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Good Room-Clear Pistol?





I need a weapon that compliments bows/snipers well. I'm fine with only using my primary most of the time, and can land CQC headshots, but when enemies overrun me, i miss a reliable pistol that can clear groups fast.


please don't recommend these:

I have a maxed marelok and a lex prime. They are amazing, especially when i have a short-ranged primary (such as the amprex). However, they kill groups too slow in close quarters, even though i have seeker on both of them.


When the enemies are close, the angstrum blows me up, and it needs sniper ammo, which makes the angstrum unusable with bows.


twin vipers barely kill a few enemies before they run out of ammo, so i don't consider them effective at dealing with groups (and i don't really like them anyway)


I only need the blueprint of both the brakk and the detron, but those are unavailable for me. (i know that they are good though)


so i hope you get the idea what i need. you can also share builds if you have something special, but i'm not new to the game, so if you write that 'i build it for status' or something like that, i can imagine what mods do you use.



P.S.: is the nukor good at this? it has a low damage output, but the radiation procs can help me get some breathing room, so i can get away in most situations

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despair and good auto secondary.....try twin gremlins 

EDIT: I don't know why ppl keep saying brakk.......the man just said it's unavailable to him....gee, learn to read  

Twin gremlins..?

NO offense but just no, just no, 

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Akbolto's, oddly enough, have the second highest DPS for secondaries. Only beaten by the brakk (which is powerful enough to take down an entire fleet). Of course it has no polarities, so it's going to eat some forma before it gets good.


The akbolot have the benefit of being a physics weapon, therefore sneding bodies flying, damages anything they pass through,.


The akboltos have the downside of being a physics weapon, meaning at long range it can be hard to hit due to travel time. Also they are only semi automatic, but the firerate is just about as fast as you can click, take that for what you will.

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Pyrana recoil is only noticable if you go full auto.. if you fire it like the Brakk then its very manageable. What it does excel at is against low level mobs, <20 level mobs you can snipe them from long range as there is no damage drop off like other shotguns, so you can clear low level missions extremely quickly if you have punch-through on it also. For high level stuff, you just go up to their face and full auto anyways just like the brakk.

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Thanks for the answers guys!


yesterday the G3 showed up again, and they did drop another barrel, so still no brakk for me :-S


i already have a despair and akboltos at level30 in my inventory, i just didn't have the potato for them (now i still have the one from the last devstream and i was lucky with the catalyst invasion)


also, a lot of you suggested the pyrana. it seems a really fun gun as you describe it, i'll build one the next time i get to my PC

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Castanas are my favourite for room-clearing. The 100% electric proc is awesome for stunning high-damage enemies, plus it chains between several enemies, plus they're explosive so they hit all enemies in a 5m radius, plus they can one-shot any enemy up to level 35 Corrupted after a catalyst, plus they're practically stickybombs - lay them around a spawnpoint, then right-click, PLUS it's got controllable and far better procs than its physically-damaging counterparts (Hikou Prime or Despair).


A weapon I've recently obtained is Akmagnus. They're stylish, they look badass dual-wielded, high crit, high status. Put on Radiation, Electric, Heat or Gas plus Seeker, then...


Walk into a full room. Open fire. Walk out of an empty room.

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