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Do You Remember Polearms?


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So we have Orthos, Orthos Prime and Serro. 3 very solid and powerful weapons. But there is a problem with them...and the problem is their stances. They have 2 stances. 1 being Shimmering Blight(uncommon) and another 1 Bleeding Willow(rare).  Each stance has only 1 combo in them which is very lacking comparing to all other stances.

Lets start analysing shimmering blight. 1 combo consisting of 4 hits. The combo isn't too bad but feels very unfinished and has slight boost to last attack in dmg and a status proc which is ok yet lacklaster. Their is no fun in using this as you are limited to 1 combo and e spam. With no gap closer or damage boost as well as feeling of being unfinished combo move this stance is a fail.

Second 1 is Bleeding Willow. It is quite hard to get and also has only 1 combo. Advantages of the combo is it has 2 good and 1 mediocre gap closer. However it is also boring to use as well as the arcs are not very big thus making hitbox smaller with every hit. On a bright side it is more usable and feels way more polished comparing to shimmering blight.

What I was trying to do is I tried to address main problems with Polearm Stances and that they need upgrade. Comparing to all other stances they are very poor also all weapons got 2-3 stances with multiple combos in them and each combo has its own use as well as making weapons more fun to use. Just to compare most used weapons and why they are most used:

Dakra Prime - HIgh Damage + Crimson dervish with damage boost and pleasant and beautiful looking swings

Glaive Prime - Nice utility, many combos and they extend reach of weapon as well as provide feeling of satisfaction when pulling of those cool combos.

Dragon Nikana - High damage and 3 stances with new Blind Justice stance being extremely cool, fast and satisfying to use.

Also I guess Scindo Prime with Cleaving Whirlwind will be widely used when more people get their hands on them due to high damage and multiplier on spins.

I dont want to say that Polearms are bad, they are good, but their stances need huge improvement.

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We need more combos in a lot of other stances. We could also split the nikana stances into 2, one rare and one uncommon for consistency.

So, we could give Decisive Judgement's Consent Decree to Tranquil Cleave and give the rest of Decisive Judgement's combos to Blind Justice.

Stances that need more combos:

Bleeding Willow (polearms)

Crushing Ruin (hammers)

Brutal Tide (sparring)

Burning Wasp (whips)

Clashing Forest (staffs)

Coiling Viper (whips)

Crimson Dervish (swords)

Flailing Branch (staffs)

Gleaming Talon (glaives)

Gnashing Payara (daggers)

Grim Fury (sparring)

Homing Fan (dagger)

Iron Phoenix (swords)

Pointed Wind (dagger)
Reaping Spiral (scythes)

Shattering Storm (hammers)

Shimmering Blight (polearms)

Sinking Talon (daggers)

Stalking Fang (scythes)

Swirling Tiger (dual swords)

By this logic every weapon set would have 2 stances, each having at least 3 combos. One rare and one uncommon (or another rare).

Claws, glaives, and machetes need one more stance. The above stances need more combos.

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