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[Weapon Concept]Concepts For Chem Lab: 16 Oct 2014 Grineer Rocket-Propelled Spear! (Primary Weapon Not Melee Weapon)


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Hi guys! This thread contains some ideas for chem lab.

I'm also practicing CG drawing, hope you like my idea & drawings. :)


-Update: Grineer Rocket-Propelled Spear (Primary weapon NOT melee weapon)



Name: G.R.P.S (Grineer Rocket-Propelled Spear)  *formal name needed

Weapon type: Primary weapon (use bow mods and ammo)

Damage type: 50%puncture + 45%impact + 5%slash

Trigger type: Charge (2 attack modes)


 GRPS are spears with rocket thrusters. This weapon features 2 attack modes: melee and thrown attack.




  Attack without aiming, your warframe will perform quick melee attack using the spear.

The grip is movable. During the attack, the spear will thrust forward with high speed which increases forward attack range.

Melee mode does not consume ammo and can be used even when you have 0/72 ammo.




  Attack while aiming to toss the spear. The hypethrusters will active in mid-air, propelling the spear and gives it high momentum.

Flying spear works the same way as arrows. It's affected by gravity and can pin dead enemy to wall.

However, it only has 0.4 innate punch through. Enough to punch through Grineer riot shield, but not enough to punch through multiple enemies.

Throwing spears consumes ammo. 

Note that this weapon uses bow mods and ammo. (Thunderbolt and Arrow Mutation)




-27 September 2014  Orca: Blast Cannon/shotgun (Whatever)



Name: "Orca" or something like that.

Weapon type: Grineer shotgun

Damage type: Blast18px-Blast_b.png

Trigger type: Charge



  Orca is basically a handheld jet engine. It sucks in and compress the air. Compressed air is then ignited, creating powerful blast and shock wave. So what happens when enemy gets hit by the blast? Just imagine standing right behind a jet engine. Anyone blocking your way will be blown far away.


  Orca deals cone shape AOE blast damage. It has same trigger type as Stug. That is, charging increases damage and range, but consumes more ammo.







That's all about my ideas. I'll update other weapon ideas for Chem Lab if possible. Hope you like my ideas. :)

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