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  1. I'll ACTUALLY try to be brief this time. A list of things I'd like to see: None of these are complete lists. Some I have to really think about. 1) Some Warframe reworks (some I might just need to learn how to play): Banshee, Valkyr, Trinity, Excalibur, Garuda, Baruuk, Saryn, Chroma, Loki, Limbo (yes, AGAIN), Rhino 2) Some Warframe tweaks: Grendel, Lavos, Ash, Mag 3) Weapon overhaul, including tweaks and expansions to Zaws and Kitguns 4) Mod overhaul (except probably Railjack mods), especially Set Mods and Stance Mods 5) Fashionframe improvements (like being able to color specific parts of a Warframe, e.g. "legs", "arms", "torso", etc. Maybe even "left arm", "right leg", etc.), especially redoing animal companion fur colors 6) A way to submit and get feedback on community ideas. There's probably already a way to do this, or there won't be anything done about it because DE would drown in ideas. Alternatively, if an idea (or multiple) is used from the forums (whether in its entirety or as a framework), give some credit to the member who submitted the idea. Realistically you can't give every single person whose idea you use Platinum or real-world money, but fame would be nice. There's plenty more, but I'll call that it for now.
  2. ANOTHER new Warframe ALREADY? Sevagoth JUST came out, and maybe I have to play him more, but he and the last few frames have felt like they're just shy of having the full potential of their kits realized. Also, can we have a mod rework soon? With MAYBE the exception of the Railjack mods since those just rolled out. The new mods dropped from the Neptune and Pluto Proximas were made to synergize with the reworked Corrupted Rifle and Secondary crit mods, but does anybody else do crit-stat hybrids? Or, if so, does anybody make them where their fire rate is 2.5 or less? I personally don't think so, but I'm not very in touch with the meta and very particular about how I mod my weapons, even for an MR29.
  3. I don't like the Corrupted and regular crit chance mods no longer being stackable. Please do something about this. Sure, the Corrupted crit chance mods might not have been very good to some people because they gave very little bonus for a drop in fire rate, but if you play like I do and specialize towards a weapon's strengths (for example, building the Corinth/Prime for crit because 30% is a decent base crit chance, or building the Komorex for status because 35% is a decent base status chance, etc.), I don't think +187% is enough for anything with even a base of 30-35% crit chance to have base 100% crit chance, and definitely not enough for anything with lower base crit chance. What was the point of introducing orange and red crits so long ago if you're now making it harder for us to consistently access them? I also still think Lavos needs more change. It feels like the intention of his 3 is to serve as the lynch-pin of the rest of his kit by reducing his other abilities' cooldowns--which I assumed would be prohibitively long for this purpose--after you've used them. As he is now, his 3's CDR is really only good for letting you use his 4 sooner, and it just doesn't feel right.
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