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Next Special Event Mods: Non-Combitive Elemental Mods.


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Just a thought for the next big mods that we could have; Elemental mods that don't combine into the advanced elements. 


E.G. the Lightning mod would give bonus % Lightning damage, and ignore elemental combinations, giving only bonus Lightning damage.


Reasoning? to expand the possible number of builds for given weapons. Especially weapons with innate elements. Like, the Ignis; There will always be fire on there, so unless you add fire to make a combined fire+ element with mods and then have a third element [As in, go fire+cold, then lightning], you will always have either fire on it's own, or Blast, Rad, or Gas. There's some weapons out there that would function really well with a given element combo, like Blast and Lightning on a proc build could be interesting on some AoE weapons. But for some,  namely the elemental innate, a lot of these good builds are impossible due to elemental combination.


So why not have elemental mods that expressly don't combine? 

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1) Because the whole point of the combination system was to prevent this. Stuff being frozen and on fire at the same time was ridiculous.


2) Because the Damage 2.0 table complexity would skyrocket, and we do not need that.



IMHO the extra combos from pre-combined weapons is nice as a rare, special-case type deal are fine but I wouldn't be surprised if one day that got fixed as well.

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@ comments on Rainbow Builds:


How many mod slots do weapons have? [waits for someone to say 8]

Can you get more than 8? [waits for someone to say no]

Guess what, no more rainbow builds then. 


I understand that D-2.0 was designed around two notions. Making rainbow builds unviable-- which tbh they already were by the time D-2.0 rolled around-- and removing the 'watch my frozen enemies burn to death!' silliness. guess what, it didn't do either. [holds up Ignis, slaps toxic+fire, and then a ice mod on] Oh look, my enemies are frozen, and on fire because of this weapon's special.......And how many of you currently have Toxic+Fire+Ice+Lightning on in some combination right now? Guess what, that's a rainbow build. 


What D-2.0 did wasn't remove rainbow builds, it made them less empty headed. It made it so you actuall had to think which elements were equipped, in what order-- Why? Because they changed HP types and how elements effected them. You couldn't just throw on all elemental mods and assume they'd be good against everything like they used to. Slapping on Toxic, Fire, Cold, and Lightning in that order didn't mean you'd faceroll Grinner; It probably meant you'd do much less damage against them...But equipping Fire, Lightning, Cold, and Toxic, in that order, probably meant you wouldn't have to worry too much. You're still building rainbows, you just have to think about how you're doing it now.


On top of that...Again...You only have 8 slots. 3 to 5 of those slots are already filled with necessary mods-- This means you can't have Fire+Ice+Toxic+Lightning+2 advanced elements without sacrificing all 8 slots....Yes, I know, some people may find a use for that, but that's more than likely less than 1% of players. Balancing around them is a bad idea.



Now, that aside....I now ask, if not elemental mods, then what?...sure, yes, stuff for Archwing, but...What about for the general part of the game? Believe it or not, when a new portion of the game comes out, the rest of it doesn't go away. Just because we got Kubrows, doesn't mean all mods are going to be Kubrow mods, and events are centered around them [thank god]. So the question stands....If not elemental mods, then what? More duel mods of some kind? More corrupted mods? A new set of mods around a mechanic they haven't mentioned?...


....This is not a rhetorical question btw, feel free to actually post and answer. 


Tl;Dr: Rainbow builds still exist, Damage 2.0 did nothing to remove them. What mods other than elemental mods would be coming in the next general event? 

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While I like the idea, I don't think it'd be good for Warframe.  Damage 2.0 explicitly made elements combine so 'rainbow builds' could be avoided; adding in the mods you've suggested would be a step towards bringing them back.

a simple limiter would be to only be able to have 1 'noncombining' element on your weapon at once, for example, i'd really like to have both corrosive and toxin damage, but then i'd be unable to have fire and blast as well. having 'just one of a special type' is far from too complicated i feel

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