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Just Another Fan Art (Nyx Updated 01.10)


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Reaaaaaally nice. I like them a lot. Not only the backgrounds look gorgeous, the frames fit in pretty well, it's not like background and foreground have a different artstyle (I hate that^^). Keep on rockin'!


Edit: Like the Banshee one a little bit more. The pose is nicer, I like banshee herself more, and the orthos prime just fits. Though, I don't even think the rhino is that bad. There are skinnier Rhino-wielders too! :o


Constructive finicking:

The only thing I can think of to advise you: Let them grip the weapons more firmly. Especially the Galatine is a heavy bunch of steel. Onehanded, you need to grip it on the very top of the handle, for better balancing. Yes, even if you're in a warframe. And, although I'm not sure if that would be artistically wise (I don't draw myself), it would be natural to hold the Sword in a way that it presented itself in a slimmer angle, edges towards the viewer.Ok, now that was really the finickiest thing I could possibly point out. Keep on the good work!

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So) Here is finished Nyx :) Thanks to all for comments)
I changed a few colors and added some details... And I think adding something more will be unnecessary

Here is download link from deviantart : http://www.deviantart.com/download/485564086/nyx__warframe__by_alvitte-d813bna.png?token=629f37f715329287c53a7684226e9cb826f3beb5&ts=1412099113


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