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Reaper Prime Or Orthos Prime?


So I have recently come into ownership of a Orthos Prime and a Reaper Prime parts and wanted to know which was the best to use with regular damage. If you guys could give me good builds with either for regular damage that would be great.

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Orthos Prime.  It has the Reaper Prime beat in about everything but looks (which is personal preference anyways).


Edit:  Didn't know quite what you meant by 'regular damage', so I went on the assumption that you wanted regular attack (non-channeling) damage.  You didn't specify a faction, so I just made a quick anti-Grineer build for both of them.


Reaper Prime:  http://goo.gl/nEY8du


Orthos Prime:  http://goo.gl/CAgD2U


I can't say whether or not this is the most optimized build; however, by comparing the two it's pretty easy to see that the Orthos Prime is better than the Reaper Prime in several aspects.

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