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A Question About Levels.



I just started to play a few days back and I'm loving it. Takes some time to get to understand everything in the game, but it's fun to learn. :) I'm trying to figure out the levels in respect to the planets and my character. Right now, under my name it says I'm level 13. At the moment I have enough points to do the 2nd Master level (trial thingy). I just started the Venus planets as I've been farming stuff (Vox too) for crafting resources. When I look at the missions for the planet it jumps from 3-4 up to 5-7 or something like that. Anyway, are those mission levels that go with the level 13 I have or the master levels? I'm just trying to get the information down. :)


Thank you in advance.

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its the level of the enemies, your warframe rank has nothing to do with any of your stats. the rank of your gear just allows you equip better/more mods. for enemy level 1-13 an unranked weapon would be enough honestly, anything past that(13-25 or so) you WILL need a decently ranked damage mod on your weapons as well as the right elemental combination. by level 30 and over you will need multishot mods


edit: quick summary of level system:


mastery rank determines what gear you have access to, mostly weapons though, the only mastery locked warframe is rhino


gear rank determines how much mod capacity you have with each mod costing different


mod rank adds 1 capacity cost per rank


planet level determines the level range of enemies which determines their armor/shields/health and damage. damage increases faster than defenses and some enemies won't appear at lower levels such as bombards. the defense stat growth is also asymptotic and shouldn't increase endlessly(i think)

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