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14.6.0 Modding Crash


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I just got this problem on my Dragon Nikana build B. I tried changing my Bo Prime builds A, B, & C and that works fine... Odd...

Annoyingly Windows 8.1 can't seem to close Warframe, and I can't use Task Manager to force close it because Warframe appears to be stealing window focus.

Please fix this DE!

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Yup, I've been getting this issue as well. Thought it was limitted to just my Kronen, but just started getting it on my Jat Kittag as well. Definitely seems to be tied to elemental mods.

For people having trouble closing Warframe after it crashes because it holds window focus, try switching to playing in Borderless Fullscreen mode. It allows you to get to Task Manager when it crashes.

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Steps to Recreate:

1. Log into warframe.

2. Walk to the arsenal segment and interact

3. Select the upgrade for a Melee weapon that has a catalyst installed.

4. Try to chanage between loadouts (A, B, or C)

5. Crash


This does not appear to effect the deconstructor for the sentinal.


Error also occurs when acccessing the arsenal from the escape menu and regardless of starting with weapon equiped or equiping it after the arsenal has been accessed.


I have the same issue.

Tried to change graphic settings / Weapon FX / Localizations / Dx version / but the issue is stil there.

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This bug appears to happen when you start with two elements on a melee weapon and switch to having two different elements. Thus, the bug can be avoided as follows:


1. Enter the mod screen for the weapon and remove all elemental mods.


2. Exit to the loadout screen, thus setting the mod configuration to contain no elemental mods on that weapon.


3. Re-enter the mod screen and enter the mod combination that you want.


This is less than optimal, but will help until the bug gets fixed.


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