of melee weapon. 2) I know that almost everybody is going to hate this idea, but can we get mods for our Amps? Or at least a second Arcane slot? K-Drives don't need or deserve mods or all the grinding (sometimes literally, hehe) that you have to do to get the mastery for them. Archwings at least have abilities that you can still use even if you're in an open-world area. K-Drives don't serve any purpose besides being able to transport you while maintaining any active
  4. 1a) Can we get a buff for the Jugulum mod set? Maybe I haven't paid enough attention, but it seems really weak in-game for a set that you can ONLY get by doing a specific bounty. 1b) Can we have Deimos Saxum Rexes spawn outside of the "Cleanse the Land" and "Brute Force" bounties like the Carnis Rexes do? (I only need Saxum Spittle and I'll have everything!) 2) Can we get more Augments? I'm really referring to Warframe abilities, since we don't have a complete (Passive + 1-4) set of augments for all the frames, but more weapon augments would be okay, too. Ideally, I'd love both. 3)
  5. Any chance we can sell Zaw parts we've built, extra cosmetics (since I somehow managed to earn 2 of the same Deimos Prex card today), and Stalker Sigils (plus probably a few other things that I can't think of at the moment)? I built duplicates of some Zaw parts and now have no way to get rid of them.
  6. I just checked my weapons today and I have a second Athodai for no reason as well. Not sure about an extra Hydroid. I got the Athodai during Tennocon, although I think I got it even though I hadn't watched for 30 consecutive minutes. Maybe this is from that. Either way, I figure someone should know people might be getting accidental duplicates.
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