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Armour Chestplates Alignment/general Suitability


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Hi all,


Just a quick thing, but is it me or do most of the armour chestplates seem to just hap-hazardly hang off the edge of the front of most of the frames? Any chance we could get some more curvature to them to make them blend in with the curves of the frames?


I like the styles of the Daedelus/Edo armour etc, but why they're so poorly aligned and don't conform to the front of most warframes is beyond me. Couldn't be happier with most of the shoulder/leg accessories but the chest peices really do just look "stuck" on...


Is it just me though?

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Just to follow up it was mostly the female frames because y'know "bewbs" :) but it's also very evident on Volt, Nekros, etc.


I do hope this is resolved, I know these aren't "one size fits all" but a small curvature to the back of the mesh, or maybe even overall, so that even if they clip into the frame it still wouldn't show big gaps and overlaps etc.

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