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  1. Been begging for this since the first quest. Would also like to find out why there is no Secondary Weapon for archwing or if there are plans for one.
  2. an option to buy past prime access accessaries.
  3. congrats to those who won, but quick question. should there on be one winner. I would think anyway.
  4. I'm hoping that we can use the Color pallets that we already have like we can on the Sentinels as they and it appear not to be living so i don't see the reason for a separate pallet.
  5. Ok I have spoken with DE Steve via twitter, and he has confirmed that yes we will get Ship customizations. among which will be colors, deco and expansion of the lower room of the ship. But as to what and when and how it will come about still no definite answers as of yet. But, its coming so thats a plus
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