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Why Impact Procs Are Horrible.


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How is it stupid that the procs are doing what they are supposed to?

If enemies are able to be staggered or stun locked from any gun because of where the bullets hit then what is the point of impact? It would become completely useless and most likely have to be removed. <And that i find to be more ridiculous.


And blast does not need a ragdoll effect. It creates a strong enough explosion to knock enemies down in a small aoe but not enough to throw them.

Did you ever even think about how things would work if they were ragdolled from explosion? People could equip blast element dex furis's and sweep an entire room of enemies off the map. How blast works now is fine and should stay where it is.



And FYI almost every weapon does have a passive chance to make enemies stagger, its called impact. The only issue is there is little way to buff its proc chance on most weapons at the moment.


When you say "..stun locked from any gun because of where the bullets hit then what is the point of impact?" Are you referring to the bullets hitting the enemies, or areas on the enemies? Because my suggestion was not the latter. And I already gave a solution to your question in my OP.


And I think it's stupid because there are some very nice weapons in this game that don't have impact at all, or simply don't have enough to elicit a satisfying reaction when you drop an entire clip into their face. Impacting, puncturing, or slashing, you're still causing trauma.


And I would never want impact to be removed. I just think its' proc is horrible. Quite frankly, I find the very mention of it getting removed completely, even as a metaphorical effect, to be the most ridiculous thing. (I mean, come on. That's a huge exaggeration. Even if it became useless because of what you suggested would happen, DE wouldn't jump as far as THAT. :/)


And I don't have a dex furis, probably never will, so I can't see what you're implying.


People already overequip procs to weapons like the Amprex and stunlock enemies. If blast ragdolling is really so bad, then there's much more then just that to be dealing with. Ragdolling also would disperse large crowds, giving it more value then just knockdown. Blast damage isn't powerful enough on its' own to "sweep" everything.


And don't throw my "FYI" back in my face. I get shy, you know? :P


Anyway, you stated one my issues here as well. Things do NOT, in fact, impact as much as I would want. The reason why I'm suggesting this change is simply because DE changing passive chances on impact would lead to a confusing imbalance in elemental damage, maybe even enough to force a whole new elemental damage system. And frankly, I don't want them doing that much work.


And the thing that everyone seems to be missing is this: This is not a thread about applying my "fix" to the proc system. This is a thread where I stated I was vastly unsatisfied with this game's gunplay because of the enemies' reactions.  I made a suggestion, and so did others. Some people here are incredible. They suggest things I've never thought of before.


That being said, this is more of a insight than a debate or argument for me. I appreciate your input, but It'd be more clear if you told me what you wanted rather then telling me my idea is bad. So far, you've been implying that you have absolutely no problem at all with this game's gunplay. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

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Flux is one weapon, and has a number of drawbacks to offset that stagger.


The issue is that many of the best primary weapons have a high fire rate, and as such would benefit even more from this change. We'd be making the boltor prime and soma even better than they already are, while making snipers and weapons like the sybaris comparatively worse.


I love the idea of different types of weapons having certain advantages, but it should be balanced within the overall scheme of things, not slapped on bc its cool a year and a half after creating the weapon types.


Here is an example of how to do add traits to weapons: Balance 2.0 - The Cost Of Power



You don't have to base the effect of a gun on a target by just getting a bunch of numbers on said gun and then "math". It is actually possible to have stats and effect on weapons that are not intrinsic to the stats on the card.


You can easily apply a short accuracy debuff to a mob that's blasted point blank by a shotgun or a speed debuff when blasted in the legs. There is tons of things you could apply if the engine allows that fall between the line of cosmetic and functional, that would still get an effect in line with what the OP is after.


Balance, for DE would come first, so you would not get them to just make our weapons more powerful with no drawbacks, but some things would make sense even in a proper combat enviroment. If I put a sniper round in the back of someone's head and they survive, and the current target in front of them is running away, it would be more likely for them to run to cover, or prioritize for me, rather then just keep stay in the open and chase them, and even that makes mobs more reactive.


Yes, problem remains that mobs don't live very long with the current damage output we are capable of, but that's also changing.

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