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Here Lies The Warframe Player Market


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and may it rest in peace.


Bite U14-U14.6


Blind Rage U11-U14.6


Narrowminded U11-U14.6


Fleeting Expertise U11-U14.6


Crimson Dervish U13-U14.6


Tranquil Cleave U13-U14.6


Gleaming Talon U13-U14.6


Meanwhile, the smart people are holding onto them till the new generation of players join warframe's economy with naivety and bags of p2w.

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i've lost track of the number of threads like this today.

a: hyperbole

b: stop

c: wait a month

d: there are plenty of items to sell.

e: really, people need to just quit with the p2w crap. this game is about as far from p2w as you can possibly get.

f: i'm tired of this already.

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