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Couple Of N00B Questions



Hi guys, I wonder if someone can answer a few newbie questions? I've been reading forum posts and watching tutorial vids, but still haven't found out the following:


1. Can players on different platforms (XB1, PS4, PC) play together in the same map? I'm on PC, and wonder if it's worth adding people I notice in forums who are on a different platform than me.


2. I'm still low level (6 ATM) mainly through solo play, but can I participate in group events with higher-level players if invited? Some other MMOs have a "side kick" or other similar mechanism where lowbies like me can be taken into higher-level content areas by a mentor, which I always like doing if I can find a good group.


3. In your experience, is it worthwhile for a lowbie to post in general Chat looking for assistance in missions, or is this pretty much a waste of other peoples' time? I can't tell if people are returning to low-level mission zones in places like Earth or Mercury or not - with the resource collection system it looks like people *might* be doing this, but I can't tell.


Thanks in advance for any assistance - I really appreciate it.


~~Matt aka ImagoX

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1: There's no cross-platform support.

2: you can join a friend, or some random dude, and have them start a mission in a place you haven't reached yet. In Warframe it seems to be called taxi'ing


3: You may have better luck finding people in the Recruiting channel.

People do return to lower level plants and missions to farm, or level new equipment.

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You're posting in the wrong area btw. This should be in Players helping Players.


1. No you can't play with people on other platforms


2. If you're invited certainly


3. Why not? But if you set your game type to public, you can join with anyone who is already doing that mission that haven't completed the objective

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1. Nope. Cross-play isn't something that can be implemented because of the version mismatch between the platforms. Also Sony and Microsoft would likely say "No" to allowing XB1/PS4 players to mingle in game.


2. Whether you can do some of the tougher content is dependent on your gear level (rather than your Mastery Rank). The lower your gear or less ranked your mods are, the tougher time you'll have. But you can technically join any mission and get the end of mission rewards (i.e. join any void tower mission). 


3. It sometimes helps to get a group together. Sometimes you can find someone in recruiting who wouldn't mind helping you with a few missions.

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Wow.. thanks for the speedy answers!


Yes, sorry, I meant in Recruiting, not General. Good to know people won't flame me for asking. 


Also good to know about taxi-ing/inviting up to higher areas. Does this include missions/planets that I've not yet unlocked/visited? I assume that if I get "taxi-ed" into a mission area I've not yet unlocked that I won't get credit for it... or will I?


Thanks again!  --M 

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if by level 6 you mean mastery rank, that is actually close to high enough to do most of the game.   The top end gear unlocks at 6/7/8  so you should be OK in anything apart from the duration runs (people trying to do hours long defense or survival missions).   


If you mean warframe level 6,  you have a ways to go.  Unfortunately farming the lowbie planets to rank up is probably the most ideal method -- you can try doing higher level group fights but risk dying and not contributing much.  If all the players are doing that, the run will fail!  IMHO you should be able to kill the enemy and take a few hits in whatever mission you do; exception is you may not be able to solo a boss but should at least be able to hurt it and survive it some.

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