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Adding A Heavy Sword And Board Stance


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The Silva and Aegis are a good start to the Sword-and-Board category of weapons. A great way to expand the weapon category would be to make new sword-boards out of weapon variants based off those already in game. In order to fully implement this system another stance would need to be made for heavy-weapons. 


An example of new a weapon could be Magistar and (Insert Shield), using a currently existing weapon and adding on a shield. Offensive capabilities would be weakened while blocking efficiency would be greatly increased. (Perhaps constant stamina regen while blocking could compensate.)


The reverse could also be implemented, for example making a Silva without the shield, (perhaps larger and with better offensive stats, and changes to make the weapon look better on it's own). 


This method could turn sword-boards into an actual class of melee weapons as opposed to another specialized weapon category like the Nikana. 

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