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Helios Still Overscanning


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I was wondering if there was any update to this issue (even though it's minor).

Helios is still scanning like crazy, beyond what's necessary, and running me out of Codex scanners. Not that they're expensive, but it's becoming an annoyance to go to the market, click several times (in packs of 25) to buy 300, go run a few missions and realize I'm out... again.


I found this old thread about it from July, and hope that a fix might make it's way into a patch at some point.


I've only had my Helios for about a day, and already some of my Codex entries are ridiculously high (and above what they should've been capped at).


It'd be nice if it could simply check your Codex to see if an entry is completed, and not scan those targets (or at least make them lower priority or something.)


Again, I realize it's a minor issue in the scheme of things, but it'd be a tiny quality of life improvement. I hate thinking I spent so much Oxium building this sentinel and he's not even being efficient at his sole job.

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Helios will keep scanning any enemies that aren't completed in the Codex during a mission. Even if he has gotten enough scans during that mission. He will no longer scan them the next mission. At least that's what mine is doing, so I don't really mind it much.


I've got 23/3 Corrupted Heavy Gunner scans. These were all from one mission. Helios hasn't scanned a single one in any of my other Void runs.


So to me it looks like Helios is unable to tell when he completes a Codex entry during a mission.

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For me Helios went through a big stage of this a month or two ago, then suddenly stopped. Something that does seem to bring on the annoying scanning of completed entries is connection latency - it seems to make him "forget" what he's completed. Haven't had it recently but I'll keep an eye out.


It was never enough to stop me using him, as I like the design and think his weapon is really fun.

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