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Why Cant They Make The Orokin Catalysts And Reactor Bps Permanent


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Sure...but, resources required would need to go up significantly.

And I mean significantly.

And there are players with hundreds of thousands of most of the resources.

Even if the re-usable BP took 100 orokin cells I could still make 15, almost 16, of them.

So even massively inflating all of the resources required to use the permanent BP wouldn't do anything to balance it out.


ok instead of a permanent bp why not add it to defense or survival rewards payouts after all the rewards arent always the same every time you play and you can always restrict its payout to say any void defense or survival mission

They are given out often enough as invasion rewards, alert rewards, and devstream rewards.

And if they did put it into void survival/defense it would have to come with a ridiculously low drop rate, as in less than a tenth of a percent.

Otherwise DE is still standing to lose a massive amount of profits.

And that opens an entirely new can of worms of people yelling and complaining that it never drops from those missions and the drop tables must be bugged.

So in short, it still wouldn't work as rewards from those modes.  Especially with the upcoming tweak to defense rewards.

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You can if you paid 60$ for downloading warframe and 15$ for each major upate.

Yes, lets make it more "Pay to Win" than what its all ready is o_O

Might as well just make all the frames pre-geared maxed lvl  and all mods maxed out.

Problems isn't always solved by paying. But to some degree i agree with that the current drop of this could be higher.

They could simply add credit cost rather than platinum.

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