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What Happened To My Unlocked Missions?



I used to have most of the planets fully completed.

Now not even Mercury is fully completed so I can't put an extractor there.


Half these planets don't seem to have unfinished missions on them & killing the boss doesn't give me the right segment.



There really needs to be more information showed on the map. It doesn't clearly show what's completed or what you need to do to unlock the next apparently invisible mission.

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Actually, mission nodes with a shining border are unlocked but not completed (Unless it's a dark sector/conclave/alert/invasion)

Mission nodes with static are locked, and nodes with a blank background are cleared.

To that point it's an easy system. (Darn Tenno'd)


But the game surely fails at telling the player what and where they need to go to unlock certain specific planets.

For completely new players that may not be a problem as they will go in with a clean slate, unlocking everything as they go clear the nodes they have yet to beat.

To find your way, the wiki is your friend.


Additionally: Back in U14's release, a set of new nodes appeared on Mercury, which may be what's causing you to be unable to put down your extractor.

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you can go to the planet and it says missions completed. every mission needs to have been played through aswell - not just unlocked.

So now the capability of Extractors has changed, then.


You used to only need every node unlocked, not completed.


It's a bit inconvenient, really. This node I'm looking at is Interception. I hate Interception. Bleh.

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