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Nikana Clipping


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Clipping on the nikanas is annoying and very common on a variety of primaries and 'frames.


It can be mitigated by 'frame choice (Zephyr has nikana handling down to a science) and the idle stance of the 'frame. Some idles work better than others--and not just on nikanas. Syandanas are also subject to nasty clipping issues depending on 'frame and stance (Banshee I'm looking at YOU).

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I maybe replying to a very old thread but this is really bugging me out.. it prevents me from enjoying using nikana on hydroid.. Heck even Redeemer looks bad on him

Same, ugh. Just unlocked the nikana for Volt.. His idle animation(agile stance) with rifles makes his arm move right thru the hilt.. It's bothering me a lot. T T


Please fix, DE.

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