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Loadout Lock Button


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I keep coming out of missions and realizing that I edited a loadout, out of habit, rather than getting out the one I wanted. >.>


Can we get a loadout option that "locks" the equipped gear?


My specific suggestion would be to just lock the frame, primary, secondary and melee items and prevent them from being changed on a loadout set to locked. I don't think it's neccesarry to lock everything because if you're going to make the mistake of editing the wrong loadout, the first thing you're going to do is click a weapon or the frame and pick something new. Companions, mods, mod presets and appearance are tweaked all the time anyway, so if I couldn't alter those I'd probably never use the lock feature... This is obviously tailored just to me though. Maybe you could work out some reasonable level of choice and customization about what's locked and what's not.



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