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Frost Buffing Possibilities


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Here's where I stand on this matter.

As I main Frost, I really wish there were some nice buffs to make him seem like a better Frame. He's not bad, he's just not as good as he used to be.

Let's start with stats.

Honestly, I think it's mainly a speed buff wanted but that won't happen. His stats are great imo.

Now honestly, moving onto what buffs people think there should be. And I agree, there should be a few buffs, but a few nerfs to make up for it. I'll put a nerf just for each ability so you can sort of get a feel of the kind of buffs we would want.


Ability 1: Freeze.

This ability is under-used and has potential, but I don't really think that's what people want. I'd say just leave it for now.

Buff: Not broken by gunfire and run on a timer.


Ability 2: Ice Wave.

This ability isn't used that often but it's alright I guess. Once again though; it's not one of the main abilities that need to reworked.

Buff: More spammability and more utility (more freezing).


Ability 3: Snow Globe.

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest debates in Warframe. It really is. In all honesty, I think you give the invincibility back. He is the king of defence. He was not over-used but rather used appropriately and loved. Honesty, at higher wave defense, the lag you can get from having multiple globes up at once is ugh... Not good. Plus, because they Globes have the potential to shatter so quickly and there's no way to know whether you've got 2 or 5 up, it can be hard to manage re-casting and dealing damage when constantly worrying about your Globe.

Buff: Invincibility back. No doubt.


Ability 4: Avalanche.

Now I see the CC potential in this ability. As it's based off shear damage right now, it stands as not such a great ultimate, or not such an ultimate ultimate. The damage output isn't that great past level 30-40. What I would suggest is keeping the damage the same OR dropping the damage and giving a timed damage dealing upgrade while the enemies are frozen. Yes, frozen. He's based around Ice obviously, so the ability to freeze things is obvious.

Buff: 5-10 second freeze to all enemies in range, possible 50% bonus damage for weapons for less damage dealt by Avalanche.

Seeing as he's like an Ice Mage, he should be based a around utility and defence opposed to trying to make him more of a damage dealer. Avalanche should sort of be like an Ice Wave and Avalanche hybrid; deals nice damage on higher level enemies to weaken them and freezes them. I wouldn't nerf the damage though, because it's fun to go to Pluto and wreck face with Avalanche.

Anyway, so what do you guys think? :)

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personally, I only have snow globe and avalanche on, and I like both of them, but it'd be great when the snow globe reaches it max ability to take damage, it'll crack and break thus dealing a little damage

other than that, I always go with frost p in excavation or defense missions, and sometimes in hive missions for his avalanche  

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Freeze Buff- Fair enough, agreed


Ice wave buff- Agreed


Avalacnhe Buff- Whole-Heartedly agreed



Snow Globe Buff- Hell no.



Invincibility is a bad mechanic in general in a game like this. Giving snowglobe it's invincibility just re-introduces it's turtling mechanic that the Devs tried to remove. A frost would just set his globe down and AFK until it's needed to be placed there again.


"but what of 1hr t4?" Realistically, such high level enemies should not even be catered to be balanced towards. When a common mob can tear you 800+ shields in 1-2 bullets it just means you've gone too far in the fight and mobs have become too powerful. It's silly to attempt to scale abilities towards  infinity.


Freeze surrounding targets upon shattering? Shooting from inside applied ice damage buff? there are plenty of ways to buff without just giving straight invincibility.

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I've played a lot of Frost before and after his nerf, so I've gotten a few thoughs on how we could improve him.


1. Freeze - There are two issue I have with it firstly it breaks very easily which limits any CC it has. Secondly the flight speed combined with the single target effect make it unreliable at an extended range. So I'll agree the CC needs a buff mostly by boosting the damage before it will break, though another way could be by adding an AOE to it.


2. Ice Wave - The only changes I'd like to see with it would be a guaranteed slow proc and a wider AOE to it.


3. Snow Globe - Is more or less where it should be, though an increased range and having the slow affected be power range would be nice additions.


4. Avalanche - The damage is fine , though adding a slow effect with a chance to freeze enemies could make more than just another "nuke"

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Avalanche needs the freeze duration back.

Leave damage application at the final phase when it wears off to "compensate" that immobile targets are the easiest headshot targets.


Base duration : 5 seconds.


Needed tweaks.

Affected by duration mods instead of overextended.

Frozen mobs killed during freeze phase automatically  shatter to prevent confusion.

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