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A Letter To De


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(can we get an update on the letter so far. )


*Story so far...*

Dear consistency DE please enjoy my floccinaucinihilipilification goodbye shorts beard please antimatter pink because fish kiss sausages grind on fish sticks Tenno however fish got salmon flatulence tarts fish buff potato now glitter pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis UI love fish flapjacks raxacoricofallapatorius until Oberon fish unerfed nerfed dodecahedron and submitochondrialrnatranscriptase moon fish mammal buns Excalibur malignant defiled fish redtext supercalifragilisticexpialidocious overwhelmed erected enormous jellyfish with shorts dirty badonkadonks magnificent milked avoided sandwich rectal superlative DEMegan was hardly noticing cats senpai cheese burger rectal SomaPrimePlz wasn't necessary augustus but says Steve pink shorts dirtied me since LAST


stalker and also salad fungus for kickbot. Sandvich gesundheit however I don't eat marmite because redtext kickflip. Fish rectum, again kickbot? Lotus kissed a booben and rekt the Gaben tentacles of doom.....and peanut jelly aliens (one word each so I took the first word). It's too sexy! Hi says Vor as bread bacon flew confeddie everywhere. Fish shorts. Haha laughed Rebecca currylord. Rectum combustion flabbergasted rotten. Noobs toenails are infested abacus. AkGalaSomaltorPrime, erect. DE st swayed his sausage threateningly towards Alad and swallowed very average milk

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