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Minimap Radar Malfunctioning (Huge Gif Warning).


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The enemy marker function of certain mods, and enemies in general during Extermination?  It does not work in various situations, refusing to show a number of enemies even if they're right next to you.  This makes these game modes more annoying as you're lead to believe you've cleared an area, only to have to run back to it a few minutes later to get an enemy that is not showing up on the map.


I have three animated gifs showing the situations.


Here's a gif of me attacking an enemy.  The enemy is NOT marked on the minimap, however the room is outlined red to denote that there's still an enemy in it.  After I kill the enemy, the room's outline changes to normal to show that it's been cleaned out.




Second, I picked up two more instances within 2-3 seconds of eachother.  I picked out some relevant frames from the recording (screenshotting the upper-left mostly) and separated the images by 1 second so you can see the flow of events, which I've outlined below.  It's best followed paying attention to the minimap.


Slower Version

1 - I spot two enemies a short distance away, but neither of them are on the minimap.  I move to engage.

2 - I spin-attack the first one, killing it.  The second one is closer, but still not showing up on the map.

3 - I move in to kill the second.  It's right in front of me, but still not on the map.

4 - I kill it with the second melee strike.  No change in the map.

5 - Cool guys walk away from explosions, so I do that too.

6 - I move forward, and I hear an enemy to my right by now... but the minimap does not show the enemy.

7 - One frame later, the enemy is shown on the minimap.  It's so close to me that you can tell it did not just spawn, but it did not show up on the minimap until this exact frame in the recording.



And here's a gif showing the target move from one enemy to another, even when both are in view and so both should be marked at the same time from the beginning.


Slower Version

1 - The enemy is in front of me, and marked.  The one in the distance is not marked.

2 - I launch my attack.  Same deal, enemy in front of me marked, but the other obvious one is not.

3 - When the enemy dies, the map updates to stop showing him and starts showing the other.

4 - You can see the map is now pointing at that one enemy properly.

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Last times I've played Exterminate it only marks one enemy at a time, and not with some logic marking only the nearest enemy. The same enemy will generally stay marked unless you move far enough away (like another tile). Can't really recall a time where it marked all enemies.


The instances of enemies spawning in previous tiles was generally abated by respawning enemies later on. It's not instantaneous, but often times it will be a minute or two and the enemy will generally spawn in an adjacent tile.

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