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Good Room-Clear Pistol?





I need a weapon that compliments bows/snipers well. I'm fine with only using my primary most of the time, and can land CQC headshots, but when enemies overrun me, i miss a reliable pistol that can clear groups fast.


please don't recommend these:

I have a maxed marelok and a lex prime. They are amazing, especially when i have a short-ranged primary (such as the amprex). However, they kill groups too slow in close quarters, even though i have seeker on both of them.


When the enemies are close, the angstrum blows me up, and it needs sniper ammo, which makes the angstrum unusable with bows.


twin vipers barely kill a few enemies before they run out of ammo, so i don't consider them effective at dealing with groups (and i don't really like them anyway)


I only need the blueprint of both the brakk and the detron, but those are unavailable for me. (i know that they are good though)


so i hope you get the idea what i need. you can also share builds if you have something special, but i'm not new to the game, so if you write that 'i build it for status' or something like that, i can imagine what mods do you use.



P.S.: is the nukor good at this? it has a low damage output, but the radiation procs can help me get some breathing room, so i can get away in most situations

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I use a 6 forma Spectra.


I normally run Radiation+Viral for Infested, Grineer, and Void.

I switch to Corrosive+Blast or Corrosive only for Hek and Lephantis, but that is Single Target.

For Corpus I run Magnetic+Gas

Seeker assists with Room Clearing as you just wave/sweep the beam near head level from side to side.

Might lose out to Nukor in terms of Range, but with a base 80 clip it should be fine.

Also, I prefer IPS over straight Elemental for base weapon stats as I enjoy random Bleed Proc, stagger, or damage debuff. These combined with Radiation+Viral makes the Spectra a decent CC sidearm with some DPS to still be useful.

(I use it for Vor Single Target duties in T4)

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I have yet to find anything that performs as well as despair fully modded for damage (i do not use corrupted mods on it.). ammo is great on it too.


you can easily 40 min a T4 survival with only this weapon with little effort.


Oh, make sure you put seeker on it.



OH! and my first statement is false, because the acrid is just crazy, but i refuse to use it so.... yeah.

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Room clearing?  The only weapon to choose is the angstrum.  By far the most dangerous weapon in the game.  It also mows  through ammo, shares the sniper ammo pool that bows use, and reduces max bow ammo to 30.

His post said he didn't want to see the Angstrum as a suggestion, as it kills him when enemies are too close.

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brakk, it's honestly not that hard to farm. it's a great pistol. i guess people have a hard time getting all the pieces but whatever.

if you don't want that, you can wait around for stalker to drop despair. you'll have to deal with him constantly giving you dread blueprints tho.
and if you don't want that, hikou prime is right behind despair in terms of damage for throwing weapons.
those are the only good side arms imo.

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I'm just a little shocked that no one has suggested the Akbolto. Think of everything the Boltor Prime does, and put it in a secondary. Of course, it is a semi-automatic weapon, but if you can work out the firing (on PC we can add an additional keybind to the scroll wheel or use a macro) you have a beast of a weapon. Here are a couple of popular builds:





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brakk, it's honestly not that hard to farm.

It took me over 40 hours of dedicated farming to get mine. 15 G3 encounters, over 500 runs. Every single drop was a blueprint. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


No, its not easy to farm. Its something you get when RNGesus smiles upon you, like firestorm or quick thinking.

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Akstilletos 4LIFE
These weapons are awesome, just squeeze the rigger and you have one kill per bullet in CQC. It also reloads extra fast wich is another advantage for CQC. If you don't like akimbos the Brakk is very good but if you don't want to face the grustrag three try to get the Pyrana its pretty good but its just not enough for the void.

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