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New Mars Tileset


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I'm convinced that Mars actually has two solar rail hubs or what have you, and that Phobos is for whatever reason the one that actually takes you to the surface. Why? Because "phobos" is incredibly red and Marslike, and when you watch the Liset in the intro- it goes to Mars, not either of the moons.


Some planets do definitely need new tilesets though. Like Venus. I can't quite suspend disbelief enough that Venus could have corpus outposts on it, what with all of the snow the set has.


(Also IMO the standard Corpus ship and outpost tilesets could use a big facelift, because every Corpus tileset released including and after Jupiter's looks more refined from a technical standpoint. All of them.)

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I expect Mars to have either a city tileset or a warzone tileset, honestly.  Constant invasion type missions where BOTH enemies try and kill you, as well as each other.  Besides Earth and possibly Venus, Mars is probably the most likely to house the bulk of the human civilization if it isn't a war ravaged hell hole.  The Grineer on Phobos can't be there simply to stare at the red planet's high tech walls and towers in the sky blue skybox (indicating that yes, Mars now has an atmosphere and Phobos is now indeed close enough to inherit that atmosphere.)


If we're to take Earth's in game model at face value, mind, it could have cities too, though they'd be located in mostly desert wastelands.  All of the forest seems to be in Asia, which is... appropriate, given Warframe's inspirations.

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