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There's way too many weapons out now, and more coming, to risk buying one in my opinion, simply based on the logic that it's sometimes difficult to tell how useful something will be or if you'll even like using it. There's also no reason why you'd need to have it right now, this second, instead of waiting 4 days or so to get it like everyone else.

I say wait the 4 days, try using the weapon, and if you really TRULY like it that much, then potato it. Reactors aren't so rare that you can't use one on a favourite weapon, and even if you don't have any, just buy a reactor. It'd be cheaper than buying the gun with one already on it, and you've already proven that you're willing to spend money on things.

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Just reading the description it appears to be a niche weapon --- excellent for some circumstances and about worthless in other situations.   It looks to be poor at fighting vast hordes of enemy and outstanding for poking at a shielded boss.  It probably is "interesting" in a duel or pvp content.   I don't know if the damage is endgame quality or not but just the mechanics of how it works make it not a great general purpose piece.


As others said spending plat is wasteful and lazy, just craft it and use the plat to put a reactor in several good weapons.


This looks like a weapon that could be passed over until you have a working set of good weapons that are more useful in a variety of situations.  

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