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Health Orbs Need To Drop More.


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I am a new player and health orbs need to drop off enemies or something.


I am seriously about to just throw in the towel because i spend 2/3 of every night just failing or quitting missions because i take unrecoverable health damage and the only way to continue is to spend platinum on revives. I dont mind spending some money to get a warframe or weapon or something i really want, but just to complete every mission? im not going to do it.


then because most missions fail or i just quit to avoid spending money on revives i get zero modifications and i am not even improving my character for the next fail. 


i can do maybe 2 missions a day with the daily revives then its either log off or farm easy mode missions i can even solo without a group, because otherwise i will fail and get zero modifications.


the frustration level is starting to exceed the fun level, at which point i think its time to move on.


p.s. i dont claim to be elite, but i am not terrible. it took me 5 nights just to get the mercury missions completed without buying revives. i have been on earth all night tonight and done nothing but fail all the missions i need a group for. it always boils down to the same thing. something happens, i take health damage, health orbs dont exist, and its game over. rinse/repeat/log off and play something else. 

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1. Get nekros with desecrate build (not really need a deserate build but just saying)

2. Kill enemies

3. Desecrate

4. Be amazed, tons of HP orbs and some energy

5. Enjoy


OR because you are new:


1. Get 3 random players (public)

2. Stay behind while they do the mission

3. Enjoy & Profit.

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It can really suck to bleed out due to countless slash procs, but one Earth and Mercury you really should be able to get through most missions without revives if you ask me.

I agree about the OPs request though: I don't really see why health orbs should only drop from lockers and special abilities. It's not like health orbs are very powerful to begin with. Having them drop from enemies occasionally (less often than energy) would make more sense to new players and really wouldn't make the game that much more easy anyway. For consistency's sake, it would make a lot of sense.

To the OP I want to say: your complaint is valid, but please be more careful as well. If you're constantly dying at the lowest levels, you need to play more defensively: equip some shield mods (health mods are useless on most frames since health is difficult to restore anyway); use CC abilities to prevent enemies from attacking you; and just don't Rambo into them in the first place. Also: keep moving, most enemies will not hit you as much if you're not standing still.

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The OP is like, 3 days old.


When I restarted, I spend a lot of runs on missions that are easier to complete, like Extermination, and did that over and over a number of times to get some mods and cores, boosted some gear, and then tried the others, like Defense.


If he is just headbutting the next mission over and over until he makes it, with the same gear, I fail to see why doing it a third times after two failures would be a good idea. If that happens, you are obviously under powered or borderline, and you should either get a team, or run another mission to get some drop.


A Team Health Restore BP costs 500 creds, and can be made with Ferrite and Polymers, and both drop on Mercury. He could make a few and use them as emergency topups, and solve his short term problem that way, until he gets points into mods.

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3 days old fellas.

Rejuv and Life strike don't apply.

Team health restores don't either.



Play with a team when low level.

Don't be afraid to use recruitment and ask for taxis.

Taxi fellas are nice people who don't mind carrying you, so you can pick up better mods and resources along the way.

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With bullets come bleed procs. And when I bleed, a rare orb that grants 25 health doesn't cut it. There are frames and gear for it. But I feel like there's never enough orbs. Increasing the amount would improve both player's durability and Companion's, too. I would have to agree, we need more health orbs.

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